Sunday, March 29, 2020

Tibetan Seaberry from Dynamic Nutrition

During this time of Coronavirus or Covid 19, everyone is worried and want to have a good body immune system. To achieve this, we need to consume powerful Superfood such as Tibetan Seaberry from Dynamic Nutrition.

One box RM 79.00 has 20 sachets x 2gm 

Tibetan Seaberry or Sea Buckthorn is known as a 'holy fruit' in Tibet. It was found in Tibet and China centuries-old medicine to treat cough, digestive problems, skin issues, wounds and burns and even depression in some cases. Science have since discovered the nutritional content of over 190 nutrients and phytonutrients, omega 3, 6, 7, 9, vitamins, fiber, protein and antioxidants. Sea Buckthorn oil is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E, minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus.

Tibetan Seaberry comes in powder form and is yellowish in color. You can consume 1 sachet a day directly or mix it with water or beverages. The taste is sweet and delicious. I like to consume mine with water.

The benefits of consuming Tibetan Seaberry :

1. Supports healthy skin / hydration elasticity
2. Helps to reduce wrinkles
3. Supports healthy vaginal tissue / moisture
4. Reduce symptoms of menopause
5. Helps alleviate dry eyes
6. Helps alleviate dry mouth
7. Promotes heart health
8. Boost immune system

After consuming Tibetan Seaberry, I feel more energetic and healthier. Hope my immune system is better too. If you want to try this, you can purchase yours online at If you use my promo code LindaYee5, you can get RM5.00 off any purchase of any product from Dynamic Nutrition website.

For more information, please visit Dynamic Nutrition 

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