Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day Celebration at Sky Avenue Resorts World Genting

Mother's Day is a day of appreciation to all mothers for their love, guidance, support and everything a mother has done. Every year I celebrate mother's day with my mom and we usually go out for a movie or go shopping and have dinner. This year was different, thanks to Irene, Resorts World Genting, I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom, daughter and son at Sky Avenue Resorts World Genting which is 6000 feet above sea level. We were very excited as this was our first time we tried the Glass Floor Gondola Cable Car ride from Awana Transport Hub to Sky Avenue.

The ride was awesome and we enjoyed every moment of it. The rain forest view was stunning and we were lucky it was a sunny day. The fog could be seen when we were much higher. If your mobile phone battery goes low, you can even charge it in the gondola. 

On our way up, we saw the beautiful Chin Swee Temple Pagoda. The view was breathtaking and we would love to go on this again.

This is the glass floor of the gondola. If you are not afraid of heights, you will definitely enjoy the ride.

When we reached Sky Avenue, we headed to our assigned restaurant, Flavurs for lunch. Flavurs is located at Level 4 on the same level we got off the gondola exit.

The restaurant environment was cozy & clean and the staffs were very friendly & polite. We were quite hungry when we saw the menu because the menu photos looked really delicious. These were the food we ordered.

Creamy Mushroom Soup (RM 16.00). The soup tasted creamy and thick as the mushrooms were finely chopped. My daughter loved this mushroom soup.

Porky Fries (RM 13.00). This is luncheon pork meat deep fried and my son ate most of this because it was crispy and very tasty. It was a good appetizer dish. 

Pork Satay (RM 19.00) was very tasty and meat was tender. The cucumber, tomato and carrot slices were very fresh too. 

Smoked Salmon Roll (RM 19.00) was my mom's favorite dish. It has smoked salmon on top of the glutinous rice and tasted delicious. There was no fishy taste at all.

Shrimp & Chicken Dumplings with Noodles(RM18.50). The noodles were springy and the dumplings were big & tasty. My mom enjoyed eating the dumplings very much.

Sweet & Sour Chicken Cubes (RM 22.00). Meat was tender, vegetables fresh and the sweet & sour sauce tasted great. 

Butter Chicken (RM 23.00) tasted delicious and I would recommend this if  you do come here. The chicken is deep fried, crispy and goes well with the butter sauce. The curry leaves made it more fragrant.

Pineapple Cake (RM15.00)

 Guilin Herbal Pudding (RM10.00)

From left to right - Strawberry Sensation, Easy Peachy and Blueberry Mojito (RM17.00 each)

We were very full after finishing the dishes. Thanks to Flavurs for a great Mother's Day lunch. If you come to Sky Avenue, do come here to dine. 

After our heavy lunch, we went shopping at Sky Avenue. This is a new 5 level mall which is linked to First World Hotel and it is huge. There are many retail outlets such as Padini Concept Store, Sketchers, G2000, Adidas, Poh Kong, Bonia and many more. You will see lots of Food & Beverages outlets here namely Absolute Thai, Burger & Lobster, Babajia, BMS Organics, Madam Kwan's, Richdad, Tampopo, Dragon-i, Motorino, Acme Bar & Coffee, Tai Bae, Kyochon 1991, Cafes Richard, Wanhoi Yamcha, Dome, Tonkatsu, Din Tai Fung and lots more. 

We watched the Flash Mob performance at 4.00pm followed by hamper presentation to single moms by Datin Paduka YB Chew. These single mothers and their children were earlier treated lunch at Resort Steamboat and outing at SnowWorld. 

A stalk of carnation flower was given to mothers after the Flash Mob dance.

Group photo of  Datin Paduka YB Chew, single mothers with their children.

The fun did not end here as we were later treated with desserts and snacks at Gindaco, Madame Waffle, Gong Cha, Tokyo Secret, Inside Scoop and Just Heavenly before we headed home. 

Japan's no. 1 premium Takoyaki at Gindaco

At the end of the day, we went home with a full stomach. It was indeed a Happy Mother's Day for us. Resorts World Genting is such a happening place you will not get bored because there is so much to see and do. 

If you are free, please visit my daughter's blog on this Mother's Day celebration at Sky Avenue HERE. Thanks.

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  1. Belated happy mothers's day! Foods are fantastic! Would be nuce to celebrate another holidays here :)

    1. The food was delicious. Genting Highlands is one of my family's favorite place to go during holidays. Thanks and happy belated mother's day to you too.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! The kids certainly look like they were having lots of fun!

    1. Thanks. Yes, we all enjoyed ourselves especially the kids.

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  4. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother! Wow you enjoyed alot. My mom enjoyed but she are very full of food! Haha She gained her weight more hehe

    1. Thanks. I think all who attended this event went home with a very full stomach.