Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bio-Life Astaxanthin 4mg Launch

Bio-Life Astaxanthin 4mg Launch was held on 15th May 2015 at One Utama.

After the welcome speech from the MC, there was a performance by Atilia Haron "Old Love".

There was a video presentation, followed by a speech given by the General Manager Asia of Bio-Life Marketing Sdn. Bhd., Mr. John Goebel and a presentation by Dr. Lim Ing Kien on what and how Astaxanthin can help delay signs of aging. To know further about Astaxanthin, you can read my previous blog post here.

This phhoto was the launching of Bio-Life Astaxanthin 4mg.

I was among the 10 lucky bloggers chosen to try out the product 2 weeks ago and blog about our before and after experience after taking 1 capsule of Astaxanthin a day. The winner of the best blog and with the most improved skin complexion was Patricia Lim Gaik Keng. Congrats to her. Patricia's blog is

The other 10 beauty bloggers are Sherry Saw, Sharon Yong, Miera Nadhirah, Leona Lim, Kylie Tee, Kelly Chin, Norzaila Ismail, Elana Khong and me. We received our token of appreciation for joining trying Astaxanthin and blogging.

We had a Q&A session after the prize presentation.

Performance by Melissa and Frances

Photo credit : Miera Nadhirah

This is a group photo of the beautiful bloggers who were invited.

To know more about Astaxanthin, go to

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