Friday, December 29, 2017

Grand Opening Of D'beau Facez Aesthetic Clinic

From left to right : Terry Woo, Apple Hong, Dr. Mino Suen, Aaron Tan

D'beau Facez 帝妃时尚医美专家was officially launched on 17th December 2017 with lion dance performance witnessed by founders Aaron Tan and Terry Woo, together with business partner Apple Hong and Dr. Mino Suen. D'beau Facez is located at 55A, Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 

D'beau Facez 帝妃时尚医美专家 is an aesthetic clinic that provides one-stop medical service. It believes that medical beauty is a way to make life better and will eventually change the world’s perspective on beauty.

D'beau Facez 帝妃时尚医美专家 creates medical technology combined with dermatology, aiming to become pioneer of the current industry.

Founder Terry Woo said that there are people born with natural beauty but not many of them are able to keep their beautiful skin as they age. He mentioned that taking good care of ourselves and dressing up with good personal appearance is an etiquette, this is also manners when meeting others and to get respect from others.

Terry Woo

During the launch, the doctor carried out a demonstration session of facial mite test and did some explanation on technology of needle free mesotherapy.

Mites are tiny pests that are hard to see with the naked eye. The weather in Malaysia is very warm and causes the rapid growth of small mites. The body secretions and excretions are allergens. When mites enter the human respiratory tract or contact with the skin, face will have enlarged pores, coarse and dark skin, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, asthma and other symptoms.

D'beau Facez 帝妃时尚医美专家 Dr.Mino Suen invited a few medias representative &  bloggers to try on the face mites test and found that most of them have mites on their faces. Therefore, D'beau Facez provided all guests with a one- time free mites’ clearance cash voucher worth RM 299.

Other than mites testing session, D'Beau Facez also invited one blogger to try out their needle free mesotherapy treatment. Imported from South Korea, mesotherapy is a type of non-invasive treatment technology delivering cold beauty nutriment to deeper skin layer, extreme moisturizing, uniformity treatment for all skin location.

D'beau Facez 帝妃时尚医美专家 Grand Opening Promotion:

1. Needle Free Mesotherapy first time experiences for only RM399,original price RM 800
2. Rosa Cell Treatment - 4 times + 2 times with total 6 times just RM 1680,original price RM 2994
3. Product Promotion:Papain Enzyme Cleaser + Anti Mites Serum + Anti Sensitive Mask + Mites Clear Treatment, promotion price RM 498,original price RM 789

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment Review

It is inevitable that everyone ages as they grow older and all want to look younger with less wrinkles and more volume to cheekbones and other areas. Instead of visiting doctors for expensive cosmetic treatments or for those who are afraid to have needles or injections, Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler is another option. This is for home use, is really effective and good. Recently I received a box of Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler treatment in collaboration with Boutique de Beaute from Hong Kong to review. 

Fillerina comes with 1 bottle of Gel Filler 14 doses (2ml each) and another bottle of Nourishing Film 14 doses (2ml each) with 2 precision applicators which looks like syringes.

Fillerina is popular in 37 countries with more than 1 million witnesses worldwide witnessing the effectiveness. There are many celebrities who are satisfied with the results after usage. 

What is Fillerina? 
Fillerina consist of 6 different types of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights and structures, allowing the hyaluronic acid to reach dermal layer. Fillerina is a 14 days home treatment with no needles or injections.

Usage Directions
1. After washing your face, use the applicator to extract 2ml of Fillerina Gel Filler.

2. Accurately apply to desired areas such as wrinkles and cheeckbones or lips.

The Fillerina Gel Filler is watery and there is no sticky feeling. 

3. Wait for 10 minutes for the active ingredients to be absorbed. I felt some skin tightening sensation while it is being absorbed.

4. Take the other applicator and extract 2ml of Fillerina Nourishing Film. This is thicker and harder to extract.

5. Apply Fillerina Nourishing Film on face and neck. The ingredients include vitamin E, meadow foam seed oil and shea butter. My skin felt soft, a little sticky and more moisturized after applying this.

It is advisable to drink 2 cups of water before using Fillerina treatment for better absorption. This process is to be done once a day for 14 days in the morning or night.

Before usage on the left and after 14 days Fillerina treatment on the right.

Skin wrinkles are less visible and more moisturized. There is more volume on my cheekbones and neck feels softer. I did not use this on my lips, I only used it on my face and neck. Overall, I am satisfied with this Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler treatment. It is affordable and effective. The price for this box of Fillerina treatment is RM 328.30.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trendy RedTail Bar by Zouk Opens at Resorts World Genting

Created by the team behind Asia’s best nightclub, Zouk Singapore, Zouk Genting is
set to revolutionize Malaysia’s nightlife scene with four distinctive destination zones, Zouk
Beach, Zouk Club, Capital (opening in Q2 2018) and RedTail Bar by Zouk (“RedTail”),
all under one roof, allowing patrons to enjoy endless luxury in an array of ambiances.

RedTail, covering 4,289 sq ft, is able to accommodate up to 150 guests—and while it is
designed to be a millennial magnet, it will appeal to patrons of all ages.

A new-style gaming bar, RedTail which opens at Resorts World Genting in January 2018,
will add to the vibrant nightlife scene of the resort as it redefines how the chic and
sophisticated spend their leisure hours. Offering the perfect setting for pre-club drinks and
group celebrations, RedTail boasts exciting features including a Beer bar, Tiki bar, and light
meals and snacks. RedTail will also regularly host competitions and opportunities to go
head-to-head against players across the world with exciting, real time e-gaming tournaments.

Guests can enjoy exciting cocktails while they indulge in a variety of games like Xbox
E-Games, Beer Pong, darts, and pool, or simply sit back and relax while listening to cool
live music or watching their favourite sports on screen. RedTail offers many unique
concoctions and dishes—for example, the Zouk-inspired sour plum shot, a bestseller in
Singapore and part of the Zouk DNA, will be brought to RedTail as well. Another unique
offering at RedTail are cocktail classes for patrons that would make perfect team-building
activities for corporations.

The very atmosphere of the place also celebrates culture and arts—RedTail being a big
supporter of the Southeast Asian art scene. The décor showcases murals, graffiti art,
handcrafted lighting and sculptures, and guests can feast their eyes on bespoke pieces
by up-and-coming local talents.

Guests will also without doubt find the mascot of RedTail charming. Xiao Hong the Red
Panda boy embodies the RedTail spirit as he is fun, popular, sociable, adventurous and
playful—matching the vibe of the place.

The brains behind RedTail

The entertainment-driven social gaming lounge was conceived by the brains behind
Genting Hong Kong's Lifestyle division, Lim Keong Hui (Executive Director of Genting Hong
Kong) and Andrew Li (Zouk Consulting Pte Ltd’s CEO). The duo wanted the perfect
pre-game spot to hang out; a pre-drinking spot offering patrons the opportunity to build up
to a big night in a lively and fun atmosphere.

Additionally, Zouk Consulting Pte Ltd's General Manager, Joseph Ryan, who is currently
spearheading the development of several Zouk-branded entertainment outlets and festivals
for Resorts World Genting, has a formidable track record that includes managing tour events
for superstar Madonna.

“While being an obvious millennial magnet thanks to its varied offerings, RedTail can cater
for all age groups. The venue is perfectly equipped for celebrations and group gatherings of
all sizes, and lovers of all kinds of music, games and sports,” said Ryan.

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit

Monday, December 25, 2017


Malaysia’s pioneer in premium grocery shopping experience, Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G.), has opened the doors to a new outlet at Damansara City Mall, the recently refreshed shopping and lifestyle destination.

The 25,896 sq ft store presents a carefully curated selection of products and produce sourced locally and globally, showcased within a lively environment based on its flagship store in Publika. B.I.G. Damansara City Mall promises to be the go-to haven for fulfilling daily necessities and feeding culinary curiosities.

Set within an interactive space which is both customer-friendly and aesthetically enticing, the outlet showcases its signature supermarket sections with new additions to cater to its discerning clientele. From the freshest seafood and vegetables to the finest ingredients that come from all corners of the world, the meticulously mapped out sections ensures friendly navigation and shopping with ease.

Planning to toss a salad for dinner or cook up a delicious vege stir fry? Botanical is your first stop in getting the best imported and locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

Malaya Kitchen
Spices galore! An extensive range of spices to choose from in a variety of forms be it fresh paste or dry spice.

Barn Butchery
Our uncompromising standards ensures that only the finest meats are sold from a wide selection to cater to different customer needs – organic, grain fed to fully grass imported meats. For your convenience, grab our ready-to-cook marinated meats in different recipes.

Bay Seafood
From the sea to your home. The freshest and widest variety of imported and local seafood.

Dairy & Frozen
A wide range of cheese, fresh farm milk and spreads. Whether it is a popular brand from Down Under or an artisanal product of homegrown business, you are bound to find a favourite.

Chalk & Cheese
We have tracked down a selection of the very best cheeses, handmade by cheesemakers all over the world. From soft to hard cheese, you would certainly be spoilt for choice!

Booze It
From wines to batch-brewed beers and premium spirits, our curation is full of alcoholic delights.

In addition to the grocer the outlet also presents a wide variety of dining options making it an exciting destination of eating and drinking. New eateries sit alongside established brands in offering a wide variety of food and drinks to be enjoyed in-house or to takeaway. These options serve not only as a convenience to shoppers but also a much-needed option to those working and living in the area.  

The Grocer’s Kitchen
The must-visit joint for pizzas, rotisserie and freshly made salads. Get ‘em fresh and hot!

Independent Coffee
Where to head for that tasty cuppa, made from a special in-house blend of Guatemalan coffee.

The whiff of hot-out-of-the-oven breads and delectable pastries will lead you to this delightful bakery.

I Love Pho
Exclusive debut from Australia serving sumptuous Vietnamese cuisine only at B.I.G.

Taps Beer Bar
First taps beer bar to be introduced within a supermarket.

Indulge the freshly baked baklava and the very promising beautiful gourmet chocolates.

Make elegance possible with a box of fresh flowers for your loved ones.

Enjoy the freshest selection of oysters air-flown from the many corners of the world from Amsterdam to New Zealand.

Serves up the freshest selection of sushi and sashimi.

An in-house cooking demo space the perfect spot to learn a new dish or perfect a current favourite.

“Expanding our business into this suburb supports our long-term growth plans to make the B.I.G. brand accessible to more people in more places. We strive to fulfil the growing needs and demands of Malaysians whilst bringing to them new products and experiences that will make their visits a memorable one,” said Christine Lee, Senior Manager-Marketing of Ben’s Independent Grocer.

“We look forward to bringing the B.I.G. experience to a wider audience soon and to keep creating excitement and fresh opportunities within our current outlets,” she added.

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Ben’s Independent Grocer is at LG-12, Damansara City Mall. Is open from 8:30am to 10pm (Monday – Friday) and 9am to 10pm (Saturday – Sunday, Public Holiday).