Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Miracle Of Age Reversal Technology - IONMAN

Recently I was introduced to some very good health care products by Age Reversal (AR Tech) - IONMAN. The products were IONMAN Pro, IONMAN D10's, IonMistz Gold and EYE-K.

If you feel that age is catching up and surrounding factors are causing spine and joint pains, then IONMAN Pro is what you need. This product is a 'bone moisturizer' that helps increase collagen density with regeneration capability. It is made with natural plant extracts such as corn extract, wild yam extract, grape seed extract and soy extract. It is designed with instant skin absorption to repair joint pain, stiffness and cartilage problems. It is also recommended for sport injuries. There is no heavy metals, no pharmaceutical ingredients and no steroids in IONMAN Pro.

The Age Reversal Tech in IONMAN Pro is capable of improving and delaying the aging of spine and joints. Some older people complain of knee pain or back pain and should try this product to solve their problems. It should be applied 3 times a day on the major areas of joints as shown below.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you might want to try the IONMAN D10's because this helps improve sleep quality, de-stress, stabilizes emotions & blood pressure and normalizes metabolism system. Having quality sleep and relaxation is important in our lives. This product's main ingredients are olive leaf extract, grape seed extract and wild yam extract. It is to be applied on the neck, armpit, abdomen and feet before sleep. After trying this, I feel more relaxed during sleep.

IonMistz Gold is sea salt and water. It can be sprayed on skin injuries such as scratches and bleeding, can be applied for moisturizing skin, remove odour & bacterial infection and also to isolate external chemicals from cosmetics. I will use this before using my cosmetics.

These days people use the computer, smartphones and gadgets very often, which causes dry and tired eyes. EYE-K can improve glaucoma, allergy, cataract, eye bag, dark circles, blurry vision, eye floaters, conjunctivitis and macular degeneration. EYE-K can protect the eyes by spraying it 6 inches distance from eyes twice a day or whenever necessary.  

To know more about these products, please visit their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.

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