Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Shopee Express Stays Committed to Timely Deliveries Despite Unpredictable Weather

Shopee Express has overcome unpredictable weather conditions, especially in flood-prone areas, to ensure that essential deliveries are made on time. Despite the challenges posed by the weather in several locations such as Kuantan, Muadzam, and Rompin in Pahang as well as Johor Jaya, Kota Tinggi, Mersing, Muar, Segamat, and Yong Peng in Johor, Shopee Express remains committed to providing fast and reliable delivery services to communities in Malaysia.

The unpredictable weather in Malaysia posed significant challenges to businesses operating in the country, particularly those in the logistics and delivery sectors. In such cases, Shopee Express adapted quickly to ensure that unfavourable weather conditions do not impact couriers and deliveries in such scenarios. These measures enable them to deliver orders on schedule while maintaining a high level of safety, care, and precision. 

While rescheduling may be necessary in some instances due to local authorities closing off specific routes due to potential high risk of flood or landslide, Shopee Express ensured that customers were kept informed of any changes to their delivery schedules through push notifications. Parcels were delivered diligently at the earliest possible time once conditions permitted. 

Muhammad Faris Bin Ismail, 21, a Shopee Express courier from Sri Medan, Johor, who regularly covers Seri Damai Perdana, stated that during the recent flood, he had to navigate through floodwaters as high as 3.5 feet and was occasionally stranded during the journey. Amidst difficult conditions, he persists in delivering parcels safely by foot, fulfilling his duty and the confidence placed in him. He recognizes the importance of bringing joy and convenience to the local communities and feels grateful to be able to make a positive difference in people's lives.

Norazman Bin Mohd Ismail, 34, a Shopee Express courier from Karak, Pahang for over 2 years, shared that the flood season presents uncertainties for delivery services. He feels deeply for those impacted by the floods and strives to deliver parcels safely and promptly as he understands that some parcels may contain urgent items like food or supplements that customers need. Yet, he knows that circumstances beyond his control may result in delays and apologises beforehand for any inconvenience, all the while maintaining his commitment to offering reliable delivery services to customers. 

Cheah Lee Sun, Head of Shopee Express, affirmed that timely delivery is important to the communities they serve. “We worked tirelessly to fulfil our promises, even in the face of unpredictable weather conditions. Our couriers are trained to handle such situations, and we are proud of their dedication to support the affected communities.”

“These hardworking couriers handle numerous orders every day, covering long distances to reach their destinations. The number of parcels delivered is a testament to their commitment to supporting local communities. Despite encountering unforeseen challenges along their journey, they display resilience and sacrifice their personal time with loved ones to fulfil their responsibilities."

Shopee Express has become a reliable and trustworthy partner for online shoppers, thanks to its same-day delivery and expanded coverage in Borneo. In order to ensure the safety of its couriers, Shopee Express carefully monitors the weather every day, and provides extra protection to customers' parcels by using gunny sacks and plastic wraps.

Monday, March 20, 2023

5 Places To Buy Yummy Buka Puasa Meals On ShopeeFood This Ramadan

With Ramadan just around the corner, ShopeeFood users can get their favourite buka puasa meals delivered right to their doorstep for better convenience during the fasting month. With discounts and free delivery, ShopeeFood users can spend more time enjoying a yummy meal to start and end of the day while spending less time in the kitchen or being stuck in traffic during rush hour. Kongsi Keriangan with your family and friends this Ramadan, and order from ShopeeFood today. ShopeeFood offers a variety of merchants to choose from and if you don’t know where to start, checkout these 5 popular restaurants on ShopeeFood to order your meals from:

1. Tiga Budak Gemok: This restaurant serves generous portions of Malaysian comfort food that are perfect for sharing with friends and family. Popular dishes include Nasi Ayam Kicap Biasa + Telur + Tempe and Siput Masak Lemak Cilipadi.

2. Pasta Panas: This popular pasta joint offers a unique and exciting dining experience with their spicy twist on classic pasta dishes. Try out their bestselling pasta dishes like Spicy Chili Mac and Salted Egg Pasta.

3. 4Fingers: This restaurant serves mouthwatering Korean-style fried chicken that is crispy, juicy, and addictive.Offering singular combos and family sets, 4Fingers is perfect whether you’re dining alone or with your loved ones.

4. Tealive: Tealive is a popular chain of bubble tea shops in Malaysia, known for their diverse range of delicious drinks made with fresh ingredients.

5. Sushi King: For sushi lovers, Sushi king provides a wide selection of fresh and delicious sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes at affordable prices, making it a go-to spot for sushi lovers.

Don’t forget to checkout these special discount days as well and make the most of your fasting month food orders: ShopeeFood Day : Link

From 20 Mar - 22 Mar, kickstart the holy month of Ramadan right and enjoy great discounts and free delivery for buka puasa meals.

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GKB Health Supplement Products

As a mother of 2 children, I face a lot of stress and have health problems such as weight gain, high cholesterol, digestive problems, low immune system and skin problems. I have tried many types of supplements but my problems did not improve much until recently after I tried GKB products. My daughter who has constipation problem also tried their product and was happy with the result. 

GKB (GK Bio International Sdn. Bhd.) was established in 2018 which is a joint venture between All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation and Grape King Bio from Taiwan. Their products promote the importance of health to Malaysians at affordable prices and have helped over 1 million Malaysians to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All their products are HALAL certified and are safe. GKB uses more than 40% medicinal mushrooms and probiotic strains in its products, ensuring that the products are 100% natural, residue-free, chemical-free and side-effect free.

The 5 products I have tried are GKB Probio+, GKB Probizymes, GKB Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Plus, GKB G-Pro Gold and GKB Lactobacillus Plantarum GKM3. 

GKB Probio+

GKB Probio+ is suitable for people who have digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea. This is because most people do not eat enough vegetables and fruits, eat lots of processed or greasy food and have lack of exercise. This product helps to enhance intestine health from inside out. It contains 5 types of live and functional probiotics and 4 types of prebiotics that assist digestion and reduce constipation and diarrhea. The perfect combination of probiotics and prebiotics gives the intestine more protection, improves nutrient absorption, maintains a healthy balance of gut bacteria which will eventually increase immunity. After my daughter and I tried this, we felt healthier as our constipation problems were less.

GKB Probizymes 

Since I was a teenager, I had gastric problems because I did not eat at the right time. Sometimes I was too busy and skipped meals. GKB Probizymes is formulated with probiotics, prebiotics, carbohydrate enzymes, protein enzymes and lipid enzymes specifically for people with prolonged gastric pain, as well as improving symptoms of acid reflux. How I wished I had this during my teenage years. To all those who have gastric problems, do try out this product.

GKB Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Plus

This product is widely welcomed by women because it helps improve skin problems, eczema problems, helps prevent female genital infections, helps prevent leaky gut or dysbiosis and reduces bloating problems. I have sensitive & itchy skin and taking this product has improved my skin health. 

GKB G-Pro Gold

This product is designed for those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), severe diarrhea or severe constipation. GKB G-Pro Gold contains 10 types of probiotics and 2 types of prebiotics, each vegetarian capsule contains 80 billion CFU which can boost the gut flora. This probiotics reproduce and metabolize in the gut, improves intestinal pH and secretions to help reduce the survival of pathogenic bacteria, thus enhancing the intestinal barrier function and reducing the occurrence of bowel inflammation. 

GKB Lactobacillus Plantarum GKM3

Good news for those who want to lose weight. This is the first probiotic that can absorb fat. This product is really suitable for me because I am overweight and have high cholesterol. This product can help absorb fat from my body, reduce uric acid and blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides). It also helps the digestive system, reduce calorie intake and increase energy, increase skin moisture and reduce the effects of skin damage caused by UV rays. This product has received more than 20 awards and patents from the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. After taking this product, I feel my skin is healthier with reduced wrinkles.

Overall, my family and I noticed the differences in our health after taking these GKB products. I would recommend these products to those who want to improve their health conditions. For more information, please visit GKB FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM , TikTok or YouTube.

You can get GKB products at all major pharmacies in Malaysia including Alpro Pharmacy. You can also get the products at GKB official website at www.mygkb.com

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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

ShopeeFood Rewards Female Driver Partners in Special Women’s Day Celebration

In conjunction with International Women's Day celebrations in the month of March, ShopeeFood hosted a special event as a show of appreciation for women driver partners in Klang Valley. The event was supported by several leading brands such as NIVEA, Marrybrown, Chatime and L'Oréal Malaysia. Almost 60 female riders, accompanied by their friends, participated in the event to celebrate the day.

In addition to the collaboration with leading brand partners, ShopeeFood also provided a personal development program led by an expert in the field of humanities and social studies: Associate Professor Dr Hadija Mohd, who has developed the Personal Initiative Intelligence (PI-Q) framework.

The PI-Q framework aims to build essential soft-skills to help driver partners improve their job performance. The unique approach focuses on developing the inner qualities of an individual, ksuch as resilience, self-awareness, and empathy.

At the end of the program, three selected driver partners were recognised for their participation and given an opportunity to continue their education with a scholarship in a recognised higher education program. ShopeeFood selected the City Continued Education Centre to partner for the scholarship that’s valued at more than RM60,000.

According to Kwa Yin Leng, Head of Operations for ShopeeFood Malaysia, the celebration is an important milestone in recognising women’s contribution to the food delivery industry. “ShopeeFood aims to provide our female driver partners a supportive environment so they feel valued, safe and recognised. We are happy to be partnering with various brands and showcase our efforts in a meaningful way. The learning programs will go a long way in upskilling our riders and hopefully impact their lives for the better,” she said.

In addition to the personal development class, the driver partners were also treated to a self-care workshop hosted by NIVEA. The experts from NIVEA helped the riders learn healthy skincare and good hygiene habits as riders are often exposed to changing weather conditions while doing their work. At the end of the session, the female driver partners were also given NIVEA products to kickstart their regime.

The highlight of the event was a panel session that was also live-streamed on the Shopee app and social platforms. The lively discussion featured three popular figures from different backgrounds sharing their personal stories of immense challenges and how it led them to success. The panellists were:

Datuk Shalin Zulkifli, a professional bowler and athlete who has represented Malaysia for 28 years in numerous international competitions. She currently holds five world championship titles and is a fierce advocate for gender equality.

Nandini Balakrishnan is a known influencer and video producer with a popular media company. She has written extensively on issues related to the discrimination and her work has been featured in major publications around the world. In 2021, Nandini was also awarded the Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia in the ‘Arts & Culture’ category. This award recognises achievements of female trailblazers across industries.

Natasha Helwa Binti Ramlee, is a young female entrepreneur and a ShopeeFood merchant. She is the eldest of three siblings that founded the popular restaurant franchise of ‘Tiga Budak Gemok’. While the restaurant may have had humble beginnings of starting off under a tree, the business today has rapidly grown and expanded to cover more than six states in Malaysia.

To end the day, driver partners were treated to a sumptuous lunch sponsored by Marrybrown and Chatime Malaysia. The riders feasted on Nasi Lemak MB by Marrybrown and a variety of bestselling bubble tea drinks like Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea, Mango QQ, Lychee QQ, Passionfruit QQ from Chatime Malaysia. The riders also went home with skincare giveaway from L'Oréal Malaysia consisting of L'Oréal Paris products valued at approximately RM12,000.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL Buffet Iftar

Photo taken from BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah Facebook

Last Saturday, my family and I enjoyed our buffet Iftar at a very unique restaurant at BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL. This restaurant is situated at Jalan Taman Zooview, behind Zoo Negara. Dining here was unique because it gave us a back to nature feel like we were dining in the jungle. The cool air and sounds of the river flowing gave us a calm and relaxed feeling. 

Since Ramadhan is coming and if you are not sure where you want to break your fast, why not try BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL for a different ambience? There are many varieties of food including 'Kambing Varual', Black Pepper Beef, 'Ayam Masak Merah', 'Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Api', Asam Fish, Sweet and Sour Fish, Chicken Rendang, Carbonara Spaghetti, Aglio Olio, Chicken Soup, Brocolli Soup, Korean Chicken Wings and Smoked Duck, BBQ Lamb, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Prawns, 'Ulam', fruits, dessert and many others.

All the food tasted very delicious. My favourite was the BBQ Lamb and Korean Chicken Wings. The lamb was tender and the Korean Chicken Wings was very tasty. 

There was lime water and 'air bandung' to quench our thirst. We also had ABC (Air Batu Campur) for dessert. 

I would recommend BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL Buffet Iftar because all the food was delicious and the price is reasonable. My family and I had an enjoyable and unforgettable dinner here. We would love to come back again soon.

Promotion for Buffet Iftar

4th, 11th dan 18th March 2023. (7pm-10pm)


6-12 years old / Senior Citizens 


23th-31st March 2023.


6-12 years old / Senior Citizens


1st -7th April 2023.


6-12 years old / Senior Citizens


8th-18th April 2023.


6-12 years old / Senior Citizens


Please call or whatsapp 012-211 4100 or 019-9631657 for reservation.
Address: Jalan Taman Zooview, Kampung Kemensah, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

My Comfortable Zinus Sofa

Recently I visited Zinus Malaysia showroom to look for a new sofa. Zinus Malaysia is situated very near IOI Mall, Puchong. The showroom was spacious and I really liked the three different sofa designs available. 

There are three different choices, all come in 2 or 3 seaters.

Ricardo Designer (dark grey)

Josh Contemporary (beige)

Jackie Modern (soft grey)

I tried sitting on all of the sofas and really liked all because they were very comfortable. I like that the cushion has a zipper so the cushion cover can be washed if dirty.  It was a tough choice to choose which sofa I want and finally I decided to go with the 2-seater Ricardo Designer (dark grey) sofa.

I was happy to get free delivery and the sofa arrived in a box. Installation was also quite easy even though it was my first time trying to install one.

Open the box, follow the instructions, screw in the sofa legs, slide in the left and right sofa arms, slide in the sofa back, zip it up and attach the 2 pillows. It took my daughter and me less than 1 hour to install it. Now we have a comfortable and nice sofa! 

Zinus Malaysia showroom is in Puchong if you want to view their sofas. 

Address: 1-1, Jalan Merbah 1

Bandar Puchong Jaya

47170 Puchong


Tel: 03-80823359

Customer Service Whatsapp: 011-3129 9882

Showroom Hours

Mon-Fri 10am - 8pm

Sat/Sun/PH 12pm - 8pm

You can order online from their website at https://zinus.com.my/. It is also available at Shopee https://shope.ee/1L8DicdQRc or Lazada platform.

Sunday, February 19, 2023


If you’re looking to save money while waiting for your salary to arrive, here are THREE WAYS to maximize savings before your next payday:

1. Make a Budget

Before you start shopping, make a budget for how much you can afford to spend. This can help you avoid overspending and ensure that you only buy items you actually need. If you’re ordering online, check out ShopeeFood’s amazing deals that can help you to save up extra ringgits!

2. Plan your Purchases

Look at the items that are on sale and make a list of the ones you want to buy. This way, it helps you to stay focused and avoid buying things on impulse.

3. Enjoy FREE delivery to the fullest

Surprise your best pals with something savory or something sweet! Let it be known that our free delivery vouchers are now up for grabs this ShopeeFood Day and PayDay!

ShopeeFood PayDay Amazing Deals Just You!

Order from a variety of restaurants like Lim Fried Chicken, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Sangkaya, Krispy Kreme and much much more:

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