Friday, June 28, 2019

VMO Math Card Game

Do you have children who find math boring? My daughter is very weak in mathematics and when I found out about VMO Math Card Game, I was very interested to get it for my children. VMO Math Card Game lets players think, be creative and solve math problems while having fun playing games. When the whole family plays this game, it's definitely fun bonding moments for parents and children. 

Creative educator Mr. Wong Jenn Ting is launching his first line of creative education products, VMO Math Card Game on March 31, 2019 in conjunction with Eiffel Tower Day. This Math Card Game is created to let their player play and practice math. It helps those who find math boring and difficult, love math again! 

This game is RM 69.90 but during this promotion period you can get yours at RM 49.90.

When Jenn Ting was 8 years old, he struggled in math class. Once during a math exam, he couldn't finish on time, yet still trying even though it was time up. The exam invigilator took away his math paper without mercy. This made him angry. That's when he began to do more math exercises to improve his math, however it was never fun. It was boring and tiring and he felt like he was forced to do it. So he created VMO Math Card Game because he wants to master math and loves to play games. He wish to create a math class that he wish he had when he was a kid, having a math learning experience which is fun and encouraging!

After my daughter and I visited Foundation International IGCSE Learning Centre at Puchong and talked to Mr. Wong Jenn Ting, my daughter started to have more interest in playing VMO Math Card Game. Almost every night, both my children will ask if they can play this game with me and when my daughter thought she couldn't solve the math question, I showed her how by using her same cards. Math is a fascinating subject because there are many different ways to solve the same question. Playing this game can really increase children's interest in math and this game is very fun because it needs good strategy when using the Power Cards. Mr. Wong Jenn Ting is a very friendly teacher who taught us how to play the VMO Math Card Game. It's quite easy to learn and play and suitable for children 6 years old and above. Total 1 to 4 players.

In this VMO Math Card Game, there is 1 game board, 8 player tokens, 28 gold tokens, 80 number cards, 26 function cards, 15 power cards and 36 function cards. The strategy of the game is to use as many of the cards you have on hand to solve the math equation. The game finishes when any player finishes his / her card. While solving these math equations, players who have the power cards can use them in different ways. Click to see the video on how to play. 

You can play 2 different games using these number cards. Try to see who can add up to get the 10 the fastest. You can make it more difficult by using negative numbers. This allows children to think fast and improve their mental math calculation. My son loves this game.

VMO is more than just a math game because you will be able to train your critical thinking skills as well as strengthen your strategy skills. VMO is a fast and fun game and you will get addicted to playing it. My children play this game after they finish their homework before going to bed. I really hope my daughter's math can improve after playing this VMO Math Card Game. 

Thanks to Mr. Wong Jenn Ting for creating such a good game. For more information about VMO Game, please visit their FACEBOOK or WEBSITE. You can contact Mr. Wong Jenn TIng at 018-871 9568. 

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