Thursday, September 18, 2014

Giggling Jellyfish Baby Spa

On 14th September 2014, my family was at Giggling Jellyfish Baby Spa. Babies can swim, have fun and get a massage here. It is located at Ativo Plaza, Bandar Sri Damansara.

The photo below is for babies weighing 4.5kg and above to 5 months old. The water used is filtered warm water without chlorine or chemicals.

For babies who are 6 months until 3 years old, they use the bigger tub.
My son was afraid to get in the tub. So he just played with the bubbles.

There is also a private family room for the whole family to have fun together.

After the swim, babies can have their massage. Massages are very good for babies. At this center, all the ointment and lotion used are organic. 

If you are interested to buy the organic baby bath, baby shampoo, sunscreen, baby lotion or diaper ointment, you can get them here. 

The price or packages is as below. If you are interested to find out more, please call 03-62626762 or email them at

Monday, September 8, 2014

Discoveria at Avenue K

I brought my kids to visit Discoveria at Avenue K. It was their 1st time and it was a fun experience. My son was afraid of the dark & we went in through the back door.

My children looking for dinosaur bones.

My children love playing balls shooting out from this machine.

Shooting range for kids.

Batik painting for kids.

The left one was done by my son & the right one by my daughter. Which is more beautiful? Many people said my son's batik painting looks more beautiful. Actually he just simply dip his brush in the paint & simply colored it, that's why there was a mixture of colors but it unexpectedly turned out nice.

My kids spend about 1.5 hours there and it was a fun experience. Adult tickets cost Rm25 and children tickets cost Rm35. If you want to know more about this place, visit their FB page at

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Little Big Club & Legoland

My family visited Legoland from 3-5th Sept 2014. My children enjoyed the trip very much. We stayed at Legoland hotel. Our room theme was Adventure. There was treasure hunt in the room itself where they had to get the correct answers to the clues given to unlock the monkey treasure box. There was also a box of lego bricks for them to play in the hotel room. If you want to book your stay with Legoland Hotel, you can visit their website at

The first day was raining, so we decided to visit The Little Big Club since it was indoor. Here are some photos of the place.

The next day we visited Legoland. The Star Wars Miniland was the latest attraction there. It cost Rm6 million to built this. It has more than 2000 detailed models built using 1.5 million Lego bricks and it took the team an incredible 8000 hours to built it. This place is fully air-conditioned and has iconic scenes from all six Episodes and the Star Wars : The Clone Wars animated series.We saw Yoda, R2-D2, and the legendary Sith Lord, Darth Vader all made from Lego bricks. For the month of September 2014, children dressed in their favourite Star Wars character gets to go in for free. There will be fireworks display on the 15th Sept 2014 at 8pm. This miniland is open to the public on 6th Sept 2014 but I was lucky enough to be able to view it on the 4th Sept 2014. Annual pass holders & the media were allowed to enter from 1-5th Sept 2014.

Besides this new attraction, we visited the other rides at Legoland. My kids had a lot of fun here.

 On the last day of our stay, we played at the water park. It was my daughter's first experience on the high water slides. She loved it & went many times. Overall, it was a fun trip for my family.