Friday, November 2, 2018

LAB 11's Full Lift Shampoo & Soft Mask Series

Last week I had the opportunity to attend LAB11's Full Lift Shampoo & Mask series launch at Eco Sky Business Lounge. Brand LAB11 is a creation of team GlobalStory that has been one of the hair and beauty industry market leader with 18 years experience through 11 HairStory saloon branches, 1 HairStory academy, 2 SugarNails saloons and 2 FaceStory outlets.

LAB11's vision is to help and allow people to build confidence and to look good. LAB11 provides a range of good quality shampoo and hair soft mask for anti-frizz, oil control, hair regrowth, heat protection, strengthening and fullness for daily use. 

The key ingredients are:
1) Watercress to strengthen hair roots for fluffy hair
2) Castor oil for moisturization, darker, thicker hair and to reduce hair loss
3) Eucalyptus essential oil to reduce inflammation of scalp and relief itchy scalp
4) Peppermint essential oil to improve blood circulation and hydrate scalp
5) Argan oil to provide nutrition and repair damaged hair
6) Sweet orange essential oil to reduce dandruff and make hair shiny and bouncy
7) Lime essential oil to remove oil from hair and rebalance scalp moisture from within

Mr. Derick Ooi, Group CEO and founder of Global Story

Mr. Derick Ooi said that their team worked hard to do research and development of the products since 2016. These products are of natural extracts, essential oils and 11 types of amino acids. There is no artificial coloring, 100% natural extracts and pure essential oils, fragrance free and chemical free.

I tried out LAB11's shampoo and liked the citric smell when I used it. You just need to apply a suitable amount to wet hair, massage into a rich lather and rinse with water. After using this shampoo, I feel that my hair lighter, less oily and cleaner. I like that the bottles are small and tall to save space in my bathroom.

This LAB 11 Full Lift Soft Mask is to be used after shampoo. Apply a generous amount onto hair especially at the ends and rinse off after 3 minutes. The oil in the soft mask will soak into the hair fiber, providing it with essential nutrients for protection that lasts. 

Photo on the left is before using and photo on the right is after using LAB11's shampoo and soft mask. After using the soft mask, I can feel a less frizzy hair which is softer and easier to manage. 

For more information, you can visit LAB11's FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM


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    1. You can get yours to try out. It's good for your hair.

  2. products with natural ingredients are good for our daily use

    1. Agree with you. Natural ingredients are always the best.