Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Kleenex Ultra Soft Is The Best Tissue For Family Hygiene

Family hygiene is very important for me. As a mother of two young children, I've always observe what my children do and when I notice that they do not wash their hands before meals or do something that is unhygienic, I will remind them. My children think that I worry too much about being hygienic. Well, every mom worries about their children's health especially when the Hand Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD) is on the rise now. Recently both my children had HFMD but luckily being older children who have good immune system, they recovered in just a few days. The doctor said that HFMD is dangerous for babies and very young toddlers. 

I started introducing tissues to my children when they were about 2 years old. My children were fast learners and they understood that they should use tissue to wipe to stay clean and fresh. In our daily activities, we will surely use tissue paper and getting one that is soft, good, hygienic and liked by everyone in my family makes me feel happy. I tried many tissue brands but none were as soft and good compared to the 3-ply Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue. My whole family agrees with me on this.

Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue is made from 100% high quality virgin fibre. It is designed with CleanWeave technology on each sheet to remove or absorb dirt. You can see the CleanWeave design clearly on each sheet. Besides that, it has charcoal extract to absorb odour. With the Clean Weave and charcoal extract, everyone who uses it will stay clean and fresh all day since dirt and odour will be absorbed easily by Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue. You need to try it to believe it. If you find it good, you can tell all your friends and family who are looking for good and soft bath tissues for their family hygiene.

What my family loves most is the Cushiony softness of the Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue. My children and I use tissue when we need to sneeze and it feels so soft and gentle on our nose. We also use tissue to wipe our face and other parts of our delicate skin. This Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue is very gentle and does not hurt our skin at all. Even though it is soft, it has 3-ply thickness so it does not tear easily. After you try it, you will definitely choose Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue for your family's hygiene. It is the best choice of bath tissue I have ever used before. I would definitely recommend Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue to all my friends and family for good family hygiene. 

Here is a short video about Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue from Youtube. From this video, you can see the reasons why this family is very happy and satisfied using Kleenex Ultra Soft bath tissue.

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  1. I like to use Kleenex Ultra Soft too. I use it daily and encourage kids to use it.

    1. Good to know. Kleenex Ultra Soft is my favorite bath tissue brand.