Friday, November 16, 2018

Sumber Ayu 3X Whitening Pearly White Feminine Wash

Have you ever wondered why the skin around your intimate area is darker than the rest of the skin? Have you tried various different methods to brighten the skin tone in your intimate area but have not worked yet?

Sumber Ayu 3X Whitening Pearly White not only brightens the skin in the intimate area but also boost your self confidence. The extracts of Sumber Ayu 3X Whitening Pearly White are licorice, milk and bengkoang. For centuries, licorice has been used not only by the Asian community but also by the Greeks and Egyptians for its effectiveness in obtaining bright skin tones. While bengkoang contains vitamins B1 and C which helps to slow down the aging process and provide a healthier and brighter skin, milk also helps to reduce color changes, improves skin tone that is uneven and at the same time brightens the skin.

Ayu 3X Whitening Pearly White contains a pH level of 3.5 which is within the feminine normal pH connection between 3.5 to 4.5, to ensure the feminine area is in a comfortable state. It contains natural antiseptic substances to prevent harmful bacteria, unpleasant odors and irritations.

Ayu 3X Whitening Pearly White comes in two different sizes, 90ML at RM9.20 and 200ML at RM15.50. This product is available at supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. This high quality personal care product is brought to you by WIPRO UNZA.

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