Friday, September 14, 2018

Anlene UHT Milk On-The-Go Experience

I am a mommy of 2 active kids and as I grow older, I still want to feel young, be active and healthy. From my recent body check up, the doctor said my calcium level is below the normal level and I need to drink more milk, eat more food with high calcium and exercise regularly. 

I want to stay active and agile, care for my bones, joints and muscles as I grow older. Regular exercise and a well balanced diet as well as drinking Anlene UHT milk daily can make this possible.

Do you know that as we age, we can get bone loss which may lead to osteoporosis? Many old people have osteoporosis which is dangerous because this increases the risk of bone fractures. To prevent osteoporosis, a daily diet which contains sufficient calcium and vitamin D is needed. For joint flexibility, collagen is needed.

Both my parents are over 75 years old and they are very active and healthy. They play golf, exercise at the gym and swim almost daily. They are healthy because they have been drinking Anlene Gold milk for more than 20 years. Anlene is Malaysia's number one adult milk brand specially formulated to support healthy muscles, joints and bones.
 Anlene is my family's trusted milk brand for generations. Thanks Anlene!

My dad and mom are on the left of this photo.

Recently, Anlene organized a few activities to create more awareness of the benefits of Anlene UHT milk which comes in 2 delicious flavors - original and chocolate. Anlene UHT milk comes in a 180 ml ready-to-go pack which makes it so convenient to drink and bring anywhere we go. Anlene UHT milk has 50% more nutrients with more collagen, protein and high calcium which is good for bones, joints and muscles

Stacy Anam holding Anlene UHT milk - chocolate and original flavor

The following were the three events held by Anlene during their recent awareness campaign. I really liked all three of their events especially the "Meet Stacy Anam and Jump Higher" event. Here's a video of my experience.

Read more below to find out what really happened.

Anlene RM1 Breakfast Pack at LRT and KTM Stations

Anlene's first activity was to grab the RM1 breakfast pack at selected LRT and KTM stations at Wangsa Maju, Hang Tuah, Masjid Jamek, Bandaraya, Pasar Seni, KL Sentral, Ampang Park, Tasik Selatan, Taman Melati and KTM Mid Valley from 8:00am-11:00am on 27th, 28th, 30th and 31st August 2018. Everyone who saw this promotion lined up to grab the RM1 breakfast pack which consist of an Anlene UHT milk and 7 Days Croissant. It was a very nutritious and cheap breakfast for all who grabbed their Anlene RM1 breakfast pack. 

There was a long queue because the Anlene RM1 Breakfast Pack was super cheap.

Anlene's Roving Truck 

Anlene's second event was their roving truck at Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam, Taman Sri Muda, Bukit Bintang, near Tesco Rawang and Taman Tun Dr. Ismail on 6th, 7th, 8th and 13th September 2018. Those who saw the Anlene roving truck could sample their Anlene UHT milk and yogurt.

My son and I love to drink Anlene UHT milk because it's delicious and healthy. We bought 8 packs for RM 10.00 and saved RM 6.00. We love that Anlene lets people taste their products and create more awareness on the nutritional benefits of their products. Many people who tried their products bought from them because it was cheap and affordable. If you have not tried Anlene UHT milk before, get a pack and try it out. I personally prefer the original flavor because it is not as sweet as the chocolate flavor and I like milk that is less sweet.

Meet Stacy Anam and Jump Higher at Bukit Bintang

Anlene's third event was my favorite event because I met Malaysia's dancing queen, Stacy Anam and jumped to get my jumps captured on a big LED billboard. We were lucky that it did not rain when we were there and everyone had so much fun jumping higher.

Stacy Anam jumping high 

Participants had to use Anlene staffs' mobile phones with their app and jump until the milk on the billboard reaches the top before they were rewarded with a pack of Anlene UHT milk.

Anlene chose a good location outside Lot 10, Bukit Bintang which was always crowded and many people participated in this event. It was kind of fun getting some exercise and a free pack of nutritious Anlene UHT milk. 

My son and I also join in the fun by jumping high too. Here are some photos of us jumping high.

Since my age is catching up, I will make sure I drink Anlene UHT milk daily because it has 50% more nutrients with more collagen, protein and high calcium so I can stay healthy with good bones, joints and muscles. The most important thing in life is to stay healthy because you can enjoy life more and live life to the fullest only if you are healthy. I want to travel around the world and be healthy like my parents when I grow old. I want to stay active and stay agile with Anlene UHT milk! What about you?

For more information, you can visit Anlene WEBSITE or FACEBOOK.


  1. I love to drink Anlene milk too. Those who met Stacy Anam must be very happy. What a great campaign.

    1. Yes, it was a great campaign by Anlene and I am sure all who met Stacy Anam were happy to take photos with her.

  2. I love the taste of Anlene milk and the jump with Stacy Anam activity seem like a lot of fun.

    1. I love the taste of Anlene UHT milk too. It was very fun jumping high and taking photos with Stacy Anam.