Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sensez Beauty Hand Gel /Sanitizer

If you love to use hand sanitizer, you have got to check out Sensez Beauty Hand Gel / Sanitizer. These hand sanitizers comes in small, cute 30ml bottles and are very colorful with different types of fragrances. I love the attractive packaging and was very happy to receive these.

Sensez Beauty Tropical Hand Gel (newly launched product)

Sensez Beauty Tropical Hand Gel (From L-R: Refreshing Splash Watermelon, Sweet Sensation Pineapple, Exotic Creamy Coconut, Sweet Fruity Mango) 

These gel based sanitizers are very refreshing and can moisturize our hands and protect them from germs. Each has their own unique fruity scent which smells very nice. Using these hand gels can keep our hands clean and fresh. I love the Refreshing Splash Watermelon smell the most. 

Since the bottles are small (30 ml) in size, it is easy to carry this in your pocket or handbag. Just squeeze a small amount onto palms, rub over your hands until completely dry. It is watery but dry up very fast.

Sensez Beauty Fairy Bliss Glitter Hand Gel

Sensez Beauty Fairy Bliss Glitter Hand Gel (From L-R : Briar Rainbow Glitter, Feather Snowwand, Olive Rainbowfrost, Hazel Quillweb)

I love the beautiful fairies and the glitters which makes it so magical. It makes me feel good when my hands are clean and smells nice. Each fairy has its own story as shown on the back of the box below.

Sensez Beauty Anti-Bacterial Perfumed Hand Gel

Sensez Beauty Anti-Bacterial Perfumed Hand Gel (From L-R: Country Bliss, Urban Bliss, Ocean Bliss and Forest Bliss)

Country Bliss has the strawberry smell, Urban Bliss smells like grapes, Ocean Bliss smells like sea breeze and Forest Bliss smells like citrus.My favorite from this pack would be Country Bliss, the strawberry smell. 

These hand gels are enriched with Vitamin-E beads to care for your hands while keeping them sanitized and moisturized. No more worries about germs. You can use them whenever you like and keep your hands clean all day long.

You can purchase Sensez Beauty hand gels online from 

You can use this Lazada voucher code "SBTROPICAL" with no minimum purchase and get 20% off from the selling price for all 3 variants of the hand gel set. 

To know more about these hand gels, please visit Sensez Beauty FACEBOOK page.


  1. the glitter one look interesting

    1. Yes, I love it. You can get yours and try it out.

  2. Sanitizer ni selain menarik, memang perlu. Sbb kuman sana sini oii sekarang. Good to have one.

    1. Yes, it's good to carry this with us or put it in our handbag. Can keep our hands clean from bacteria.