Wednesday, September 6, 2017

GINTELL Grand Opening Flagship Store at Mid Valley Megamall

GINTELL had its grand opening flagship store at Mid Valley Megamall on 31 August 2017. GINTELL is a well known brand that provides massage chairs, foot massagers, portable massagers and slimming massagers for relaxation and good health. Many celebrities including the beautiful Amber Chia were invited to this grand opening and there were many lions dancing there to make this grand opening more auspicious.

GINTELL promoted their Buy 1 Free 1 Magic Pillow for RM 99.00 from 31 August - 3 September 2017. The Magic Pillow is a neck pillow which can be converted to a normal pillow with a vibrator that can massage your neck. It's a very good pillow for travelling.

GINTELL is now offering a very good campaign called GINTELL Hi5 Rental Plan which allows customers to rent their choice of massage chair instead of buying it. Since massage chairs are not cheap and many families cannot afford to buy one, this GINTELL Hi5 Rental Plan is a dream come true for poorer families to own one at home and enjoy the comfortable massage chairs. Now more families can have a healthier lifestyle at home. 

Here are some reasons why this GINTELL Hi5 Rental Plan is so great : 

1) GINTELL Hi5 Rental Plan requires no credit card limit and zero interest as long as there's monthly income. Customers are required to only pay the monthly fees instead of the whole payment.

2) Guaranteed 3 years Warranty Service where professionals will provide health tips, massage chair operation tips and self maintenance tips for better and effective use. 

3) Guaranteed Maintenance for a total of 2 times per year free maintenance to polish the leather and check the motor to ensure that the massage chair is fully functional. Free part replacement will be provided if necessary.

4) Guaranteed Replacement in case of  unforeseen circumstances such as flood, fire and earthquake.

5) Guaranteed Upgrade to a more comfortable and bigger massage chair after 2 years commitment with the rental plan. 

6) Guaranteed Value which includes health benefits such as improved blood circulation, relaxed muscles, aid in posture and relieves stress. There is also a free gift for those who sign up for this rental plan. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest GINTELL store and try their massage chairs. Find a suitable one and fill out your details on a form. Submit the necessary documents like photocopy of I.C., credit or debit card and wait for the product to be delivered to your doorstep.

If you are always stressful and feel very tired, getting a good massage chair would surely bring more happiness as it can relieve your stress, relax your muscles and improve blood circulation. This is a great gift for your family. Health is more important than wealth.

For more information on GINTELL Hi5 Rental Plan, click HERE and for more information on GINTELL, visit their website HERE.


  1. I love massage chairs. I have an early model one and have also been using them at friends' place. They are wonderful things to have and use. They do wonders to relieve stress and soothe tired bodies. But, I have been putting off upgrading because they are an expensive luxury. Maybe with this new rental plan, I can have a new massage chair at hime :-D Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome. Hope you can upgrade your massage chair with this GINTELL Hi5 Rental Plan.