Wednesday, May 24, 2017

F&N Introduces the Gold Standard and Teh Tarik Master, "Hang Tarik"

Last Saturday was a happy and fun day for my kids and I as we were at the F&N Teh Tarik Ori Campaign at Mydin Mall USJ. We were introduced to the "Gold Standard" and Teh Tarik Master, "Hang Tarik" where we learnt the right way to make the best Teh Tarik Ori. This event was one of the ways to reinforce the authenticity and heritage of our rich Malaysian culture. 

We were also entertained by awesome Teh Tarik performances as shown below.

Hang Tarik performing on stage.

F&N Teh Tarik experts performing their stunts on stage. Some of their Teh Tarik stunts are very difficult to do. My children & I enjoyed watching all the great performances. 

F&N has preserved the heritage of the original Teh Tarik while strengthening the real great taste by sharing their secret of making the perfect Teh Tarik Ori for friends and family. If you want to impress your friends & family this Raya season with the best Teh Tarik Ori, learn the secret by watching the funny video below.

Step 1: Mix 2.5g of tea dust in piping hot boiling water
Step 2: Add in 2 spoons of F&N Sweetened Creamer but for a better taste, mix the F&N Sweetened Creamer with the F&N Evaporated Creamer.
Step 3: Pull the tea 3 times for ultimate creamy froth

Senior Marketing Manager of F&N Beverages Marketing, Ms. Eileen Chan commented at the event, "F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk is the perfect taste enhancer that helps Malaysians to achieve the gold standard of Teh Tarik Ori."

Free F&N Teh Tarik Ori drinks for shoppers at Mydin.

"Organising experiential events such as the one today is a good platform for us to share, engage and reward our loyal customers in a fun way. It has been said that years of training and experience is needed to learn the art of making Teh Tarik, but now everyone can learn to make a perfect cuppa  which has a "just nice" sweetness that is creamy, smooth and frothy; all you have to do is "kahwin" F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk," Ms. Eileen added

Shoppers at Mydin including me had the chance to learn how to make the perfect Teh Tarik Ori through a series of simulated game obstacles to be completed in 5 minutes. The person who has the most Teh Tarik at the end of each challenge wins RM 250.00 cash. The rest of the participants received a goodie bag each. There were 3 game sessions and 10 participants for each of the sessions. I participated in the afternoon session after having my lunch there.

The Teh Tarik Game Challenge 

I had to walk with a rope around my knees holding hot Teh Tarik in the mug and pull the tea into the other mug. Then walk with a balloon in between my legs and pull the tea again.

Doing the balancing act and walking at the same time after the man places the bean bags on my head. 

Pulling the tea without tilting my head to look because I did not want the bean bags to fall off my head. This was the most challenging part of the game for me. 

Walking and balancing myself without falling.

Doing my last round of pulling tea act trying not to spill any tea.

Photo credit : All the photos of me playing the game was taken by F&N photographer.

When the result was announced I was very surprised to win because I never expected to win. There was a participant who sells Teh Tarik and he was very good. There was also another lady who did very well and I thought either one of them would be the winner.

Group photo of all the participants for the afternoon session.

Besides the Teh Tarik Ori game challenge, there was a puzzle game where participants had to pair up the pictures fast to win a plastic container. 

There was also a photo booth where the 321 Freeze video #FNTehTarikOri was taken.

F&N continues to be the preferred choice among Malaysians because of its endless commitment to fulfill its brand promise of delivering 'Pure Enjoyment, Pure Goodness' to its customers. F&N superior dairy products are an essential part of Malaysian lifestyles and tastes. Being the perfect dairy mix for a perfect brew cup of Teh Tarik Ori, F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk is everyone's trusted favorite for all occassions. 
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  1. wow talented and awesome skills

    1. The performances were done by the experts. The games were for shoppers to try making teh tarik in a game challenge.

  2. Looks fun. I want to make my teh tarik too.

    1. Try making it by following the 3 simple steps.

  3. Love teh tarik. Kind of impress with all the showmanship. good skills.

  4. wow, make 1 cup of teh tarik also so pattern HAHAHAHAHA! but she got skills so nevermind~

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It was a game with obstacles if you read my blog post properly.

  5. Aiyo so cute! Haha good job for being one of the teh tarik masters present! hehe

    1. Thanks. Just joined for fun and was surprised to win.