Saturday, August 31, 2019

Meo Anti-Pollution Face Masks From New Zealand

When the weather is hazy and polluted, I worry about my family breathing unhealthy air. I used to let my children wear the normal surgical disposable masks until I found out about Meo, the world's most innovative anti-pollution face masks from New Zealand. These face masks are very important for us because they can filter harmful particles and can also reduce the risk of getting infected by colds and flu.

I like Meo Lite face masks which comes in different colors and patterns. I chose the Dandelion design which looks very attractive. This mask comes with a replaceable Helix filter which can remove at least 99.80% of dangerous 0.1 micron particles (PM0.1) and 99.99% of airborne bacteria. The mask is very comfortable and fashionable. If the mask gets dirty, the facing cover is washable. These masks cost RM 55.00 each.

The mask fits comfortably and has 3D ergonomic design with adjustable ear loops. Meo Lite filter uses natural New Zealand wool filter media and is suitable for asthma patients because it can filter dust, pollen, mould and dust mites. The fabric is non-toxic and designed to international testing standards.

Children's respiratory system and immune system are weaker than adults and using Meo Kids face mask is highly recommended. Meo Kids are designed to filter 99.99% of harmful airborne bacteria. 

Photo taken from Meo Facebook

They come in 4 different designs and I have the space design. Meo Kids has all the features of Meo Lite and is infused with specially formulated New Zealand Manuka oil extract for calming and soothing respiratory protection.

Meo Kids cost RM55.00 each.

Meo X disposable masks are light weight protective masks with New Zealand natural Manuka essence. Each pack has 3 masks which comes in two sizes, M (distance from ear to ear 290mm-350mm) and L (distance from ear to ear 350mm-410mm). The ear straps are elastic. There are 4 different colors - white, black, pink and blue. I like that is is small and convenient to carry in my handbag. It is very comfortable and breathable.

Even though we cannot control the quality of air we breath, we can still control the type of anti-pollution face mask we wear for better health. Get these Meo face masks for your friends and family.

For more information on Meo anti-pollution face masks, please visit Clear Living WEBSITEFACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM. You can also call Hotline no. 1700 81 5022 or WhatsApp 012 626 8922.


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