Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Vitagen Healthy Digestion Program

This year marks the 10 th anniversary of the VHDP celebrating the World Digestive Health Day
(WDHD). This programme is part of the initiative to raise awareness of digestive health among
Malaysians. The launch of WDHD 2018 in conjunction with the road show will be held at Main
Atrium, Ground Floor, Sunway Velocity Mall from 28 th June to 1 st July 2018.
VITAGEN’s commitment to the public

Visitors at the roadshow taking full advantage of the various educational activities.

Since 2008, VHDP has been consistent in promoting the importance of good digestive health to the
public. VHDP collaborates with expert bodies in order to provide expert information and free health
checks to the public. This helps raise public awareness on the importance of digestive health and
preventive measures. The collaborating expert bodies are Digestive Health Malaysia Society (DHM),
Nutrition Month Malaysia (NMM) programme, Positive Parenting (PP) programme, and National
Cancer Council (MAKNA).

Visitors waiting for their turn at the VITAGEN Digestive Health Game Stations

As the market leader for over 40 years, VITAGEN continues to promote digestive care via public
educational campaign and school programmes. VITAGEN has also been supporting and working
closely with Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (PPUKM) in a comprehensive research
to investigate the correlation of good bacteria with the improvement of health and wellbeing.

Promoting good digestive health
The main highlight of the event will be the unveiling and presentation of the final results of the
research by PPUKM after several years of effort. Apart from that, the Digestive Health Assessment
Tool (DHAT), a user-friendly online assessment tool, will be available to the public for a quick
evaluation of their digestive health. Other highlights include a public video screening on colon
cancer—emphasising the ease of the check-up process to encourage the public to go for a regular
medical check-up—as well as the distribution of stool test kits that can be used to check the
presence of blood in a stool sample.

Visitors listening to explanation about Vitagen and its benefit.

A wide array of activities for the whole family will also be featured at the four-day event; free health
screenings, expert consultations, fitness demonstration, interactive digestive health games, and
colouring contest. The highlight is a series of new interactive 3D Digestive Health Mural, where
visitors can have fun taking photos, while learning about the digestive journey in our body.
Keen to learn more about your digestive health and ways to improve your wellbeing? Then mark
your calendar and get your whole family to experience WDHD 2018 at Sunway Velocity Mall!

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