Friday, January 4, 2019

Street Churros Malaysia - 2nd National Churros Eating Championship 2018

Street Churros Malaysia had their 2nd National Churros Eating Championship 2018 in December and it was very exciting to see all the participants eat as fast as they could. Street Churros offers very delicious churros snacks and drinks. To read more about Street Churros Malaysia and what they offer, you can read my earlier blog post HERE. Last year Street Churros had their 1st National Churros Eating Championship 2017 and to read more about last year's competition, click HERE.

Street Churros 2nd National Churros Eating Championship 2018 was held at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya with many shoppers, supporters of participants and members of the media. Shoppers participated in a mini churros eating competition with questions and answers session before the actual 2nd National Churros Eating Championship started.

I won a Street Churros mug during the question & answer session.

Singer Haqiem Rusli also performed on stage.

There were 5 teams in this grand finals and each team had to finish eating this as fast as they could.

Congrats to team 'Kaki Makan' for being the champion! 2nd place was 'After Earth Eaters', 3rd was 'Food Hunter', 4th place was 'CEG' and 5th place was 'Churros Sado'.

Team 'Kaki Makan' won 1 year of free churros, medals, trophy and a goodie bag.

2nd place 'After Earth Eaters'

3rd place 'Food Hunter'

4th place 'CEG'

5th place 'Churros Sado'

Muhammad Nurhizami Abdul Rahim won the Man Of The Match title.

This was actually one of my happiest days because there was a lucky draw session after the churros eating competition and I won the grand prize of an iPad mini 2. It was indeed a great Christmas gift for me! Thank you Street Churros Malaysia! Some of the other lucky draw prizes were rice cookers, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven and others.

To know more about Street Churros, please visit their FACEBOOK or WEBSITE.

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