Sunday, August 13, 2017

Street Churros Malaysia 2017 National Churros Eating Championship

There is great news for Churros lovers because Street Churros Malaysia is having their 2017 National Churros Eating Championship to win 1 year of free Churros. I was at Street Churros, MyTown Shopping Centre at 3pm yesterday to witness their 5th Churros eating competition out of a total of 6 preliminary round competitions. The sponsors for this competition are Softree and Cornery - the popcorn gallery. The first prize winner from each of these 6 preliminary round competitions will join the grand final held at Street Churros, Berjaya Times Square on 16 September 2017, 3pm. 

There were 3 teams who participated in yesterday's Street Churros Eating Competition. Team A - Big Mouth, Team B - Puing Puing and Team C - Pelahoop. Each team was given 30 pieces of Churros (10 pieces of Cinnamon flavor, 10 pieces of Chocolate flavor and 10 pieces of Cheese flavor). They were given 15 minutes to eat as many Churros as possible.

The competition started after the introduction of the 3 teams. After the first bell rang, the participants were given 15 minutes to eat as many Churros as they can. If the teams finish the 30 pieces of Churros, they will be given more Churros. They must eat 1 full Churros to be counted. The second bell rang 5 minutes before the end of the competition. When the third bell rang, the Churros eating competition ended.

After the third bell rang and after the official counting, Team A - Big Mouth won by eating 16 pieces of Churros. Team C - Pelahoop was second after eating 14 pieces of Churros and Team B- Puing Puing ate 9 pieces of Churros. Congratulations to Team A - Big Mouth!

1st Winner Team won RM 200 Street Churros Cash Voucher + RM 100 Softree Cash Voucher
2nd Winner Team won RM 100 Street Churros Cash Voucher + RM 50 Softree Cash Voucher
3rd Winner Team won RM 50 Street Churros Cash Voucher + RM 30 Softree Cash Voucher

 Team A - Big Mouth won 1st prize.

 Man of the Match Award for the most energetic and enthusiastic person. She received a limited edition Street Churros Bottle and fan.

Locations of Preliminary Rounds:
1) Street Churros @ Berjaya Times Square
- 3pm, 15th of July 2017
(Submit application by 9th of July 2017)
2) Street Churros @ 1 Utama
- 3pm, 22nd July 2017
(Submit application by 16th of July 2017)
3) Street Churros @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang
-3pm, 29th July 2017
(Submit application by 23rd of July 2017)
4) Street Churros @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya
- 3pm, 5th August 2017
(Submit application by 30th of July 2017)
5) Street Churros @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Cheras
- 3pm, 12th August 2017
(Submit application by 6th of August 2017)
6) Street Churros @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands
- 3pm, 19th August 2017
(Submit application by 13th of August 2017)

Please contact Ms Izzati: 017-4905098 or Ms Choco: 018-6699290 for any inquiries.

If you would like to know more about Street Churros Malaysia , read my earlier post HERE.
You can visit Street Malaysia Facebook : or website :


  1. Wow look at those churros!! Congrats to all the winners!

    1. The participants did a great job. Congrats to Team A - Big Mouth!

  2. Congratz team A! That's alot of Churros!! Amazing!

  3. Wahh..I don't really eat churros often and now this makes me want to go and try out the different flavours. Good job to the team who won!

    1. Great, hope you enjoy the different flavours Churros. Seeing them eat so many Churros made me feel hungry at that moment. Haha...

  4. Woah! A Churros eating contest. I definitely wouldn't win this one since I'm a slow eater and I get full easily. I'd still love some churros though. ♡