Thursday, August 23, 2018

Swiss Dream Circus Family Entertainment

My family and I watched the great and entertaining Swiss Dream Circus at Desa Parkcity last Saturday. There is ample parking space near the circus tent. It was indeed a very exciting and impressive performance. Many people came to watch this amazing circus and it was almost full house. The Swiss Dream Circus will be here until 9th September 2018. 

Bring your family to watch if you have not seen it yet. My children enjoyed this circus performance very much and they told me it was very thrilling with dangerous acts performed skillfully. 

Photo of me, my son and Marco Baumgartner (Founder & Producer)

Here are some photos and videos which I took during the show.

Yurie Basiul – Handstand Act from Moldova

Maria & Alex – Pole Act from Romania

Isabela & Ernesto – Cradle Act from Venezuela. When Isabela did her act blindfolded, everyone held their breath as it was a very dangerous act.

Igor & Tatiana – Knife Throwing Act from Russia. Another dangerous act when Tatiana turns around on a rotating platform and the knives get stuck in the board next to her.

Trio Naumov – Russian Bar from Russia

My family and I had an enjoyable time watching this awesome Swiss Dream Circus performance. We would love to watch it again. Each performance was unique in its own way and there were no mistakes made. A truly well prepared performance that would take your breath away. 

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