Thursday, August 31, 2017

Desk Restaurant, Mahkota Cheras

Mahkota Cheras is well known for good food and there are many restaurants here. Recently, I visited Desk Restaurant at Mahkota Cheras which serves delicious oriental and western cuisines. There are many parking lots around this area but most of the time, these lots are occupied. You can park your car at AEON Mahkota Cheras and walk here if you really can't find parking.

Desk Restaurant has simple and nice decorations with a cozy environment. This restaurant is suitable for family dining or catching up with friends. The dish I liked the most is their Crabby Charcoal Burger. The deep fried soft shell crab was very crunchy. It tasted really delicious with the ebiko mayo sauce on it. The charcoal bun with sesame seeds was very tasty too. This dish was served with crispy french fries and coleslaw. After taking just 1 bite, I longed for more. I really loved the taste of the soft shell crab.

Crabby Charcoal Burger - RM 25.00

The Teriyaki Chicken Rice was delicious with tender and soft chicken meat and crispy skin. For those who love the taste of Teriyaki sauce, this dish is a good recommendation.

Teriyaki Chicken Rice - RM 18.00

If you enjoy eating snacks, try their Homemade Luncheon Meat. This was deep fried luncheon meat which was very crispy and delicious. 

Homemade Luncheon Meat - RM 10.00 (R) and RM 15.00 (L)

This is another good recommendation, their Torikatsu Curry Chicken Rice. The chicken was crispy and the meat was tender. The potatoes and carrots were soft and the sauce was not spicy at all. 

Torikatsu Curry Chicken Rice - RM 18.00

The Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict was 2 halves of English muffin topped smoked salmon, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. The smoked salmon was delicious without any fishy taste.  The Smoked Bacon Egg Benedict was the same but topped with smoked bacon instead of smoked salmon. There were 4 pieces of lean meat smoked bacon which tasted delicious and went well with the hollandaise sauce.

On top:  Smoky Salmon Egg Benedict - RM 24.00
On bottom: Smoky Bacon Egg Benedict - RM 20.00

It is not easy to cook fried rice that is tasty and not too dry or wet. This Seafood Fried Rice was just perfect served with an egg, tomatoes and cucumbers and generous amount of squids and prawns.

Seafood Fried Rice - RM 15.00

If you are around Mahkota Cheras area and not sure which restaurant to dine in, come and try the delicious food at Desk Restaurant. Don't forget to try their Crabby Charcoal Burger because this is highly recommended. 

For more information, please visit their Facebook:
or call 03-9011 2821

No.12-G, Jalan Temenggung 25/9, 
Seksyen 9, Bandar Mahkota Cheras
Cheras, Selangor

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Magical Journey for Children at Child Aid Asia KL 2017

Last Saturday, my daughter and I were both amazed by young and talented children who performed at the Child Aid Asia Kuala Lumpur : Magical by youth for youth concert held at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). The children were all very talented in music and performing arts. Some were experienced performers and some were performing for the first time.

In this world, there are many poor children who are not doing well in their studies but are probably talented in music and performing arts if given the chance to learn. Child Aid Asia KL has helped many of these underprivileged but talented children. This year like previous years fund raising concert has touched the lives of many young and talented children. There were about 100 participants and 70% are local children.

Performance by the Mahavidya Dance Theatre

Themed A Magical Journey, the concert event was supported by Kiwanis Club of Damansara. This concert brought children closer as friendship was formed and they learnt to work together. There were some participants who have performed in front of large audiences and some who were new to the world of music.

The concert is attended by guest-of-honour Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, Chairman of Malaysian Chinese Culture and Arts consultative council and blossom arts festival, Governor of Kiwanis Malaysia Mr. Vincent Lim and Dr. Mario De Castilo. The president of Kiwanis Club Damansara, Siaw Wei Tang, and the co-founder of ChildAid Asia Malaysia, Ralph Lim were also present.

In her speech, YB Chew said, "Music is great for developing brains.  This fundraising concert is an important platform to highlight the reality that many do not have access to music education but with Child Aid Malaysia, the team has given young minds a chance to develop themselves in this field."

Child Aid Asia managed to raise RM 70,000 of which RM10,000 of the proceeds will be presented to POBP Day Spring Selangor and RM10,000 to Matu Social Organization (MSO) to help them in their daily living. Child Aid Asia will receive RM 50,000. Thanks to donors and supporters Suntory and Paramount Properties for contributing RM50,000 and RM10,000 respectively.

Photo credit : Marvin Michael Kho

Among the extraordinary youth performing at the concert were pianist Yap Yi Zhe, beatbox
music player, Lau Jay Earn, and violinist-pianist Lim Ho Yi.

Sixteen-year-old Yap is an award-winning musician. Among his achievements are winning the Grand Prix Award in the Junior category of the Asia Pacific Yamaha Electone 2014, and winning the silver medal at the Chopin 2012 Competition where he also won the Dato' Ruslan Award.

Fourteen-year-old Lau, for his part, is incredible with his prowess in beatboxing. His talent has taken him to as far as Germany, where he was invited to Munich to take part in the Super Kids talent competition last year. The teenager's love for music began at the age of three with the violin, but he discovered his love for beatboxing at eight, and has pursued the latter wholeheartedly since then.

Lau Jay Earn, the beatboxer

Lim has played musical instruments since the age of nine. She has performed at different charity concerts in aid of underprivileged kids and is a member of the CAA Amazing Orchestra, a team comprising children that have raised funds to build a small school in Cambodia.

Choir by the Japanese
Child Aid Asia KL 2017 concert was indeed magical. It was an unforgettable night seeing young and talented children from different countries coming together to share, learn and perform on stage. Thanks to all supporters of Child Aid Asia KL 2017 and everyone who made it possible for underprivileged children to show their talents in music and performing arts.

Diamond Coral Water Filter - Product Review

Water is one of the most important things in life. An average human body contains 60% water. Adults need to drink 2.5-3 liters, about 8-10 cups of water daily to be healthy. Children should drink 1-1.5 liters, about 3-5 cups daily. As water is so important, Diamond Coral Water Filter is designed to provide clean, purified alkaline water which is healthy. 

Photo taken from Google

Diamond Coral filters harmful microbs, organic pollutants, radioactive elements, heavy metals such as aluminium, lead, copper, iron and many others. Diamond Coral uses precious natural coral calcium to produce natural alkaline water while maintaining beneficial minerals in the water. Diamond Coral filter has passed over 200 performance measurements and safety testing and was awarded International Certification of Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal NSF/ANSI 42 for the reduction of chlorine, taste and odor and 53 for turbidity and volatile organic compounds from USA.

Diamond Coral Water Filter

Recently, I installed the Diamond Coral Water Filter at home to try and see all the benefits of clean alkaline water. I find that soaking vegetables and fruits in Diamond Water can remove pesticides and makes them taste better. If you soak cut fruits such as apples and pears in Diamond Water, it can prevent the fruits from oxidizing and turning brown.

If you wash fish or seafood with Diamond Water, it can eliminate fishy smell. This is great news because I hate the fishy smell from seafood and fish. Cooking rice with Diamond Water makes rice taste better, softer and less starchy. Unbelievable but true, you need to try it yourself. Since I cook for my family, I really like this Diamond Water filter. Cooking soup using Diamond Water makes it tastier. I love to soak dried mushrooms in Diamond Water because it gets softer faster. I love Diamond Water because I do not need to boil water before I drink as Diamond Water is very clean and safe to drink.

Spraying Diamond Water on my face daily can moisturize my face. I also like to use paper towels soaked in Diamond Water to put on my face like a facial mask. This is an easy and great method to let skin be moisturized without buying costly facial masks. 

If you plant flowers using Diamond Water, flowers will grow healthily and blossom more vibrantly. Sometimes it's sad to see your bouquet of flowers die and dry in 4-5 days using tap water. When Diamond Water is used, the flowers stay healthy for 7-10 days. 

Diamond Coral Waterbar

Besides this Diamond Coral Water Filter, the Diamond Coral Waterbar is also very important to have in every house. This is a 3 second instant heat water dispenser. Very hot water can be obtained by a press of a button. If warm water at 50 degrees temperature is desired, you just need to press another button. Warm water is suitable for making milk for babies to drink. Diamond Water can easily dissolve milk powders. This would make a mother's life much easier if she needs to get up in the middle of the night to make milk for babies to drink. Parents or grandparents would be thankful to own the Diamond Coral Waterbar because drinking a cup of warm water would be so easy to get. Elderly folks find it hard to mix cold and hot water to get a cup of warm water to drink especially in the middle of the night. 

If you want your family to drink clean alkaline water and be healthy, install the Diamond Coral Water Filter in your house. Get the Diamond Coral WaterBar to ease your daily life so you can get your cup of warm or hot water in just 3 seconds. To know more about the Diamond Coral WaterBar, please visit my earlier blog post HERE.

To sign up Diamond Coral Alkaline Water 60 Days Free Trial Program here:

For more information on these Diamond products, please  visit their website: or Facebook:

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine

If you love to eat classic Indian cuisine, you have got to check out Malgudi Restaurant, Petaling Jaya.   This restaurant serves northern and southern Indian cuisines. The name Malgudi is actually a fictitious town created by R.K. Narayan in his novels and short stories. It went on to capture the imagination of the readers as a real town in the south of India. The caricature was created by his brother R.K. Laxman to fortify these memories in the minds of the readers. 

When I was here, I tried the Seval Combo which is deep fried onions, bitter gourd and cauliflower. This was very crispy, not that spicy and was a great appetizer.

Seval Combo (Deep Fried Fritters) - RM 16

The Nasi Lemak Briyani is a very special and delicious dish which is only available from 31 August  to 16 September 2017 in conjuction with Merdeka and Malaysia Day.  The traditional coconut milk rice is replaced with specialty biryani rice cooked in coconut milk served with sambal, cucumber, fried anchovies, peanuts, topped with an egg and a scrumptious Malgudi fried chicken. The Malgudi fried chicken meat was so tender and very tasty. The sambal was spicy and the briyani rice was not dry and very delicious. 
Nasi Lemak Briyani - RM 19.50, Fresh Lime Juice - 5.00

For dessert, I had Kulfi which is a popular frozen dairy dessert from the Indian subcontinent flavored milk saffron with nuts served and cow's milk. It was sweet and tasted like special ice-cream. I really liked this.

Kulfi - RM 7.50

Besides the food I have tried, there are lots of other Northern and Southern Indian cuisines served here. Do come and taste the food yourself. 

Malgudi address : Lot 17, Lorong University C, Seksyen 16, Petaling Jaya.
Operating Hours : 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm
Telephone : 03-79312556 
WhatsApp : 0102689609

You can find this restaurant using waze. Key in Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine.

For more information, visit their 

Monday, August 21, 2017

One Doc Medical - 4 Step Signature Medical Facial

Recently I was at One Doc Medical Laser & Aesthetic, Puchong branch to experience their 4 Step Signature Medical Facial. You do not need to worry much about parking because there is a basement parking at IOI Boulevard, Puchong. One Doc Medical intends to expand to 20 outlets in the next 5 years. 

The staffs here are very friendly and greeted me. This place was very clean and gave me a comfortable feeling. I was given a form to fill out my details and skin problems. I have some acne scars, blackheads and some uneven skin tone. 

The treatment room was neat, clean and hygienic. All laser and light therapy are performed by laser consultant and trained therapist. 

Step 1 - Hydrofacial 

Hdrofacial is deep cleansing using water and a specialized vacuum system to exfoliate, reduce pore size, remove impurities, remove dead skin cells and also blackheads. This process is painless. I felt a nozzle gliding through my face with some water on it.

Step 2 - One Doc Signature Laser

This is a 15 minutes process with Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser to break down deep layer pigments, oil glands, reduce pores and allows skin to be brighter. I felt some light heat on my face during this process. 

Step 3 - Omega Light Therapy

Omega Light Therapy is low level light therapy to enhance skin's natural cellular recovery, reduce acne outbreak, promote skin rejuvenation and enhance skin repair after laser treatment. It also prepares the skin for better absorption of the serum fusion which is the next step. This Omega Light Therapy process is very relaxing and I did not feel any pain or discomfort. Since it was very relaxing, I almost fell asleep.

Step 4 - Serum Infusion

This is the final step where a hybrid, antioxidant serum is infused to my skin using the deep layer serum infusion technique. It is an absorbable leave-on treatment that improves the appearance of aging signs. This serum is suitable for all skin types. A facial mask was put on my face and a machine was used to smoothen the mask. I felt my face very cool and comfortable. This was also a very relaxing process.

After this 4 Step Signature Medical Facial, I felt my skin was smoother and brighter with smaller pores. 

If you want to try the 4 Step Signature Medical Facial, you can enjoy the first trial at RM 499. Please call 018 2100886 to book your appointment. 

For more information, you can visit their website: or Facebook:

Sunday, August 20, 2017

School Holiday Adventures with Thomas & Friends

Since the school holidays is coming, you can plan to bring your children to Sunway Putra Mall for some fun Thomas & Friends activities. Mattel Southeast Asia (Mattel) has collaborated with Sunway Putra Mall to bring exciting Thomas New Adventures beyond the island of Sodor.

Usually Thomas & Friends are spotted on the island of Sodor such as Tidmouth Sheds, Knapford Station, Brendam Docks and Sodor Steamworks. This month, the little blue engine will journey to lands beyond the island of Sodor, into the sea and out in space. His exciting adventures represents their latest line of toys which is available for sale at major toy retailers, departmental stores and hypermarkets.

From now until 3 September 2017, Thomas & Friends Adventures will be held at the Main Concourse of Sunway Putra Mall. Your children can enjoy fun Thomas train ride around the shopping area. 

Children can participate in the special obstacle course where they climb up and slide into the Sea of Adventure. They can challenge themselves to Reach for the Stars in space too. My children had lots of fun playing here. 

Besides all these free activities, there are many exciting games such as Creative Track Building competitions where children can win attractive prizes including the Thomas & Friends Adventure engines and track sets. My children participated in this Creative Track Building competition and both of them made me proud by winning first and second place. My daughter won herself the Shark Escape set and my son won the Thomas & Friends Motorized Railway set. 

When visitors spend RM 120 and above, they will get a free Thomas & Friends lunch bag worth RM 69.90. Bring your children here to play and learn. Join their competition to bring home great prizes.

You can click HERE for my related post on the launch of Thomas New Adventures toys.

Besides these activities, you can bring your children to Fun Scape by Cobay on 4th floor. This is a newly opened entertainment park with rides and arcade games.

There is also the Parenthood Playland which is the 1st indoor London Theme Park Playland. To read more about his, visit my earlier blog post HERE.

We had our delicious lunch at Grillez which is located on 4th floor. We had the grilled quarter chicken with 2 side dishes, ice-cream and drinks. The food was delicious.

There is good news for visitors who are taking Grabcar because you can enjoy RM 5 off a ride to/from Sunway Putra Mall by entering the "PUTRASALE17" promo code.

For more information about Thomas & Friends school holiday activities, please visit their website: or Facebook:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Friso Gold - Win a Family Trip to Holland!

Holland, the land of tulips and windmills, is also home to Royal FrieslandCampina, which produces Friso Gold formulated milk powder for children. Now, two lucky families will get to spend on a holiday in Holland! What’s more, they will also visit a Royal FrieslandCampina dairy farm and witness up close where Friso Gold’s milk products come from. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will allow Friso Gold consumers to understand how the brand takes the best of nature, and makes it better with science to produce high-quality formulated milk powder for children around the world.

“Natural Nutrition. Easy digestion for stronger inside – this is what Friso Gold stands for, ensuring that only the best go into each product to satisfy the needs and taste buds of consumers in 25 countries worldwide.

“At Royal FrieslandCampina, our purebred Frisian cows, the source of our outstanding milk products, are treated like family. We are indeed a unique dairy company because our 20,000 farmers, who are personally-involved in rearing these cows and managing the farms, own the company. So they take the best care of nature, from ensuring the quality of the feed to the high standard of every drop of milk that goes into the production of Friso Gold milk powder, before it is finally served to your little ones,” said Saw Chooi Lee, Managing Director of Dutch Lady Malaysia.

“We take the best care of nature and made it better with science at every single step of our integrated chain, to bring nutrient-rich milk to strengthen each growing child from the inside. As parents, it’s important for us to give the best we can to our children, and Friso Gold can help you along the way,” she added. With over 140 years of dairy expertise, Friso Gold is able to create the ideal nourishing environment for producing high-quality milk. It starts with the farmers, who take great care and dedication to work with nature. The cows are fed a healthy diet of rye grass and maize, and are monitored individually using electronic collars and tags to ensure that their health is at optimum state. They are also allowed to roam in the outdoors to keep them happy and relaxed, so that they can produce naturally nutrient-rich milk.

Friso Gold uses an automated milking system, which allows cows to choose whenever they want to be milked. With the help of this system, they are able to produced better milk.

When the milk is produced, the farmers combine generations of expertise and experience with the latest high-tech milking and monitoring systems, allowing them to make sure that the milk’s hygiene and quality stays consistent throughout the process.  

During transportation, the truck driver will ensure that the milk has the right colour and smell. The milk is kept at no more than 4 degrees Celcius to maintain its high freshness index. At our factory, this natural, nutrient-rich milk is then made better with science.

Friso Gold uses an innovative technology known as LocNutri - a mild heat treatment process that ensures the nutrient in milk is not overheated during processing. The fresh milk is processed gently with mild heat to preserve its nutrient as close to the natural state as possible, so that it can be easily digested by children. The technology ensures goodness of milk’s natural nutrition is preserved when they turn it into milk powder. For ultimate safety and quality, the end product is checked again before being packaged for shipping.

Therefore, every drop of Friso Gold milk preserves its natural goodness, just the way nature intended. Starting from now, stand a chance to win a family trip to Holland and visit a Royal FrieslandCampina dairy farm when you purchase Friso Gold milk powder! Winner families can expect to experience the journey of how Friso Gold milk is produced.

For more information about the contest, please click HERE. To read my earlier review on Friso Gold milk, click HERE.