Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Althea's Real Fresh Skin Detoxer - 10 Seconds Wash Off Mask

As a member of Althea Angels, I was given a welcome gift which really made my day. Received it last month in a beautiful Althea box with a red wrapper all the way from Korea. Since it was Althea's 3rd Birthday, there were 3 small cute boxes in this welcome gift. I love the Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose and Green Tea the most. 

Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose

Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose is a 10 seconds wash off mask which you can use in the morning after you wake up. This product helps to balance the pH level of the skin and is best to use daily before applying make up.

If you look closely, you can see premium May Rose petal which is handpicked once a year. To use this product, you need to squeeze a generous amount and apply it to your face. Then add water and massage in circular motion for 10 seconds. It will bubble up when this is done. After 10 seconds, wash it off. 

 This Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose smoothens my skin, gives my face a radiant glow and I really love it. I like that it only takes 10 seconds to get a soft, smooth glowing skin. It's very suitable for those who are always rushing in the early mornings. 

Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Green Tea

This is to be used at night before you sleep. The direction of use is the same as the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose. You can see young green tea leaves from Jeju island plantation which is great for calming down and purifying sensitive skin. This product boosts the skin's natural regeneration process when the skin cell regeneration is most active at night.

After using these two products, I am very satisfied with the results. You have got to try it yourself to know how good these products are. Both use natural premium ingredients beauty recipe. You can get these at Althea website

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