Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My Langkawi Trip To The Fun And Educational Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

My family and I visited Langkawi recently and I would like to share about my trip there. It was a short 2 days 1 night trip where we stayed at Resorts World Langkawi. We flew there by Air Asia because it was the cheapest ticket price. Even though we could not get the cheapest promotional fare, we paid about RM 200 per person. We rented a small car at the airport for RM 60 / day and started our exciting journey.

Our first stop was Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi which is the largest crocodile farm in Malaysia according to the Malaysia Book Of Record. My family learnt a lot here after our guided tour. If you come here, make sure you check their crocodile show time, feeding time and jumping time. These are the activities you should not miss.

The first thing we did here was feed the crocodiles with a piece of tasty chicken. We were asked to hold on tight to the rod and could see the crocodiles jumping high to snap the meat. Here's a video of me feeding the crocodiles. I could feel the weight of the crocodile as I pulled up the rod when the meat was in its mouth. Each of us fed the crocodiles and it was an unforgettable experience.

After having the chance to feed the crocodiles, it was crocodile feeding time at the Bridge Pond area where the crocodiles were hand fed.

Bridge Pond

We learnt that crocodiles open their mouth to control the temperature and remove heat, female crocodiles need 3 months to get pregnant and another 3 months to hatch their eggs. They lay between 30-60 eggs and only half can survive. Some were born handicapped and usually die if they are in the wild because crocodiles fight among themselves for food, territory and for female crocodiles to mate. Crocodiles can grow up to 7 meters in length and live up to 100 years. Crocodiles can hold their breath in water for 2 hours and can swim at 30km/hour. The difference between male and female crocodiles is the wider & rounder snout for males and narrower & more pointed snout for females. Wow, that's a lot we learnt in a day! This place is very educational for children and adults because we learnt and experienced so much here. 

Some of the crocodiles were born handicapped are kept separately for their survival. These are the 2 handicapped crocodiles here.

 Hunchback crocodile

Crocodile born without its tail.

We also learnt the difference between alligator and crocodiles. When an alligator closes its mouth, you can see teeth only from the upper jaw. When the crocodiles closes its mouth, you can see teeth on both the upper and lower jaws.

'Buaya Jejulung' are fresh water crocodiles from Sabah and Sarawak which are nearly extinct. These crocodiles have 76-84 teeth and has a long snout. Other crocodiles have 66 teeth instead.

Buaya Jejulung

The best part that my family would never forget is our experience holding a small crocodile in our hands and taking memorable photos with it. There are photographers there to snap photos and print them out for you.

When you visit Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi, make sure you watch the breath-taking show at 11.15am,  2.45pm.  My heart was pumping fast when I saw a man put his hand into the crocodile's mouth for 10 seconds. He also kissed the crocodile.

This was the first time my children watched a live crocodile show and we enjoyed it very much. For more information on Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi, you can visit their FACEBOOK or WEBSITE

Click HERE  for my Underwater World Langkawi experience. Thanks for reading my blog.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Delicious Spanish Food At La Fiesta, Resorts World Genting

If you want to eat authentic Spanish food, you do not need to go to Spain because La Fiesta at Resorts World Genting is one of Malaysia's notable Spanish restaurants with a menu which offers every robust, flavorful and memorable aspect of the country. This restaurant has really nice traditional Catalan eatery style with tiled arches for 85 seating capacity. I really like this restaurant because it is cozy with great ambiance. Thanks to the PR of Resorts World Genting for this arrangement to dine here.

Photo credit to Kooimei Cheah of 

The pride of this restaurant is the Spanish Iberico pig which is a rare breed only found in Spain. Once the lactation period is over, these pigs are fed with acorn-rich diet and is different from normal pork. The ham curing process takes an average of 36 months. They are made into Iberico ham (Jamon), Chorizo (sausage) and Salchichon (summer sausage) platters. This platter is served with 3 types of cheese and bread.

Fat is put on top of the meat to keep it fresh for many days. 

The hams are thinly sliced to enhance their intense and unparalleled flavors. These hams were quite salty and went well with the bread.

Spain has over 30 cheese making regions across the country, with each region protected under appellation of origin controls very much like French wine-making, which regulate every aspect of production ranging from which hills animals graze on, to how humid the curing room can be. On La Fiesta's cheese board is the creamy and intense Tortas de Casar which is produced from raw milk from Merino and Entrefino sheep. The milk for this cheese is curdled using the natural coagulants found in Cardoon thistles. For something decadently rich and creamy, there is Arzua-Ulloa cheese which comes from the northwestern corner of Spain which is produced using raw or pasteurized cow's milk.

La Fiesta offers paella which is a traditional Spanish rice dish, slow cooked for 20 minutes in a wide shallow pan until a crispy caramelised crust is formed at the base. Paella is considered as Spain's national dish. 

On the left is Pork and Chicken Paella (RM 78.00) and on the right is Black Seafood Paella (RM 98.00)

The Pork and Chicken Paella is cooked with Spanish paprika essenced bomba rice slow cooked in chicken broth with a mixture of pork and chicken. Black Seafood Paella is squid ink infused bomba rice slow cooked in seafood broth with prawns and cuttlefish. I like the Pork and Chicken Paella more because it tasted very moist and delicious. 

From left to right - Familiar tapas such as Calamares a la Andaluza (deep-fried calamari with garlic mayonnaise dip) (RM 28.00) and Albondigas Con Sepia (pork and beef meatballs with cuttlefish) (RM 36.00)

My daughter loved the deep-fried calamari because the calamari was fresh, crispy and tasted really delicious. The meatballs were tender and the sauce was tasty. It tasted great with the fried onions on the side.

Patatas Bravas (potatoes in spiced tomato sauce) (RM 18.00)
This dish was one of my daughter's favorite because the potatoes were very soft and went well with the sauce. 

Pulpo a Fiera (octopus with paprika potatoes) (RM 45.00)
I have never tasted such a delicious octopus dish before. The octopus was very soft and not chewy like most octopus that I have tried. The potatoes under the octopus were very tasty too. This is a highly recommended dish for octopus lovers.

Gambas a Aljillo (garlic prawns poached in olive oil) (RM 29.00)
The fresh prawns were cooked to the right temperature and tasted really good in the healthy olive oil which was a little spicy. 

Isaac, the manager of La Fiesta heating the wine for Sangria which is Spanish wine mixed with many different types of fruits such as apples, peaches, oranges, melons and pears. I really love to drink Sangria which means blood in Spanish (red in color). This was the best cocktail drink I have ever tasted! 


Crema Catalana (RM 16.00)

For dessert, we were served with Crema Catalana. This was soft, sweet caramelized custard. This was really delicious. 

La Fiesta restaurant opening hours:

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - 11am - midnight 
Mondays to Thursdays - 11am-10pm 
Fridays and eve of public holidays - 12pm - midnight

For more information, please visit La Fiesta Facebook page or call 03-6101 2611.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Shopee Celebrates 2nd Birthday

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, celebrates its anniversary after another year of marked growth. In just two years, Shopee has seen significant growth in its seven markets, with about 80 million downloads across the region, and over 180 million active listings by more than 4 million sellers. To date, there are about 5,000 leading brands and distributors. Since launching in 2015, the Shopee team has also expanded to a total of over 2,500 employees.

“Shopee has undergone tremendous transformation since we first launched, and while we are proud of all that we have achieved, this is only the beginning. Shopee has always been committed to listening to the needs and preferences of our users, and have worked to create a platform that is tailored to exactly that. Whether it is providing a fuss-free and convenient shopping experience for buyers, or offering a reliable and secure platform for brands and budding entrepreneurs to expand their online presence, Shopee strives to continue improving the lives of the region’s consumers and businesses with technology,” said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee.
2017 was an exciting year for Shopee Malaysia, as more users embraced online shopping. Key milestones to date include:

  • Annualized Gross Merchandize Value (GMV) of more than USD 5 billion
  • Over 5 million app downloads
  • Over 200,000 sellers and brands, including established brands like Shojikiya, Pets Wonderland, OnePlus, Pureen, Lovely Lace, and Mentholatum. This is in line with the Malaysian government’s effort to grow the digital economy, which is projected to contribute 20% of Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2020.
  • Launch of Shopee Mall, a premium online shopping portal, featuring over 100,000 products sold exclusively by leading brands and distributors. This initiative has received significant traction, with many leading brands selecting Shopee as the platform of choice to boost their online presence.
  • Continued success of Shopee University, a series of tutorials to aid local entrepreneurs and businesses succeed in the e-commerce environment, which saw more than 4,000 participants across 10 states.

“In line with our effort to cater to our increasingly digital-savvy customers who are constantly looking for convenience and value-add purchases, we innovated our business and ventured into the e-commerce segment. Towards this end, Shopee was the first e-commerce platform that we partnered with as they have a wide appeal amongst the local market, coupled with its value-added services and innovative campaigns,” said Aadrin Azly, PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad’s Head of Retail Business. “Our partnership with Shopee has enabled us to successfully expand our online brand presence and reach out to a greater base of consumers. We congratulate them on their 2nd anniversary and look forward to another fruitful year of partnership”.

“Choosing a reliable e-commerce partner is certainly an important decision for MYDIN being the largest home-grown retail chain in wholesaling and retailing since 1957. MYDIN sees e-commerce as an important business channel to complement current traditional businesses of a brick and mortar store. With Shopee, we are able to offer our customers Free Shipping across Malaysia. We are fortunate to be able to work with Shopee to provide our customers across the nation with great savings for both food and non-food items," said Malik Murad Ali, IT Director, MYDIN Malaysia.

As part of its birthday celebration, Shopee will be holding a birthday sale from 1 to 14 December, featuring massive promotions across over 6 million products. Shoppers can look forward to Shocking Sale flash deals, Upsized Mall Highlights, 12.12 Mega Deals, and many more exciting highlights. Attractive prizes will also be up for grabs, including over RM500,000 worth of Beat the Clock vouchers, a trip for two to Honolulu worth RM15,000, and an iPhone X worth RM5,500. Official partners, including Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank, RHB, Ambank, Citibank, Petronas, Digi, Maxis, B Infinite, FPX, and Photobook, will also be joining the celebration with their own exclusive promotions for Shopee users.

“When we decided to expand our online presence beyond our own Digi Online Store, Shopee was the first eCommerce platform that came to mind, and we have been working with them consistently ever since. We see more and more Digi customers enjoying the convenience of online shopping and purchasing their mobile top-ups from Digi’s Official Shop. We plan to offer more exciting deals in the future as we continue our ambition to become our customers’ favourite partner in digital life,” said How Lih Ren, Digi’s Head of iTelco.
“We chose Shopee as our preferred e-commerce partner because of their rapid growth and large consumer base made up of millions of users across Malaysia. With 330 Mr DIY outlets nationwide supported by Shopee, we will be able to fulfill every household’s need, anytime, anywhere,” said Andy Chin, Head of Marketing, MR.DIY.
“2017 has been a great year for Shopee and we would like to thank our customers, sellers, and partners for their continuous support. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on innovating our platform and diversifying our product assortment. We remain committed to helping brands and local entrepreneurs grow and continuously strive to push the boundaries of e-commerce to become the leading online shopping destination of choice in the region,” closed Ho.

Join us in celebrating Shopee’s Birthday. For more information, visit

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Snoopy And The Peanuts Gang Bring Year End Festive Cheer To Resorts World Genting

Christmas will be here soon and I am very excited about the beautiful Christmas decorations at Resorts World Genting because 'Tour The World With Snoopy' includes parade and 52 Snoopy in costumes from different countries. My daughter and I had fun snapping photos with Snoopy. There is also an inflated Snoopy at 6 meter height.

Bring your family to Resorts World Genting because you will have fun taking memorable photos of Christmas trees, elves, santarinas, snowman and Santa Claus, Snoopy and Charlie Brown this coming holiday season. I can feel the Christmas spirit when I saw these beautiful Christmas decorations. Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

The Peanuts gang parade will see them joined by 11 friends as they light up the resort with their exuberant presence but the street procession is only one of many activities in the pipeline to celebrate the holiday season. A main highlight of Tour the World with Snoopy, to be held from 1 November 2017 to 1 January 2018, involves the friendly neighbourhood beagle showcasing various countries. Be among the first in the world to catch Snoopy in 52 custom-made costumes of different countries and cultures - the figurines will be placed at various locations in SkyAvenue and First World Rainforest.

Visitors can take photos with the Snoopy figurines - each featuring a different country. We had fun as we tried to spot all 52 Snoopy figurines at the mall. Each Snoopy figurines look very cute in their respective costumes.

I spotted Snoopy from Malaysia holding a badminton racket.

Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the comic strip Peanuts - all creations of Charles M. Schulz - first became famous in 1950 but they have remained popular over the years. Today Snoopy still captures the imagination of all with his funny and buoyant nature. I love Snoopy since I was a small girl and now my children love Snoopy too.

Visitors to the resort can catch Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Santa Claus and company on parade from 25 November 2017 onwards during the Tour the World with Snoopy period. The colourful characters will meet and greet visitors as they spread festive cheer at Sky Avenue and Genting Grand daily.

The largest Snoopy you will ever see will also make an impact at the mall; the larger-than-life six-metre high inflatable Snoopy will be erected at Sky Avenue Level 1.

Genting Rewards members can look forward to own some exclusive merchandise - a limited edition piece of Snoopy fun. They may utilise their Genting Points to make redemption for a limited edition of Snoopy lanyard. Shoppers who spend above RM400 at SkyAvenue will receive a Snoopy notebook while those who spend above RM600 will receive a Snoopy tote bag.

There is so much to see and do at Resorts World Genting, so what are you waiting for? Plan a trip here with your family and friends this holiday season. You can shop till you drop or enjoy the food at the restaurants here too.

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Adventures of the Monkey King - The Golden Hooped Rod at Resorts World Genting

My daughter and I had the opportunity to watch the awesome adventures of the Monkey King - The Golden Hooped Rod at Resorts World Genting last Saturday. For this coming school holidays, you can bring your family here to watch this entertaining show. It was a theatrical production showcasing astounding acrobatics act and awesome 3D technology to be held from 11 November 2017 to 1 January 2018. We were impressed with the great story line and acrobatic acts.

The dazzling stage production is a refreshing interpretation of the renowned Monkey King saga, and is bound to thrill with its astounding acrobatics combined with the visual feast created by the 3D special effects used.

“Every year, during the school holidays we want to bring in something new, different and exciting for the visitors coming up to Resorts World Genting. This year end, we are proud to present the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe with their magical 3D theatre performance, “Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden Hooped Rod”. The show is new, starting only in 2016, and the troupe has plans to tour in China exclusively before performing internationally. We saw the show, and it was exceptional, so we persuaded them to perform in Malaysia.” says Kevin Tann, Vice President of Promotions and Entertainment, Resorts World Genting.

The Monkey King is a mythological figure in Journey to the West, one of the most popular classical novels in China. The Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden-Hooped Rod that will run from 11 November 2017 to 1 January 2018, presents a simple story of good versus evil that will nevertheless still charm its audience. To be held at Genting International Showroom, the 65-minute show is scheduled for 9pm daily with additional shows at 4pm, 5pm and 8pm on selected dates.

This theatrical production that will no doubt remind its viewers about the beauty of live theatre and culture, is another example of how the eternal battle between good and evil never gets old as a storyline. Performed by talents from all over China specializing in acrobatic performances, who are also members of the National Performing Art Troupe; the plot, though predictable, unfolds in a thrilling manner in this production.

Assistant General Manager of the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe, An Nan gave a brief introduction of the troupe and the show. “Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe was founded back in 1957, and we have been around for 60 years now. It’s never been easy. With hard work and perseverance, we have performed in most of the states in China; we have also been to more than 40 countries including US, UK, France, Italy and Russia. The troupe has won numerous awards from acrobatic competitions, and also winning the highest honour at the festival, Président de la République prize at Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain (Worldwide Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow). Acrobatic has been around for more than two thousand years, and the actions challenge the limit of the body. With acrobatic moves, music and dance, magic tricks and 3D technology, Adventures of the Monkey King: The Golden Hooped Rod is bound to be a spectacular show happening in Resorts World Genting this November.”

Adapting the story of the Monkey King, the show has played in Nanjing Cultural Arts Centre, Lian Yun Gang Culture Artistic Centre, Nanjing Sun Palace and Shanghai Poly Theatre since 2016, receiving tremendous response. This will be their first performance out of China.
The story begins in the event after the Monkey King has claimed the Golden-Hooped Rod from the East China Sea. It is discovered that the enemy of the rod, Chi You, has also been released, and now intends to destroy it.

In order to battle Chi You, the Monkey King and the rod must work together and go through Mana Practice, an exercise that enhances one's life energy. The Monkey King manages to master the ability, but then the rod reveals its weakness - something that Chi You is also aware of.
As it turns out, Chi You manages to lure the rod back to the East Coast Sea and imprison it. This, of course, leads to the ultimate battle between the Monkey King and Chi You.

My daughter and I really enjoyed this awesome and entertaining show. Come to Resorts World Genting to watch this with your family this school holidays.
Tickets to enjoy the show are priced at RM176 (VIP), RM136 (PS1) and RM96 (PS2). Genting Rewards Card (GRC) members enjoy 10% discount.
For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit     

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Great British Circus Malaysia Performance

The Great British Circus Malaysia Performance is here at IOI Mall Puchong from 10 Nov - 1 Jan 2018. If you have not seen it or do not have plans this coming school holidays, you can bring your family here because this is a fun-filled circus performance with lots of gravity defying acrobatic acts, dances, a funny clown and lots more to entertain your family, young and old.

My children and I had the privilege to watch this awesome and impressive performance thanks to Puchong News and (Online/ Digital Marketing Specialist) for the tickets to the Great British Circus Malaysia.

My son loved the clown the most because he was very funny with all his silly acts. He made everyone laughed. My son was asked to perform on stage with the clown but he was too shy.

 Two performers on the spinning wheel doing dangerous acts.

Photo with Spiderman and Monsters Inc. characters

Singing and dancing performances in between circus acts to entertain the audience.

One of my favorite acts is the acrobatic performance shown in the video below. These performers did very difficult acts to entertain everyone there.

Another dangerous act is the Globe Of Death act. There were 2 motorbikes first and then 4 motorbikes in the globe going at a very fast speed. My heart was beating fast because this act looked really dangerous. 

Globe Of Death performers

Come and bring your family here for some great fun and entertainment this school holidays. It is at a big tent outside IOI Mall Puchong from 10 Nov - 1 Jan 2018. Show time is at 8.30pm Tuesday - Thursday and 5.30pm and 8.30pm Friday - Sunday. 

To find out more about the Great British Circus Malaysia, please visit their FACEBOOK.