Thursday, July 12, 2018

Jordan's New Range Of Oral Care Products

Recently I was glad to receive Jordan's new range of toothbrush, floss and toothpaste for review. Jordan is an award winning oral care expert since 1837. Jordan is from Norway and uses the Scandinavian technology and colorful design to motivate brushing twice everyday. Jordan has obtained the 'halal' certificate for Jordan Toothpaste Step 1 (Strawberry) and Step 2 (Grape) since May 2018.

As a mother of two kids, I always look for good toothpaste which my kids like to encourage them to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Kids have twice as many taste buds as adults and Jordan's new series of kids toothpaste have a mild, fruity taste that my kids love. Jordan kids toothpaste are formulated to protect milk teeth. There are two different types of toothpaste, 0-5 years old and 6-12 years old. Both are gentle to the enamel and have flouride level adapted to the children's age.

Kids Flosser is important for children to help them get started with using floss. Dentist recommend kids to start flossing from 5 years old. My children really like the kids flosser because the handle is small which makes it easy for them to hold, it can reach all the way to the back teeth and has some fruity flavor. Now, whenever food get stuck to their teeth, they will reach out for this kids flosser and easily remove it. There are refills which can be changed easily.

Kids Flosser

Jordan 3-in-1 Flosser is a very good product because you can use it as a flosser for cavity protection, as a dental stick for gum care and as a tongue cleaner for fresh breath. This is small in size and can be easily kept together with our toiletries when we travel.

Jordan 3-in-1 Flosser

Jordan Nano Compact toothbrush is designed with a small 1.7cm head to allow a more thorough cleaning. I like this toothbrush and think it is very suitable for teenagers to use because of its 0.01mm soft bristles and a slim handle.

Jordan Nano Compact

Jordan Expert Deep Clean is one of the most sophisticated toothbrush for adults because of its clean tech bristle technology. The bristles are laid in an angled criss-cross pattern to effectively clean along the gum line while removing more plaque for a healthier smile. I like the medium head size and the good handle grip. My husband and I both love this new design toothbrush.

Jordan Expert Deep Clean 

The Jordan Easy Clean Flosser is very easy to clean all teeth especially the back molar teeth because of the long handle. It is comfortable to hold and I really love to use this. It comes with many refills which is easy to change. The Easy Slide Floss is very silky smooth mint flavored & flouride tape which is suitable to clean small spaces. I use this daily to remove plaque.

From left to right : Jordan Easy Clean Flosser and Easy Slide Floss

I would recommend everyone to use Jordan's oral care products because they are really effective in cleaning your teeth and removing plaque.

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