Thursday, September 15, 2016

Amez Care Herbal Sanitary Pads

Recently, I received this Amez Care sanitary pads (Day, Night and Pantyliners) for review. Amez Care sanitary pads are all natural herbal sanitary pads which are high quality and designed to optimize comfort levels during menstruation in women. Many traditional sanitary pads have high levels of chemicals such as styrene, chloromethane and chloroform which is harmful to women.

The pads are very thin, comfortable and has high absorbency rate. There is the herbal smell which is good to reduce menstruation odor. All Amez Care pads have herbal ingredients: aloe vera, peppermint, tea plant, chamomile and lavender.

Benefits of herbal ingredients.

Aloe vera has 75 nutrients and 2 hormones which helps heals wounds and reduces itchiness.

Peppermint acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent. It soothes pain, irritation, and infection.

Tea Plant can optimize immune system and alleviate pain-related illnesses. It also inhibits the development of blood clots, lowers blood sugar levels, sterilizes numerous bacteria types and restricts formation of harmful cholesterol.

Chamomile oil fights infections & bacteria and also enhances blood circulation which will eventually lift the moods and spirits of women.

Lavender reduces tension and relaxes the body. It helps women get more restful sleep.

Sanitary pad for night or heavy flow.

 Sanitary pad for day use.


During menstruation when I used Amez Care sanitary pads, I could feel the herbal ingredients making me feel more relax. The absorbency was good and there was minimal leakage. The herbal smell lifted up my mood. With all the great benefits, you should try Amez Care sanitary pads too. Recommend them to your friends. You can buy these online at

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  1. Interesting how sanitary pads can have herbal remedies also. Even lavender for good sleep?!

  2. I tried this brand once too recently and I find it not that bad. Will consider using again.

  3. wah,...good product of herbal sanitary pad! will try it out!

  4. yeah I tried it. It's suitable for me and I like it.

  5. wow...i tried it~~~~I love it so much~

  6. Another sanitary pads brand that I heard which have herbal...may give a try on the pantyliner..

  7. I just recently read about Amez before this post. Never saw them on the shelves of pharmacies before. Would love to try them out.

    1. You can buy online if can't find in pharmacy.