Monday, June 30, 2014

Philips Ultimate Cook Off Competition

Philips Ultimate Cook Off cooking competition was held on 28th June 2014 at Aeon Big Subang Jaya. Prior to that, I submitted a recipe 'Mango Prawn Salad Wrap' and Philips selected my recipe. Philips chose 10 healthy recipes without oil and the 10 finalist would have to cook a dish at the Philips Ultimate Cook Off with a blogger partner each. This was my first cooking competition.
The facebook winners and bloggers were paired up by lucky draw and it was also by lucky draw, we had to cook the dishes according to our main ingredients. My cooking partner was Rosmadi Shakri a.k.a MrJocko and our lucky draw dish was dessert. We decided to make bread pudding.

On that special day, Chef Zam demonstrated 2 dishes - Pandan Chicken and Stuffed Baked Apples using Philips Air Fryer. The cooking competition started after the the demonstration. Here are some photos of us.

We were really glad the bread pudding was nice. Chef Marina said the pudding was really nice, soft and everything was just perfect. However, Chef Zam commented that the decorations were not necessary. The fork & spoon decoration was too big and the bread pudding was not in the middle of the plate. He said if it was just the bread pudding in the middle of the plate, then it would be perfect.

Here are more photos.

On that day, Aeon Big had discounts on the Philips Air Fryer and was selling it for RM400 lower than normal price. The digital air fryer was only RM 1299 after discount and the analogue type was RM 799. The pressure cooker was RM100 lower than normal price which was RM 379 after discount.

Here are all the photos of the 10 dishes.

The last photo was the 1st prize dish.
We were very happy to know we won 2nd prize & my blogger partner & I each won a digital Philips Air Fryer! Thanks to Philips! All of us enjoyed the whole event.


  1. Thanks. Eddy, when you made your bread pudding, did you put the bread skin in? We didn't put the bread skin but put more pieces of bread instead. Thanks for sharing the recipe earlier. If not, I wouldn't know what to make.

  2. wow congrats on winning :D

  3. wah!! so fast blog about it ady!!
    you're cake taste sooo good!!

    erm...can i pinjam ur photo ( the last 1) put in my blog arr >.<

    1. Thanks. You're welcome to use the photo.

    2. Can follow my blog? Hope to get more followers. I'm still new to blogging. Thanks.