Sunday, August 17, 2014

Panasonic Bread Making Workshop

Panasonic Bread Making Workshop

My daughter & I attended the Panasonic Bread Making Workshop on 9th August 2014 at The Cooking House.We were very excited as it was our first time attending a cooking workshop together.

We were taught how to use the Panasonic bread maker SD-P104 by Chef Collin Edward Lim. He said we need to put the kneading blade in the bread pan, add in the flour and all the dry ingredients except the yeast and nuts. The wet ingredients such as egg goes in last. The yeast should be put into the yeast dispenser and any nuts into the nuts dispenser. Select from the 13 menus and press start. After the beeping sound, take out the bread and you have good & yummy bread without preservatives. Simple, right?

Later, all of us proceeded to the kitchen to create our own decorative bread design using the dough and 3 slices of bread. My daughter & I decided to make Hello Kitty because both of us love Hello Kitty.

There were 5 Panasonic bread makers to be won that day. These are the photos of the winners.

The rest of the participants received a hard cover recipe book on desserts. Thank you Panasonic Malaysia and The Cooking House for organizing this workshop. My daughter and I had a lot of fun and it was a good experience. We hope to join more cooking workshops together in the future.