Monday, December 17, 2018

Glam Fox Fleurissant Lip Glow and Lip Gloss Review

I love to put on lipstick to keep my lips moisturized and to look beautiful. Recently I received the Glam Fox Fleurissant Lip Glow and Fleurissant Lip Gloss. The packaging was beautifully decorated with colorful flowers. The boxes look very attractive and nice. Both the Glam Fox Fleurissant Lip Glow and Fleurissant Lip Gloss is like jelly where you can see through it and both have a flower in it with gold powders. Both look amazing and smells sweet like flowers! These products are from Korea.

Glam Fox Fleurissant Lip Glow is 3.3g and comes in 6 types. 

1. GL01 Moonlight Flower
2. GL02 Honey Flower
3. GL03 Peach Flower
4. GL04 Rose Flower
5. GL05 Emerald Flower
6. GL06 Witch Flower

The one I received was GL03 Peach Flower. This lipstick really moisturized my lips and is great for ladies with dry lips. It is transparent but it gave my lips a light pink color. This lipstick will give a slightly different color for people with different body temperature and acidity level.

Glam Fox Fleurissant Lip Gloss is 3.8g and comes in 5 types.

1. GS01 Moonlight Flower
2. GS02 Honey Flower
3. GS03 Peach Flower
4. GS04 Rose Flower
5. GS05 Witch Flower

I received GS01 Moonlight Flower. I really like this because it contains flowers and 24K gold powder. It makes my lips look shiny and glowing. It gives me more moisturizing effect and is not sticky. It is long lasting and smells very nice. 

Glam Fox Fleurissant Lip Glow and Fleurissant Lip Gloss are great gifts for yourself and your friends. You can get these at Watsons Malaysia or Aeon Malaysia. For more information, please visit

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