Monday, August 17, 2015

SkinSoul Skinshield Travelling Set

Skin Shield is an all natural range formulated in Switzerland which adheres to high quality standards of International Good Manufacturing practice. Every product is 100% Paraben-free and lead-free.

From left to right:

1. Lift & Bright Serum (targets aging at the core & has been formulated with smaller molecules of         Ashitaba's anti-aging essence that can penetrate into deepest laters of skin to restore skin elasticity)

2. Hydra-Purifying Cleanser (packed with skin vitamins & minerals of Ashitaba which washes out         excess sebum and pollution while nourishing the skin's softness and suppleness)

3. Hydrating, Energizing & Pore-refining Lotion (this can be applied anytime during the day even on     top of make-up to hydrate the skin)

4. 12 in 1 Suncare Day Cream (this easily absorbed cream is with sun protection and is also a make-       up foundation that blends to any skin tone. It hydrates skin, brightens skin, unifies compleion,             evens out skin tone, conceals blemishes, anti-aging, protects from UV rays, promotes natural skin       health, soothes skin irritation from environmental stress, fights damaging free radicals, stimulates       skin rejuvenation and nourishes skin for a youthful radiance).

5. Night Cream (for constant skin reconditioning throughout the night)

After using these products for 1 week, I find that the cleanser is very suitable for me because I have oily skin and the cleanser removes the excess sebum.

The night cream is also suitable for people with oily skin.

The 12 in 1 Suncare Day Cream gives me protection from the sunlight for a youthful skin. Something you need if you are usually under the sun.  The travel set sizes makes bringing your essential skin care products convenient when travelling. Do try it out for yourself.

For those who want to try out the SkinSoul Skinshield Travelling set, it is RM388. Please mention my code #SSLinda. 

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