Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Special Homecare Origin (SHO) Red Ginseng Ampoule And Mask Review

As a mother of two children who is always busy with household chores, sending children to school and attending events, I have very little personal 'Me Time' to pamper myself. I know many working moms who are also very stressed out with work and responsibilities at home. All women wish they could look young, radiant and beautiful but when age catches up, women need to pamper themselves with good quality products to reduce fine wrinkles and still look great. Women these days prefer to save time by pampering themselves with home treatment products where they can easily do it at their own convenience at home. For the past three weeks, I tried the Special Homecare Origin (SHO) Red Ginseng Ampoule and SHO Red Ginseng Masks which came in cute tube packagings. I was satisfied with the outcome of the results. I used to have dull looking skin but now my skin looks more radiant and glowing.

Photo taken without any makeup

SHO Red Ginseng Ampoule (50ml for RM 189.00)

SHO is a Korean skin care brand that combines beauty treatment and science. SHO products offers a range of fine ingredients and high quality skin care products for women to do treatment at the comfort of their own home. Ampoules are considered better then serums because ampoules are more concentrated with a higher number of active ingredients, 3 times more effective than serums in absorbing into skin and provides long lasting effects. These products are free from harmful ingredients such as Triethanolamine, Benzophenone, Mineral Oil, Sulfate, Paraben and Acrylamide, so they are safe even for pregnant women. Glad to know about this because I don't want to put something harmful on my face.

SHO Red Ginseng ampoule contains 42% red ginseng extract for healthy and glowing skin, and camellia oil for moisturizing effect. Paeonia Suffruticosa Root extract and Polygonum Multiflorum Root extract will lessen rough and flaky skin. Trehalose is effective in soothing and moisturizing.

Use SHO Red Ginseng ampoule after cleansing and after toner. Spread a moderate amount and rub it all over the face to let it absorb into skin. 

I love the strong ginseng smell when I applied it on my face. The texture is a little thicker and not watery. I like that it is not sticky, not oily and really moisturizes my face. I felt my skin firmer and more radiant after using this ampoule. It really works well on my skin. Do try it if you are looking for an effective ampoule.

It is good to use the ampoule followed by the SHO Red Ginseng mask for better result. 

There are 7 x 27 ml  SHO Red Ginseng masks in 1 tube for RM 159.00

The SHO Red Ginseng masks contains oriental medicine ingredients such as Red Ginseng, Mulberry Root, Licorice and Pleuropterus Multiflorus for firmer and glowing skin. It also has Camellia oil to help maintain a healthy balance of oil and water. Protulaca extract helps tired skin to be healthy while Trehalose moisturizes and soothens the skin. With all these medicinal ingredients, this mask can revitalise skin and make skin firmer and more radiant. It is definitely something I need for anti-aging.

After cleansing face and using toner, place the mask on the face. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes, peel it off and tap remaining essence gently onto face to let it be absorbed. 

I like that the SHO Red Ginseng mask sheet is soaked with lots of essence and that it is strong and doesn't tear easily. It fits my face and really moisturizes my face after the first usage. I can feel my face firmer and more hydrated after using this mask. This is a treatment mask which is different from normal daily mask and it is clinically proven that oil level decreases by 60% and moisture level increases by 46% after 1 time usage.

I would recommend these products to everyone I know. You can purchase SHO products from SHO FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and selected Sasa stores in Malaysia. Get yours and try them out.


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  2. I want to try the SHO ampoule and mask too. Will get some soon.

    1. Great! Do try them. Hope you will like these products.

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