Friday, April 30, 2021

Jornguan Thai Rice Snacks Distributed By Little Farm Malaysia

Since the pandemic started, I have been staying at home more and watching movies at home whenever free. Sometimes I will crave for snacks while watching movies but most snacks are not healthy.

For all snack lovers, there is good news. I want to introduce Jornguan Thai Rice Snacks. Recently I tried them and fell in love with them. These deliciously healthier snacks are from Thailand but I'm glad we can get them in Malaysia now. 

Jornguan Thai Rice Snacks are rated top 5 snacks in Thailand. They come in 3 flavours : Butter, Chilli Paste and Sea Crab flavors. These snacks are made with healthy Thai Black Rice without preservatives, without artificial flavoring and without MSG. What I like about these snacks are that they are baked, not fried which makes them less oily and healthier. They are also low in calories. If you crave for healthier snacks, do try them out. They are bursting with flavors, crispy and very tasty. My favorite flavor is Sea Crab flavor which tasted salty with unique crab flavor. Butter flavor had real butter taste and tasted a little sweet. Chilli Paste flavor was quite spicy and great for those who love spicy snacks.

To find out more about Jornguan Thai Rice snacks, you can visit Little Farm Malaysia FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.

If you are wondering where you can purchase Jornguan Thai Rice Snacks, you can get them at the below stores :

Let's enjoy some Jornguan Thai Rice snack! Get yours today!

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