Friday, April 7, 2017

My Korea Trip With Family - Day 1

During the recent school holidays in March 2017, my family & I visited Seoul and Jeju, Korea. It was my second time there but the first for my hubby and kids. We were really excited about this trip but a little worried of the cold weather since it was the end of winter there.

Upon arrival, we visited the National Folk Museum of Korea. This is a history museum with miniature display of traditional Korean folks and village.

Korean marriage

A traditional Korean village was at the outdoor exhibition, a recreation of the "Street of Memories" in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Ochon House

The Ochon House was donated by the Nam family. The house was built in 1848 and the Nam family lived there until the early 1990s. Later it was transferred to the National Folk Museum of Korea and restored in 2011. 

We had Ginseng Chicken for lunch. In the pot were noodles, rice , chicken and ginseng soup. The chicken meat was tender but the soup had very little ginseng taste.

After lunch, we proceeded to the airport to Jeju Island. Jeju is a beautiful island formed through volcanic activity. We visited the "Mysterious Road" which is an optical illusion of the eyes because the road looks like it is going uphill but is actually going downhill. When cars pass by, the cars can turn off the engine and it still moves forward as if it's going uphill by itself.

That evening, we went to the Ice Gallery and 3D Art Museum. We saw lots of beautiful ice sculptures and even tried our hands on carving an ice cup and drank orange juice with it. It was my first time carving ice and it wasn't easy.

Below are some cool 3D trick art photos.

We had seafood steamboat for dinner. It was very delicious and tasty. What I like about eating in Korean restaurants is that the side dishes can be topped up for free. 

After a fun but tiring day, checked in at Benikea hotel. Click here to read my Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5 and Day 6 posts about my trip in Korea.


  1. The 3D art photos look nice. Carving ice looks difficult.

    1. Ice carving was hard. It was my first time carving so my cup was not that nice.I love the ice sculptures and 3D art photos.