Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom

When I was young, I loved going to theme parks and enjoyed playing outdoors. There were no digital devices like smartphones or tablets then. However, children these days are always playing games or watching Youtube videos. You will be surprised that even toddlers know how to manoeuvre their way through smartphones or tablets. Digital devices are good for learning, communicating, searching for information and others but spending too much time on digital devices is not healthy. Usually I like to bring my children outdoors to play and learn.

From left to right: Berlin Lu, Justin Yee, Shas Fung, Bobby Tan - Co-Founders of Themepaktu (Dinosaur Kingdom)

I attended a press conference on Themepaktu (pronounced as Theme-park-to-you) Dinosaur Kingdom held at Setia Ecohill, Semenyih last week. Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom is a mobile Dino Themed park from Malaysia. This is the first thematic theme park which comprise of 5 elements : 
- Live shows
- Interactive activities and attractions
- Games
- Food & Beverages
- Dinosaur Merchandise

There are more than 25 attractions in this theme park where adults and children can enjoy. The main attraction is their 40 minutes live show. Besides that, children get to climb Pterosaur's nest, ride Dinosaur's Bumper Boat and challenge their Raptor Maze.

Here's a short video of the dinosaur show during the press conference.

You can show some love and pledge RM 80 to provide a fun endutainment for an orphan and Dinosaur Kingdom will pledge for another orphan. Let's share and let others know.

The first Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom will be held at Setia Ecohill, Semenyih from 14th June to 8th July 2018, 12noon to 10.30pm daily. Entrance fee is RM 30 per person and can be purchased through Themepaktu app and website. Bring your children here to learn more about dinosaurs and enjoy the live shows and activities.

For more information on Themepaktu Dinosaur Kingdom, please visit their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK


  1. Looks like a fun place for parents to bring kids this school holiday.

    1. Yes, should be a fun place for the whole family. Let's go.