Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Supersquad movie

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Movie Fun time

My friend, Jane Chua told me about this invitation by Bro Framestone to watch a Malay animation movie, Supersquad. I thought it would be fun, so I registered for it. On 17/5/14, I brought my daughter to watch the movie. We were a little late because I had to wait for my husband to return from work to take care of my baby. Anyway, we still enjoyed the movie very much. The story was about 5 friends (Laksamana Aaron, Kapten Danny, Blinq, Alan and Sasha) who fought the insect aliens and avoided them from conquering the earth. The story was very interesting, funny because there were lots of jokes, very colourful and it was action packed all the way. Here are some photos related to the event.
Here are some photos of the movie.

This movie would be out in the cinemas on the 5th June 2014. The director of the film is Mohd. Rashdan Ramlee and the company which made this a success is Netcarbon Sdn. Bhd. It took them2 years to complete and up to RM 6 million.

My daughter and I had fun and we are looking forward to more movies like this in future. This movie teaches us to unite, be strong and help one another.

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