Monday, February 29, 2016

Manhattan Fish Market Giant Lobster Dinner

A tasty and very delicious lobster dinner for my family at Manhattan Fish Market, IPC on 27th February 2016. A very memorable one too because it was our first time eating a giant lobster!

Last month, Manhattan Fish Market had a contest on 'Guess the length of the Giant Lobster". There were 2 winners, 1 from Facebook and 1 from Instagram. I was one of the lucky winners to have my family dine at Manhattan Fish Market. They served us with giant lobster all the way from Canada.

The dinner started off with their delicious lobster soup and garlic bread. 

We had our lobster salad next. My daughter said it was a little too sour for her.

Next came the main course which was the giant lobster noodle cooked with plenty of lobster meat, olives, tomatoes, capsicum, and scallop. It was a little spicy and very delicious.

My daughter loved this dish, she ate a lot. My son didn't eat because he doesn't like spicy food.

Next was the dessert. It was crispy oreo ice-cream which was my son's favourite dish.

Thanks to Manhattan Fish Market for the delicious food we had. We really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time. We look forward to joining more of your contests. 

Here are more photos of us there. 

For more photos, you can go HERE 
If you want to try out the their Canadian lobster meal, you can visit Manhattan Fish Market website or go to Manhattan Fish Market Facebook for more details. 


  1. My gosh! That is seriously a huge lobster!! Those who love lobsters will enjoy eating this.

  2. What a huge lobster! Nice contest, should pay attention so can join next time hehe your family all look satisfied 😁

  3. the lobster on the last picture looks so real!! :D now im tempted to try it out too

  4. Mak aih the head of lobster really huge !! Now I Rindu nak makan lobsterrrr

  5. Mak aih the head of lobster really huge !! Now I Rindu nak makan lobsterrrr

  6. OMG what a gigantic lobster... I have not come across such a huge one before and it does make me nervous abut eating one as big as this.....

  7. Wow! Lucky you. That was a gigantic lobster.

  8. Wah so lucky got to eat giant lobster with the whole family. Awesome la!