Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Swiss Dream Circus Celebration

My family & I love to watch circus performances and I was very happy to know that Swiss Dream Circus will be performing for the fifth time this year at Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur from 30 August - 22 September 2019.

My family & I enjoyed last year's Swiss Dream Circus very much. So this year, we are very excited and looking forward to another great entertaining circus performance. There will be new cast of performers this year with their new production, Celebration.

"SWISS" stands for quality, "DREAM" for diving into another world and "CIRCUS" for a truly family-centered entertainment which awakens old childhood memories all at once. Swiss Dream Circus was founded on the belief that this timeless cultural experience is worth preserving and sharing; passing it on to the next generation of dreamers. Their biggest reward is to see smiles on the faces of audiences and the looks of amazement which motivates them to perform again.

Troup Dneprovskie – High wire from Russia

For the first time since their inception, they are presenting an amazing high rope act brought to you by the multi-award winning Dneprovtzkie family. Think juggling with your hands is a feat worth shouting about? Wait till you see what they discovered at the International Circus Festival in Budapest – a Ukrainian foot juggler, too skilled at keeping the audience at the edge of their seats. 

Stanislav Vysotskyi – Juggler from Ukraine

Be prepare to be blown away by their Swiss Trapeze artist, Janine, as she swings and sways to the tunes of our beautiful violinist, Jane Yong. 

Jeanin Eggenberger – Trapeze from Switzerland

Victor Rossi - Clown from France

A special treat for our younger audience are our LED dancers who are also from Ukraine, and not forgetting Clown Victor who will steal your heart away with his charming antics and clumsy nature. 

Zac Tomlison – Jump rope from USA

Watch and be amazed as Zac Tomlinson turns a childhood pastime into a world-champion act with his jump-rope performance. 

Veronika – Swinging trapeze from Russia

The show wraps up with another thrilling trapeze performance from Veronika and get ready to lose your breath as Andrei balances on the wheel of death high up in the air. Let yourself be carried away to the magical world of the circus. Bring your family & friends here to watch this spectacular circus performance!

Info and tickets are available at and directly from their exclusive ticketing agency at

For more information, you can check out their FACEBOOK or WEBSITE.

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