Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ramadhan Buffet Review At The Big Apple Restaurant

The holy month of Ramadhan will be coming soon. This is a month for self reflection, forgiveness, divine blessings and charity. Berjaya Times Square Hotel is pleased to present the Ramadhan 2020 Promotions which include 'Hidangan Idaman Sekeluarga' at The Big Apple Restaurant and the 'Nasi Briyani Gam Batu Pahat (Chicken or Lamb) at Ground Floor Lobby. Both of these Ramadhan 2020 Promotions will be from 27th April 2020 to 22nd May 2020. Thanks to Berjaya Times Square Hotel for having me at their Ramadhan Buffet review. I really enjoyed the variety of delicious dishes.

Chef Yusoff and his team prepared delectable traditional Malay dishes such as Kari Kepala. There was Ikan from Kedah, Aneka Jenis Sup from Wilayah Persekutuan, Ketam Masak Lemak from Negeri Sembilan, Uncle Bakri Fried Chicken from Perak, Daging Masak Hitam from Penang, Ikan Merah Asam Pedas from Johor, Ayam Percik from Kelantan and the Kharouf Ouzi, Whole Lamb Lebanese Style. These traditional Malay dishes are guaranteed to impart a majestic splendour of gastronomic elation to guests.

There will be more than 200 delicious dishes for guests to enjoy. Their highlights from their Malay main dishes include Daging Masak Hitam and Kambing Masak Merah, Lemang served with rendang, Satay, Seafood with kam heong sauce, Otak-otak, Ulam, Bubur Lambuk Udang, Ikan Merah Asam Pedas and lots more. These were all nicely decorated and very tasty & delicious.

On the other hand, the International Favorites include Thai Green Curry Fish and Wok-Fried Tiger Prawns with Shrimp Paste, Seafood on ice, Chicken Masala, Salmot Fillet, Arabic lamb roll, Pasta, Waffle & crepe roll with durian paste, Lamb salad and many more.

If you love desserts, the buffet serves beautiful crafted desserts such as exotic tarts, pudding caramel, red velvet cakes, selected dates, Serawa durian, Chocolate fountain with skewer & assorted marshmallow, Panna cotta, assorted malay kuih, ice cream, ais kacang and lots more.

For the Nasi Briyani Gam Batu Pahat (Chicken or Lamb) Takeaway at Ground Floor Lobby, the celebrated chefs of the hotel join forces in order to prepare and serve the iconic Nasi Briyani Gam for guests to enjoy in the most delightful and splendid manner. Prepared with the choice of either succulent chicken or juicy lamb, the Nasi Briyani Gam is assured to grant guests with an unforgettable flavourful experience that no where else can offer.

The Malay Cuisine Chef, Chef Yusoff is genuinely excited to lead his formation of expert chefs for the event. He had stated, "This is a definitely an event that we look forward to. We have come together to envision an array of traditional Malay dishes that is both flavourful and savoury, but we emphasize variety more than anything else, so we took some of the signature dishes from each of the distinctive states of Malaysia and went from there. The result is a glorious arrangement of some of the finest traditional dishes we can offer."

Regarding the Ramadhan 2020 Promotions, the General Manager of Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Hugo Gerittsen had stated that it is the utmost importance to place the notion of blessings, self- reflection and devotion through our faith in God. This devotion is to be celebrated with sheer sincerity and thankfulness which is reflected in the Ramadhan 2020 Promotions.

1) Hidangan Idaman Sekeluarga @ Big Apple Restaurant from 27th April - 22nd May 2020. RM129 nett / adult, RM 59 child (27-29 April & 20-22 May 2020) RM139 nett / adult, RM69 child (30 April-19 May 2020)
1 dines free with 8 full paying adults. Early bird vouchers RM100 nett / adult and RM50 / child.

2) Nasi Briyani Gam Batu Pahat (Chicken or Lamb) Takeaway @ Ground floor lobby 26th April - 22nd May 3020. 5pm-7.30pm. Price RM12 nett (5.00pm-7.00pm), RM10 nett (7.01pm-7.30pm). A bottle of water provided for every purchase.

To make a reservation or for further inquiries, please call Big Apple Restaurant at 03-2117 8000 (ext. 8133) or visit .

Barcook Bakery Malaysia

If you love to eat bread or buns, you have got to try the buns at Barcook Bakery Malaysia which originated from Singapore. Their buns are my favorite because these buns are soft, yummy and freshly baked daily with the finest ingredients without any preservatives. These buns are of high quality and always freshly baked from the oven.

Last week I had the opportunity to to see how the Pumpkin Walnut bun was made in their kitchen. Fresh pumpkins were selected, sliced, cut and smashed to make fillings. The dough was made from the finest flour and weighed so each bun would be the same size. After all the fillings were put into each dough, the chef waited for an hour before putting them into the oven. 

Nice Pumpkin Walnut buns fresh from the oven.

If you are at Barcook Bakery Malaysia and if you are not sure which buns to try, you can try their 6 best seller buns : Raisin Cream, Mixberry Cheese, Pumpkin Walnut, Liu Sa, Salted Egg and Mushroom bun. 

My daughter's favorite was the Mushroom bun. The mushrooms were fresh & tasty.

I liked the Liu Sa bun which was filled with creamy salted egg.

Besides bread and buns, Barcook Bakery Malaysia sells cakes, kaya and cookies too.

Barcook Bakery Malaysia has two outlets. One is at The Gardens Midvalley and the other at The Sphere Bangsar South. 

For more information, please visit their FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM or WEBSITE.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Antabax Introduces 'Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat' Campaign

 Tuan Haji Hishammudin Ahmad (Light brown suit), Pengetua Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 11(3) receiving Antabax contribution for ‘Tangan Bersih, Hidup Sihat’ Campaign from Mr Francis Ng, Senior General Manager.

Antabax in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education launched the Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat campaign to increase health preparedness among school children to reduce the spread of communicable diseases such as Covid-19, and Influenza. The launch was held at Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 11(3), here, today.

The Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat campaign developed by Antabax simplifies health preparedness through storytelling, colourful visuals, songs and choreographed movements that help children identify the signs and symptoms of common communicable diseases and teaches them preventive measures that can reduce their risk of contracting and spreading communicable diseases, and teaches them what to do if they or their friends are feeling unwell.

Globally, the first line of defence for communicable diseases such as Covid-19 and Influenza A is to wash hands frequently, or sanitise with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser if hands are not visibly dirty[1] to kill germs on hands and avoid transferring these germs to the face, mouth or nose where they can more easily get into the respiratory system.

“Hand washing is a crucial precaution the public have to take now. Through this Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat Campaign, we hope that children will know the importance of hand washing and other basic hygiene practices that can help reduce the spread of communicable diseases,” said Encik Azman Ab Rashid, Ketua Penolong Pengarah, Bahagian Pendidikan Kesihatan, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.

More than 300 students and teachers from Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 11(3) participated in the Tangan Bersih, Hidup Sihat Campaign.

More than 300 children and teachers from Sekolah Kebangsaan Presint 11 (3) Putrajaya participated in the health preparedness campaign where they learned the basics of the Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat campaign conducted by a team from the District Health Office, Putrajaya.

Antabax, a homegrown Malaysian brand of Halal hand soap, bar soap, shower cream, hand sanitisers and wipes has been actively championing health preparedness in Malaysia for over a decade.

“Over many campaigns, we have developed content that children understand, remember and practice, that can assist in reducing the spread of communicable diseases. We also contribute our products, so that they have the essentials at hand and at home. It is proven that Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat (Clean Hands Save Lives), so wash your hands frequently and correctly to reduce the spread of infectious diseases using Antabax or any other brand of hand soap or sanitiser. The key is to keep your hands clean,” said Mr Francis Ng, Senior General Manager of Antabax.

Antabax collaborate with Ministry of Health to educate the students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 11(3) about Covid-19, Influenza A, and hand washing techniques.

Pn Nur Hakimah binti Roslan, a teacher from Sekolah Kebangsaan Presint 11(3) Putrajaya said that the Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat campaign was well-received by the students as it used easy to understand illustrations, songs and games that delivered the important message that clean hands save lives.

Mr Francis Ng (centre), Senior General Manager of Antabax and Ms Vivian Lee, Senior Brand Manager of Antabax, distributing the Antabax products to the participants of Tangan Bersih, Hidup Sihat campaign at Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 11(3)

“Having the Ministry of Health team demonstrate the hygiene steps made the children realise the seriousness of communicable diseases such as influenza, at the same time the storytelling by Antabax helped them remember the steps better,” she said.

“I know how to wash my hands correctly, to cover my nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, to stay a safe distance from people who are unwell, and to tell adults if I have the signs of influenza. Clean hands save lives,” said Zuhaira, a student from Sekolah Kebangsaan Presint 11(3) Putrajaya.

Be part of the community and know more on Antabax latest campaigns and initiative by visiting Antabax official Facebook page at or @antabax on Instagram.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Nestlé Malaysia’s Biggest Contest Offers Over RM4 Million Cash Prizes To Nestlé Shoppers in #NestleGajiSeumurHidup Contest

Nestlé Malaysia today launched its biggest nationwide contest to-date, giving Malaysians the opportunity to fulfil their dreams and earn a “salary for life” through the Peraduan Nestlé Gaji Seumur Hidup (Nestlé ‘Salary for Life’ contest) – just by purchasing RM15 worth of Nestlé products in a single receipt.

The Peraduan Nestlé Gaji Seumur Hidup offers two lucky Grand Prize winners the chance to win a ‘Salary for Life’ of RM3,000 every month, and 10 Consolation Prize winners the chance to take home a ‘Salary for a Year’ of RM3,000 every month. There will also be cash prizes of RM500 given out to 50 winners every week throughout the contest’s 11-week duration. This brings the total cash prizes for Peraduan Nestlé Gaji Seumur Hidup to over RM4 million, and benefitting over 560 Malaysians. Nestlé’s ‘Salary for Life’ contest will take place from February 14 to April 30, 2020.

Mr Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, said, “The Peraduan Nestlé Gaji Seumur Hidup is our way of saying thanks for the heartfelt support Malaysia has given to Nestlé and the Nestlé brands for over 100 years, by giving Malaysians the chance of a lifetime to fulfil their dreams. This contest is our biggest competition to-date in Malaysia and we are making it as easy as possible for Nestlé shoppers to win a “Salary for Life” of RM3,000 – just by purchasing their favourite Nestlé products!”

Simply by purchasing a minimum of RM15 worth of participating Nestlé products in a single receipt and by answering a simple question, consumers will be eligible to submit one entry via post or Whatsapp. Nestlé shoppers can choose from over 300 product variants across 25 participating Nestlé brands to purchase, and submit as many entries as they want. The more entries submitted, the higher the chances of winning! Consumers can also purchase one MILO MAKAN KOMBO meal set in McDonald’s worth RM19.90 to participate in the contest.

Participating retailers include major minimarkets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, petrol marts, convenience stores as well as e-commerce platforms, including Lazada and Shopee, across Malaysia who provide official receipt as proof of purchase. Other participating etailers also include Qoo10, Lelong, Presto, Astro Go Shop, PGMall.

For more information on Peraduan Nestlé Gaji Seumur Hidup and details on how to take part in this chance of a lifetime, check out