Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Save The Ocean, Save The Future - Cooking Demo By Ms. Ginnie Lam

I attended a very interesting Hong Kong Style Vegan Beauty Soup and New Year Healthy Drink cooking demo by the beautiful Ms. Ginnie Lam, the founder of Ginn International at Quill City Mall recently. Please say no to shark fin soup and help keep our oceans clean. If you love to drink shark fin soup and want to stop hurting the sea creatures, you can try cooking this vegan beauty soup which is a great substitute. 

From left to right: Vsun Cheong, Ebakz Sports, Shirene Moong, Founder of Blossomly Global,
Ginnie Lam, Founder of Ginn International, Kym Tan PK, AFORadio DJ

In support of the Ocean Hero Conservation Run, Ginnie worked with her Social Enterprise Partner (Blossomly Global) and her Official Online Radio ( to promote awarenesss on marine Iife conservation by cooking up a storm with her very own recipe of a HK-Style Beauty Vegan Soup using 3 main types of mushrooms, vegetables including shark fin melon, fungus, bamboo shoots, tofu and glass noodles. A special kind of red vinegar popular in HK was also added to create a uniquely flavored broth to replace shark fin and crab meat soup so loved by Chinese especially during wedding dinners. Ginnie also prepared a special HK Herbal Tea that acts to cool down the heat from our body due to tropical climate and serves as a wonderful substitute for our traditional Turtle Jelly concoction which uses turtle parts in its making. 

Ms. Ginnie Lam has a wide knowledge on beauty, slimming and health food. She gave some advice on certain food which is only suitable for certain people and how to identify if we are suitable for that particular type of food. 

The healthy drink - HK Herbal Tea was a little sweet and tasted very refreshing. It allows our body to cool down.

William Lim, CEO of AFORadio tasted the healthy HK herbal drink.

When the vegan beauty soup was ready, everyone was excited to taste it. It smelled nice and you can add vinegar to it if you like. 

I was happy to learn how to cook the Hong Kong Style Vegan Beauty Soup and New Year Healthy Drink since Chinese New Year is coming. The vegan beauty soup was very tasty and the health drink made my body feel cooler. The cooking time was about 1.5 hours using the Color King cookware. 

I am looking forward to more of Ginn International's Fairy Queen Beauty Pageant and Star Brand Awards Grand Gala activities leading up to June 2019. To know more about Ms. Ginnie Lam, visit her FACEBOOK

In line with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, SDG14 Life Below Water, OCEAN HERO CONSERVATION RUN is a mission campaign in helping to promote the conservation of marine life in Malaysia, especially towards the eradication of the hunt, sale and consumption of turtle meat and eggs, as well as the eradication of littering and usage of plastics that will endanger marine life. The mission campaign is also aimed at educating the public and corporate organization on efforts to save other marine life such as dolphins and dugongs.

To find out more about the Ocean Hero Conservation Run which is on 2 Mac 2019 at Sunsuria City, Sepang, click their FACEBOOK

Early Bird: RM65 Adult, RM55 Children
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