Friday, January 29, 2021

Legendary Perfume - A Lovely Gift For Valentine's Day

Every year on Valentine's day, some people will start scratching their head, thinking hard what to buy and how to celebrate this special day with their loved ones. This year's Valentine's day will definitely be celebrated differently because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Couples might not be able to enjoy a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant. However, couples can still get each other lovely Valentine's day gifts & celebrate this special day at home. Some top gifts for Valentine's day would be chocolates & flowers, shiny jewellery, a nice watch, a beautiful dress and a bottle of perfume.

Legendary Perfume is one of the top 5 gifts for Valentine's day. Legendary Perfume is a Malaysian fragrance brand best known for producing premium, exotic homegrown fragrances. The Legendary Orchid Perfume packaging is very beautiful. It comes in a very nice box with a red ribbon on top. Inside there is another smaller box with the 30ml perfume in it. The perfume bottle looks very attractive too. Muslims can use this perfume as it is a Halal perfume.

Legendary Orchid Perfume's smell is long lasting and smells really sweet and nice. I love the orchid and fruity scent very much. This Legendary Orchid fragrance is derived from the highly covered delicate and exotic orchid plant. The top notes are orange, apple and green lemon. The middle notes are pansy, magnolia, cattleya and muguet and the base notes are peach, amber, musk and cedar. Legendary Orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. This would definitely be the perfect gift for Valentine's day and I think any lady would fall head over heels when they receive this as a gift. 

Legendary Perfume is also a great Malaysian souvenir for tourists and is sold in more than 30 cosmetic retail and airport outlets throughout Malaysia including Sasa, Parkson, Gurney Paragon and many others. You can also get yours online at the comfort of your own home from Shopee link HERE. Let's surprise your loved ones with one of the best Valentine's gift and feel the joy and happiness when they receive the Legendary Orchid Perfume!

For more information, you can visit Legendary Perfume's Website  Facebook  Instagram