Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Just Seafood

I love to eat seafood and crab is my favorite. I was at Just Seafood restaurant at Sunway Giza Mall last week and had the tastiest and freshest seafood with 3 delicious sauces. I will definitely come back for more. 

Just Seafood was established in 2014 and serves the best of seafood from crabs and prawns to oysters and mussels. Just seafood pioneered a new way for Malaysians to savour the seafood dishes at its freshest served on-table style in three sauces - Louisiana Cajun, Butter Milk, and Creamy Peanut.

Terence Ham, the founder of Just Seafood with my son and me.

Just Seafood has set meals catered for 1-2 pax, 3-4 pax, and 5-7 pax. A typical set includes meaty crabs, giant prawns, extra large prawns, large clams, Chilean mussels, squid, potatoes, carrots, corn, and rice or toasted bread.  

The live oysters are imported from USA. RM 18.00 each. If you buy 4 pieces, you get 1 free, 7 pieces, get 2 free and 12 pieces, get 4 free. The live oysters are very fresh and big. For oyster lovers, one is not enough.

We used our hands to eat instead of cutleries and tableware because Terence wants patrons to really focus on the food and have a good time in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The restaurant provides plastic gloves too if you do not want your hands to be dirty.

Louisiana Cajun style sauce inspired from flavors from USA was made popular by the Vietnamese in Louisiana. Terence and his chef who is a Vietnamese perfected their version of the Louisiana Cajun sauce which has just the right amount of thickness. This sauce is a little spicy and sour. Currently this is the best selling sauce and also my favorite.

The Buttermilk sauce was my son's favorite. Just Seafood spares no expense when it comes to their ingredients - a whole bottle of buttermilk is whisked into its special blend and its flavor is also enhanced with freshly plucked curry leaves. This is also very well received.

The Creamy Peanut sauce is inspired by Malaysian's favorite satay dish that comes with the spicy peanut sauce. However, Just Seafood's peanut sauce has been reinvented to blend with seafood so you can expect the aromatic nutty taste while savouring the soft creamy notes with just the right hint of heat. This sauce was voted as the best sauce in Australia according to Terence.

For Louisian Cajun Style Seafood
1 to 2 pax RM 109++
3 to 4 pax RM 199++
5 to 7 pax RM 399++

For Butter Milk Style Seafood & Creamy Peanut Style and
1 to 2 pax RM 99++
3 to 4 pax RM 189++
5 to 7 pax RM 369++

This restaurant is completely pork free and has an open kitchen concept so the cooking process is transparent and good hygiene is a priority. The 2 storey outlet offers its patrons various seating options indoors and alfresco for patrons to fully enjoy their meals.


A-9-G Sunway Giza Mall,
Jalan PJU 5/14, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara, 47810 PJ Selangor

Email: info@justseafood.com.my

Telephone: 012-229 0855

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/JustSeafoodMY/


  1. I love prawns. As for crabs, can't take them cos I always get stomachache some how! Thanks for recommending this restaurant.

  2. Love to eat seafood especially crabs. Yummy!

  3. woohoo ... can't wait for my turn to crack the crabs...haha

    1. I love crabs and don't mind taking longer time to eat.

  4. wow...the seafood looks so yummy!!!I love crab!!

  5. Yes I would like to try it out too! Food that use hand to eat will be more delicious :D

    1. Agree with you. I use my hands to eat seafood.

  6. Ahhhh I still haven't try this. Should bring my sister since she complain I didn't bring her to try in Bangkok when we went there for holiday.

    1. Yes, bring her there. I am sure she'll love the food.

  7. The key to a delicious seafood is to make sure that the seafood is fresh. Restaurant that have their seafood delivered through professional seafood transportation will retain the freshness to ensure the best quality of seafood to the customers. The crabs and Oyster in the photo looks delicious and nice. I will try this restaurant this weekend.