Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Natugee and Mrs. Malaysia World 'Healthy Is The New Happy' Event

Recently I attended the Natugee and Mrs Malaysia World 'Healthy Is The New Happy' event at Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang. This event was held in conjunction with the breast cancer awareness of Pink October. The purpose of this event was to let us know about the importance of aging gracefully, how hormones affect us as we age, how to improve the quality of our health physically & mentally, and how to handle depression. 

Click the video below to see more of what happened at the event. 

I was happy to attend the Natugee and Mrs. Malaysia World Health event to learn how to give myself more "me" time because busy women who are not sure how to solve problems mentally can get depressed easily. We should never give up on ourselves and live healthily. 

There were booths from Waka Waka KL, an indoor playground for participants to spin the wheel to win prizes. 

The Asianparent also had a booth there to promote their mobile app and participants could spin & win prizes too. To read more about their app, you can read my earlier blog post HERE.

Dr. Norhaslinda gave a talk on the different types of hormones and how hormones can affect our health as we age. She has a Master's Degree in Anti Aging, Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics from UCSI University. She is recognized as a hormone practitioner from the International Hormone Society, Belgium under tutelage of Dr. Hertoghe known as the "Father of HOrmones." Some people tend to gain weight as they age because of the hormonal imbalance. This can cause depression, anger, mood swings, insomnia, night sweats, fatigue and lots more. 

There are also hormones that trigger belly fat as shown in the photo above.

We were introduced to Natugee products at the event. Natugee products are all natural & organic ingredients which are high in quality without coloring, paraben, SLS, SLES and side effects.

The founder of Natugee Sdn. Bhd. is Puan Rena Rifaee. She is 37 years old and a mother to 5 children. She has a diploma in organic skincare from Formula Botanica, United Kingdom. In her talk, she mentioned that we should read all product labels to know the product ingredients. She said we needed to know our skin type, the difference between true-dry skin and dehydrated skin, pores cannot shrink, skin should not be squeaky after cleansing because more sebum (oil) will be produced to compensate for the natural oil that was stripped off and thus cause breakouts.

Photo credit : Jane Chua 

Natugee is the sponsor for Mrs. Malaysia World 2019/2020 in honor of women who maintains a balanced life between family life and career. Natugee will expand its brand in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

From left to right : Puan Rena Rifaee, Datin Diana Danielle, Datin Harveen Kaur, Dr. Linda Mat Hassin and the MC of the event.

There were questions and answers session and also lucky draw at the end of the event.

Throughout the event, participants could enjoy delicious cakes, pastries, nuts, fruits and drinks by Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang. 

All participants received a goodie bag at the end of the event. 
There were Natugee Deep Cleansing Lotion 20ml & Natugee Happy Skin Mask, Narinar Aromatherapy Oil, BondaHaven essential oil, Jamu T. Teja Mekar breast firming herbal cream, Lovera Magic Jelly Baby (soothing gel for dry and sensitive skin), Wirdora Rivoli Swarovski Brooch set, Eori Eczema Wonder Botanical Oil and CHIIO by the Nitty Gritty.

The Natugee Deep Cleansing Lotion is suitable for all skin types and has a very sweet fragrant smell. The texture is a little oily and skin feels softer after using it. I like that it can keep my skin moisturized. Check out for more information.

Lovera Magic Jelly Baby is a soothing gel which feels cooling and can sooth itchiness on baby or toddler's skin. It is free from paraben and non-toxic. Visit for more information.

The Wirdora Rivoli Swarovski Brooch set looks really nice with shiny crystals. It comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing and material defects. Check this out HERE.

Eori Eczema Wonder Botanical Oil is 100% natural therapeutic quality, pure botanical oil is formulated to create a protective layer that moisturizes & relieves dry itchy skin.

Narinar Aromatherapy Oil is made of Frankincense, lemon, lavender and a few other oils. It is an essential oil blend with a nice smell. It is good for blood circulation and can relieve stress.


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