Thursday, July 27, 2017

Children Mandarin Enrichment Class at The Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid West

It is always better to know more languages. Learning mandarin can help us to communicate better when we need to talk, read or write to people who are only good in Chinese. Chinese is important for your career in life and about one fifth of the people on earth speaks Chinese. Learning mandarin can help improve children's memory skills and brain power. It is good to let children start learning Chinese at a young age.

At The Parenthood there are fun and interactive mandarin classes for children from 2 years old to 6 years old. Teacher Julie Xu from Taiwan has many years teaching experience and she teaches in a fun and interactive way. Her classes are integrated with games, storytelling, arts & crafts and music & rhythm to make learning Mandarin fun and enjoyable. She uses big books with big words and colorful pictures and ask questions. She rewards children with small gifts to encourage them to pay attention and answer questions.

The curriculum is aligned with multiple curricula including Malaysia Chinese MOE syllabus, IB PYP and China Han Ban YCT Test and constructed on theme-based concept which relates to children's daily lives and ranges from beginner to advance level. 

When children can speak, read and write Chinese, they can be more confident in life. The Parenthood endeavours to develope lifelong learning in Mandarin for children.

For more information, you can call The Parenthood at 03-5650 5122 or visit Free trial classes are available. 


  1. Chinese is very important now, even though I'm banana but I also learned dy hahaha

    1. I didn't go to Chinese school too. Learning along with my kids now.