Monday, November 28, 2016

Passion D'tox. Live. Eat. Slim

Recently I received a box of Passion D'tox for review. Passion D’tox (PDX) is a powerful potion that contains passion fruit and variety of fiber and berries rich with vitamin C and E. This nutritious drink contains plenty of fiber that block excessive carbs and calories from your daily meals intake. Making this healthy juice as part of your lifestyle will promote growth of friendly bacteria, making your digestive system healthier than ever.

Passion D'tox is a healthy drink to reduce intestinal problems, relieve constipation, improve the digestion system and remove toxins from the body. Since young I have constipation and after drinking this, I feel much healthier. The drink taste like thick passion fruit juice and it's very nice to drink.


• Rich in fiber, vitamin C & vitamin E.
• Soluble fiber forms gel in the digestive track to flush out impurities and toxin.
• Helps with constipation – insoluble fiber acts like a broom that sweep colon clean.
• Reduce unhealthy fat by blocking excessive carbohydrates and calories.
• All natural – no added sugar, laxative and artificial colours.
• No side effect – all natural ingredients clinically formulated.
• Increase the number of healthy bacteria.
• Improve skin quality.
• Prevent skin ageing.
• Enhance skin moisturising.
• Promote skin whitening.

You do not need to worry about the certifications. It has KKM approval with Halal certification and 2,000,000 product insurance.


Mix 1 sachet into 150ml room temperature water, stir well and consume immediately. For maximum result, drink a glass of warm water the next morning. Ensure sufficient daily water intake to support the detox process.

The ingredients are passion fruit powder, fresh fruit powder, dextrose monohydrate, citric acid, isomaltooligosaccharide, wheatgrass powder, psyllium husk. There is no added sugar, laxatives and artificial colors. 


Not intended for use by pregnant women or children. Safe for breastfeeding.

This is a good healthy drink I would recommend to all especially to people who are having constipation or for whose who want to slim down. 'Live. Eat. Slim' is their slogan. 

Please like Passion D'tox FB page at to find how to purchase yours. All my readers are entitled for a gift code, mention 'MyBlogPDXMY' when you purchase online. Stay healthy!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Domino's Puffect Match

Dominos's Pizza launches New Puff Crust Pizza and Delectable Dessert. Driven by its innovative spirit, the introduction of its newest range of choices for its customers reflects Domino's dedication in presenting creative, exceptional and delicious dishes.

Domino's Pizza's new Puff Crust is very special because it is the first square pastry puff pizza introduced by a quick service restaurant in Malaysia. The combination of hundreds of layers of butter wrapped in between hundreds of layers of paper-thin sheets of dough creates a distinctive crust, baked to crispy golden perfection. When I first bite into this new puff crust pizza, I could feel the flaky light puff and buttery taste. It was delicious and you need to taste it to know how delicious it is.

This is the Fiery Beef Diavola which has Spanish beef sausage, onions, mushrooms, baby spinach and cherry tomato on spicy Sriracha sauce sprinkled with Sriracha powder. Sriracha sauce is a spicy chilli puree made from fresh jalapeno and serrano peppers blended with herbs and spices for an extra spicy kick. This pizza tasted delicious with generous toppings of cheese too.

This is Sriracha tuna which has tuna chunks, onions, pineapple and red chilli on spicy Sriracha sauce sprinkled with coriander. This was my favorite because I loved the tuna chunks and pineapples with the spicy kick and flaky puff crust. This is a must try when you go to Domino's Pizza. This is a delightful yet distinct gourmet flavor.

Shamsul Amree, Senior General Manager said, "We are thrilled to introduce this unique crust to our customers. The Puff Crust signifies the journey that we are on with our customers. Through the years we have evolved to become part of Malaysian's lifestyle and pizza is known to be part of family and friends gatherings in creating memorable moments and experiences. The introduction of the latest crust offers customers with yet another delicious option on the menu.

Domino's Puff Crust has undergone 6 months of development to meticulously select the best ingredients suited for our customers' taste profile and to perfectly master the art of creating puff pastry. The process was indeed a labour of love devoted to our customers as we offer affordable luxury to heighten their pizza experience," Shamsul continued.

The combination of classic French puff pastry and Spanish influenced toppings and the sriracha sauce creates a harmony of exceptional international flavors.  Customers can enjoy their pizzas with their own choice of toppings and combine it with the new Puff Crust. The new crust will be available in all flavors and are offered in 2 sizes, regular and large from November 14 onwards. Surcharge of RM 5 for regular and RM 7 for large.

The new Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake tasted warm with the right mixture of rich peanut butter and luscious dark chocolate molten filling. This is a perfect way to end the meal. It was a little too sweet for me but it tasted very good. Customers can enjoy this new dessert with an add-on price of RM 7.00 each with a minimum personal pizza purchase or RM 13.50 when they purchase any 2 Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake or Chocolate Lava Cake.

Domino's is currently having a promotion called 2 Pizza Deals where customers can opt for 2 regular pizza deals from just RM 30.00 while 2 large pizza deals are RM 50.00 and 2 extra large pizzas for RM 70.00. Pizza lovers will be spoilt for choice with 28 specialty pizzas to choose from.

For more information about Domino's Pizza Malaysia as well as other ongoing promotions, please visit

Friday, November 25, 2016

Upin Ipin Jeng Jeng Jeng Movie Review

My children and I watched Upin Ipin Jeng Jeng Jeng together with other bloggers and media on 23 November 2016. This movie had the support of Malaysia Economy Digital Corporation (MDEC), Telekom Malaysia (TM) and PT Mega Pharmaniaga.

The movie is about an orphan named Balqis who loves Upin Ipin. She loves to wear Upin Ipin T-shirt, uses Upin Ipin toothpaste, has lots of Upin Ipin books and toys. One day, she over heard the conversation between Zaman and Noreen about Zaman wanting to claim back his land where the orphanage is built. Balqis therefore asked Upin Ipin for help and they really appeared in front of her. Balqis is the only person who can see and talk with Upin Ipin. At the same time, Awie, a rock star singer faces shortage of money because he was not popular anymore. He bumped into Balqis and decided to help her and all the other orphans. To cut the story short, they managed to hold a concert where Upin Ipin really appeared and sang Jeng Jeng Jeng song with Awie. They managed to raise enough funds to let Zaman pay his debt and Zaman agreed to let the orphans stay there instead of chasing them out.

The directors of this movie is Erma Fatimah and Hajah Ainon. The stars of the movie are Asyiela Puteri (Upin Ipin), Puteri Balqis, Awie, Sara Ali, Gambit Saifullah and Remy Ishak. The total production cost of the film is RM 4 million and part of the cost was sponsored by Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia (FINAS) under Danas Kesan Khas (CGI). The duration of the movie is 98 minits.

This is the first Malaysia movie which has the combination of 3D animation and real people. The song Jeng Jeng Jeng was by Yubi Band together with Upin Ipin (Asyiela Puteri).

I really liked this movie because it's an emotional movie where it lets us learn to help the underprivileged children. Balqis was very good in acting and Upin Ipin characters were very cute. There was some sad scenes and some very funny scenes. Overall, this is a good movie I would recommend all to watch. My children enjoyed watching this movie.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SpongeBob's Christmas Lagoon At Sunway Lagoon

Yesterday, my children and I were at the launch of SpongeBob's Christmas Lagoon. This year end school holidays will be really fun if you come to Sunway Lagoon because there is SpongeBob's Christmas Lagoon with characters such as SpongeBob Square Pants and Patrick Star at Asia’s first-ever Nickelodeon-themed land! My children and I enjoyed ourselves as we were greeted with the Under The Sea Parade which features a multitude of sea characters’ walkabout. Don’t miss out the chance to also catch the Santa Walk Around with Captain Quack and Lady Quack who will all be donned in fancy festive costumes!

Guests will be taken to the SpongeBob’s Christmas Lagoon via the Lagoon Express Train adorned with ornaments and festive songs in the mix to liven up the atmosphere. 

At SpongeBob’s Christmas Lagoon, the year-end celebration will not be complete without Meet & Greet sessions with Santa Claus where guests can take a picture or tell Santa Claus their Christmas wish! Be amazed by the 20-feet tall Coral Christmas Tree that sets its spot at the Lakeside, decked with delicate underwater embellishments such as corals, seaweed and sea shells.

(Centre from left to right): Calvin Ho, Senior General Manager of Sunway Theme Parks and Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon at the 20-feet tall Coral Christmas Tree.

The Santa’s Workshop at Lagoona Terrace will have craft activities for children to make their own Christmas Tree out of paper cups. Remember not to leave before you immortalise the SpongeBob’s Christmas Lagoon experience by taking a wacky ‘scuba’ selfie!

For those who wonder what it is like to make giant bubbles like SpongeBob, take a short stroll to the Bubble Jellyfish Field at the Explorer’s Campsite near SpongeBob Splash Adventure and have fun creating different bubble shapes. Then, chase and watch the giant bubbles shimmer in the sun!

(Centre from left to right): Choo and Ho with SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star awaits you at SpongeBob’s Christmas Lagoon.

Get excited as there will be multiple activities throughout the day with performances such as a Christmas-themed Mali Cove Dance Show, Aloha Show and also games like the Mini Telematch in the various spots around the park.

Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon said, “Since the launch of Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon earlier this year, we want to continually create memorable experiences for our guests by bringing the year-end celebration to Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. Many of us know the main character highlight, who is SpongeBob SquarePants. This gave us plenty of creative room to instill diverse ideas to play with one of television’s iconic characters. What better way to bring the underwater celebration up to shore! We believe the year-end SpongeBob’s Christmas Lagoon promises a good time for the whole family and even with friends!”

“2016 is a year where we have been very honoured to be crowned a number of awards from being the Top 5 Best Water Park in Asia by TripAdvisor’s 2016 Travellers’ Choice to the HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2016 by HR Asia. We take these as motivation to move forward and bring a better experience to all our park-goers,” Choo added.

To further bring the holiday cheers nearing Christmas Day, there will be Christmas Carolling to welcome guests at Sunway Lagoon’s Main Entrance at 10:00am from 19th to 25th December 2016.

In addition to the launch, guests can be in the running to win a 3 Day/2 Nights Sunway Pyramid Hotel Family Suite Getaway and 4 admission tickets worth RM 3,700, by participating in the ‘Christmas Challenge’. Guests can refer to the ‘Christmas Challenge Map’ at various locations in the park (e.g. Nickelodeon store at the main entrance, Surf Beach area and along Zulu Walk) to navigate their way to complete all the fun activities at designated locations stated on the map. They will then have to fill in their details and provide a slogan of not more than 20 words and submit their form at a station located at Lagoona Terrace in Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon.

The multi-park destination, Sunway Lagoon is open daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm with over
90 rides and attractions spanning across its 6 theme parks. Tickets are priced at RM 150 for
adults above the age of 12 and RM 120 for those below 11 years old.

For more information, please call Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 0000, visit

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Hero-Scar Campaign

Last Saturday, I brought my 2 children to attend the 'My Hero-Scar' campaign at Young Explorer Gym. The children had fun playing while I listened to the talk. Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids is a scar care brand. 'My Hero-Scar' campaign was launched to raise awareness among parents on the importance of outdoor play time for children's physical and psychological development. The campaign also aims at encouraging parents to allow their children to explore and enjoy outdoor activities without worrying their little ones getting permanent scars from bruises and scrapes as long as it is treated properly with the right scar care product.

Children these days do not play outdoors everyday because parents are worried about their children getting cuts and bruises. There are also lots of kidnappings and other reasons parents seldom bring their children to play outdoors. Actually, children are very active and parents should let children be adventurous because it is part of growing up.

Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids offer an efficient and convenient solution to make sure adults and children don’t keep scars but only good memories from their outdoor activities. Ultimately, the ‘My Hero-Scar’ campaign aims to provide parents the assurance that while children can be active and adventurous, they do not have to worry about children’s scars as they are well taken care with Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids,” said Koon Yin Pang, Senior Manager, Consumer Health Lead, Marketing Management, Consumer Health of DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Ms. Pang, Senior Manager, Consumer Health Lead, Marketing Management, Consumer Health of DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Often, parents believe that their children are safer indoors. Technology and an increasing range of home entertainment make it easy to keep children from playing outdoors. According to a study done by the regional parenting portal, 98% of parents in Southeast Asia allow their children to use IT devices regularly. 41% of these children aged between three and eight years old spend more than an hour per sitting on their devices.

While it is inevitable in today’s technology-driven world to ban the use of devices, parents should nevertheless be aware of the negative effects of an extensive use of electronic devices such as addiction or the correlation of device usage with childhood obesity. In order to counter those risks, parents should consider more outdoor activities for their children.

Dr. M.S. Priyadarshini, an industrial and organizational psychologist who is also a life skills
development trainer explained that “Outdoor activities have important physical and psychological advantages on a child’s development. They stimulate for example a faster brain development. Children that play more outdoors are prone to be more active and hence less likely to be overweight while growing up. Besides, they become better learners, socialize more through group play and will therefore later on be more capable of connecting to others."

Parents are therefore advised to let their children play more outdoors and not to be over-
protective. It is part of growing up for children to occasionally get cuts or minor injuries that
might lead to scars if left untreated. Apart from these incidences, adults and children can also acquire scars from chickenpox, measles or mosquito bites.

According to Health Department director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Malaysia
counted about 167 cases of chickenpox last year. The prevalence of measles was even higher. Compared to the same period in 2015, the prevalence of measles has increased of about 340%. About 18% of the children who have had chickenpox for example are likely to get scars mainly on their faces, thorax, abdomen and back. This might affect the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, the launch of ‘My-Hero Scar’ campaign is timely and useful to reach out to Malaysians to help them learn and treat wounds and scars effectively.

Children who play at the playground or any play area would fall or get cuts or minor injuries that might lead to scars if left untreated. Adults and children can get scars from mosquito bites, chickenpox or measles. 

“With Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids, young kids and adults are able to enjoy the essential
moments in life and help break free from their scarring conditions”, added Koon Yin.

About Hiruscar

Hiruscar is a quick-absorbing non-greasy and film-free clear gel that helps reduce scar
visibility. The product contains MPS combined with Allium Cepa together with four more elements that reduce excessive tissues from forming. It also improves and dissipates wounds naturally while softening thick marks. In order to see the best results, treatment should be continual for 4-6 months, use 2-3 times daily on closed wounds. Treatment times can vary depending on the condition, size, type, severity and age of the scars. 93% of consumers indicate that their scars heal at the end of 12 weeks.

For children, Hiruscar Kids combines five molecules as heroes and helps parents to look after childhood scars. Both products including Hiruscar Post Acne are available at leading personal care stores and pharmacies.

The fun treasure hunt during the launch of the ‘My Hero-Scar’ campaign creates nice family memories and strengthens the bond between parents and their kids.

To find out more about the ‘My Hero-Scar campaign, visit Hiruscar official Facebook page at or log on to Hiruscar official webpage at

Friday, November 11, 2016

Dimsum - Star Media Group's Latest Digital Product Launch

Thank you Star Online Sdn. Bhd. for this invitation to witness the launching of dimsum and an enjoyable dinner with entertainment. Dimsum is the latest video-on-demand (VOD) service serving the best Asian content. It was launched on 8 November 2016 at Empire Hotel Subang and was introduced by Star Online Sdn. Bhd, a subsidiary of Star Media Group. Dimsum is an online streaming platform in Malaysia offering subscriptional video-on-demand (SVOD) on its dimsum app and 

When I first heard the word dimsum, all the delicious dimsum food came to my mind. Actually the name "dimsum" was derived from the famous Chinese cuisine dim sum and loosely translated to English to literally mean a "selection of the heart". Users can enjoy exclusive content from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan Thailand, Singapore and more, as well as award-winning documentaries, Japanese anime and children animation series.

A short video of the launch.

Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Star Media Group, Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai said: "We will be offering the best Asian content on a subscription video-on-demand service from our curated library, sourced from all over the region. The content will mainly be drama series from Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia."

During the launch, he said "You only pay RM 15 a month and dimsum allows up to 5 concurrent users. This is only 50 sen a day, or 10 sen per user per day! It's cheaper than a cup of coffee." 

Dimsum can stream with a minimum internet speed of 234 kbps. However, dimsum recommends a minimum of 1.5 mbps to enjoy streaming in HD quality. Offline viewing will be available after December and users will get to download up to ten videos at a time and watch offline for u to 14 days. What's great about this is users can choose their subtitles to be in English, Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese. There's also Parental Control option to allow parents to manage access for children aged 12 and below to watch suitable and educational shows on dimsum. Dimsum supports iOS and Android operating systems, as well as popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Dimsum offers different content genres from dramas, kids, entertainment and variety, documentaries, movies, news and many more. To bring up the excitement, dimsum will simulcast "High 5" and the live action version of "Chibi Maruko-chan" with Taiwan; simulcast "Doctor X" with Japan. At the same time, subscribers can indulge in the exclusive Malaysian premieres of "Chinese Paladin 5" featuring Elvis Han and Joe Cheng; highly rated "Taiwanese idol drama "Love by Design"; Korean drama "Riders : Catch Tomorrow"; director's special version of "Nirvana on Fire"; popular online drama "The Devil Game" and "Lost? Me Too"; all on dimsum! I guess everyone is super excited now.

Dimsum will also bring in "Lovey Dovey" from Thailand to ride on the Thai drama wave! Not to be missed is the biggest budget Chinese drama in history, "Tribes & Empires : Storm of Prophecy" will premiere exclusively on dimsum in Malaysia in the first quarter of 2017.

Children will love dimsum because dimsum will have an extensive kids' genre with multiple awards winner "Bodhi and Friends" and "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" which will premiere exclusively in Malaysia; Korean hit animated series "Robocar Poli", "Loopy, The Cooking Princess" and others; as well as fun and educational premiere programmes in Malaysia like "Learning ABC", "Mini Cook" and more.

Other highlights include variety and entertainment shows such as the extremely hilarious "Crazy Stone", popular singing reality show "I Am a Singer" and Korean "I Can See Your Voice" which have gained high ratings and widespread popularity. For documentary lovers, dimsum provides award-winning documentaries like "A Bite of China", "Mysterious Xi Xia", "Confucius" and many more that will explore the secrets of world and cultures. Asian movie buffs will be thrilled by a wide selection of action, romance, comedy, horror and many classic movies. There is also daily news on dimsum from 988 Topline News, Pop News, LENSA and CUPPA NEWS from Star TV.

So what are you waiting for? Download dimsum mobile app or stream directly from Register now for 30 days free trial. Payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, online banking or via iTunes account.

For more information, please visit Dimsum Facebook HERE or instagram (

The following are some photos of the delicious food I had during the launch.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lazada Online Revolution : Brands For All

Shopping online is so convenient and easy these days. Many people have started shopping online to save time and money. Lazada Malaysia, Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination is launching 'The Online Revolution: Brands for All' – an exciting month-long online festival. Everyone is so excited about it!

Lazada Malaysia unveils the biggest online shopping event in Southeast Asia, Online Revolution, with participation of more than 1,000 brands and 55,000 international and local merchants. This month-long event, which takes place from 11 November 2016 to 14 December 2016, is Lazada’s fifth Online Revolution since its inaugural launch in 2012.

The theme for this year’s Online Revolution is “Brands for All”, and marks Lazada’s evolution into a one-stop shop for Malaysian’s favorite brands. Participating brands in this year’s Online Revolution include Drypers, L'oreal, Nestlé, Samsung as well as Prodiet, Microsoft, ZTE, Goon, Bosch, Tesco, Mattel, Sports Direct and many more.

Hans-Peter Ressel, CEO of Lazada Malaysia said, “At Lazada Malaysia, we are committed to offering Malaysians access to millions of choices. 81% of our shoppers reside outside of KL, with limited access to quality branded products and shopping malls. Online Revolution 2016, themed “Brands for All” is about bridging the gap between brands and consumers. We offer brands unparalleled access to consumers outside of metropolitan cities while we empower consumers to gain access to more than 1,000 brands they love”.

“Today we have a consumer demographic that is older, more diverse, and more sub-urban. We are conscious of consumers evolving demands, and aim to serve the needs of every Malaysian. That’s why we offer unparalleled choice - a catalogue of over 7 million products across 17 product categories; with our fastest moving products being diapers, groceries and small kitchen appliances”, concluded Mr. Ressel.

During the event, shoppers can expect to discover more than 500,000 deals, including jaw-dropping offers from international and local brands, as well as exclusive launches of branded items. Lazada Malaysia will also feature promotions from various marketing partners – customers will stand a chance to win free flights from AirAsia Big, as well as special offers from DiGi, Maxis, Domino’s Malaysia, Caltex, HSBC, CIMB, TGV Cinemas and Maybank during the 2016 Online Revolution.

Come and shop online at Lazada For more information, visit their Facebook


Monday, November 7, 2016

Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 - Revenge of Baltan

Fans of Ultraman will be so excited to know that the superheroes are here at Resorts World Genting to battle their nemesis, the dark forces from the planet Baltan. Their mission is urgent : To save Kuala Lumpur from falling into the hands of the villains. 

My family and I watched the first Ultraman live show on 5 Nov 2016 and we really enjoyed the whole show. There was special effects such as light, sound and fire. There was a lot of interaction with the audiences too.

Fans of the superheroes can be there to cheer on Ultraman Zero & Ultraman X and his comrades as they battle the anthropod-like aliens from the planet Baltan in the live show, Ultraman Live in Genting - Revenge of the Baltan to be held from 5 November 2016 to 2 January 2017.  The electrifying live performance featuring some of the most popular characters from the Ultraman franchise will be held at the Genting International Showroom twice daily at 4pm and 8pm. 

They will face off not only with Baltan but also with the dark warriors Chaos Ultraman Calamity, Dark Lops Zero, Kaiser Darkness, Dark Zagi and Evil Tiga. Some of these villains will be first time featured at the resort. The show has a lot of fighting and is action-packed. 

Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 starts with scenes of superheroes destroying Kuala Lumpur and audiences might be surprised. Well, this is not what it seems because it is not the good guys that are doing it but the dark forces sent by Baltan to Earth - the evil league led by Chaos Ultraman Calamity and the other familiar villains.

Ultraman Zero and his comrades need to save the day to take on the dark warriors and Baltan eventhough it may not be an easy task.

In the middle of the show, audiences joined in the fun by having big balloons thrown in the air to show they were strong enough to help the superheroes defeat the villains.

In the end, the Ultraman superheroes managed to save the day again but this story is to be continued. Part 2 starts from 7 December 2016 to 2 January 2017.

Fans of Ultraman should come here to see this thrilling live show. Tickets for Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 - Revenge of the Baltan are priced at RM 108 (VIP), RM 88 (PS1) and RM 68 (PS2). Those who take advantage of the Early Bird promotion will enjoy either 30% discount (Genting Rewards Card members) or 20% (non-members). 

These watches are free when you purchase your tickets at normal price. Additional watches are RM 38 (for ticket holders) and RM 88 (for non-ticket holders). There are other Ultraman merchandises for sale there.

For the fans of Ultraman, you may want to book the show and room packages available now until 2 January 2017. Stay at First World Hotel from RM 184 nett in a XYZ deluxe room that comes with two show tickets. Group of family of four can also opt for the XYZ Triple room package that comes with four show tickets ranging from RM 288 nett. For more information, please call 03-27181118 or log on to