Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Poh Kong - Make Love Memoirs

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Poh Kong - Make Love Memoirs Season 2 Finals

I won a few big prizes in May 2014 and one of them is the Poh Kong - Make Love Memoirs Contest. This contest was a facebook contest where participants had to write a story about how the fell in love or write a story on how their parents, or relatives or friends fell in love. The contest was divided into 3 categories - Young Couples, Middle-Age Couples and Senior Couples. There were hundreds or probably thousands of entries and I was one of the lucky 9 finalist chosen. Poh Kong judges chose 3 finalists from each category. All the finalists need to propose on stage at One Utama on 10th May 2014 from 3pm-6pm. The 3 Grand Prize winners will get a diamond ring worth RM8000 from Poh Kong, 3D 2N hotel at Sibu Island (Johor) from Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa, Rm1000 worth of Mary Chia slimming or facial sessions, Touch Collection Wedding Studio Photography package and nominator gets Rm3000 Poh Kong vouchers. The 2 consolation prize winners from each category gets the same as above and the only difference is the diamond ring is Rm3000 instead of RM8000, the nominator gets Rm 1,500 instead of Rm 3000 Poh Kong vouchers. There was also a prize for the most blessed story (most liked, 1693 blessings).

I wrote a story about how my parents fell in love.

This is the story of how my parents met and fell in love. My mom was a school teacher in Singapore. Since she was very pretty, many male friends went after her. However, she did not fall in love with any of them. One day, her friend, Amy held a birthday party and she met many new friends there. Not long after the party, she received a note which her student gave her. When she asked who it was from, the student said a man asked her to deliver it. My mom was really curious to know who gave her the note. The message on the note was "You are very pretty and I hope we can be friends. I will continue to give you notes because I'm a very shy person." There was no name on the message. Anyway, my mom continued to teach in school as usual and after a week, another student brought a note for her. My mom knew it was from the same person because of his hand writing. This time the message was "I have found out more about you through Amy and I hope she can introduce me to you" From Philip. My mom was so anxious to know how this man look like and his personality, she couldn't concentrate on her teachings that day. Right after school, she quickly rushed to Amy's house and there she saw a handsome young man in the house. My mom was mesmerized by his looks and had feelings for him instantly. I guess this is what's called love at first sight. They got married after 2 years and still together after 46 years. They have gone through ups and downs in life but still very much in love with each other.

All the participants had to arrive at 10am for the professionals to put make up on them. They had to change their clothes and get rehearse before the actual event. Lunch was provided at One Hotel. After that all the participants went to Poh Kong Jewellery to put on the gold necklaces, bangles and earrings. 

Here are some photos from the event. 

 The whole event was so touching as most of the stories made the judges and audience cried. I'm glad my parents had the courage to go on stage and did very well. This whole event was really good as it made the participants think back about how they fell in love and grow together. After the event, we were all invited to dinner at Lavender Bistro. The dinner was really delicious! Thanks to Poh Kong, Sari Pacifica, Touch Collection Wedding Studio Photography and Mary Chia for making this event successful.

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