Friday, February 24, 2017

MITA Travel Fair

MITA Travel Fair is from 24 - 26 Feb 2017 at MIECC , The Mines. You can come here and plan your holidays with your loved ones. Nothing is more important than bonding with your family and travelling is the best way. There are lots of discounts for flights, tours, hotels and entrance tickets. Admission is free, so come with your friends and family. There are lots of activities here.

Register for the lucky draw.

Many booths from different companies are here to offer their lowest packages. You can start with local tours if your budget is low. There are many interesting places to visit in Malaysia. Travel package discount is up to 60% only at MITA Travel Fair.

Farm In The City has a small petting zoo here where you can pet different types of animals.

Some booths have packages for certain states like Perak, Melaka, Kelantan, Johor and others. If you are looking for overseas tour packages, you can check out it out here too.

You might be interested to try out fly boarding at Putrajaya. It looks like a lot of fun.

Below are the activities for these 3 days.

MITA Spicy Challenge
Date: 25/2/17
Time: Round 1 - 12:45pm (30 participants)
            Round 2 - 6pm (30 participants)
Register : Pre-register via Google Form
Prize : 2 Days 1 Night Hotel Stay
Eat the spiciest nasi lemak in the world within the time and the one who finish fastest is the winner. Each round 3 winners.

MITA Big Stomach King Challenge
Date: 26/2/17
Time: 6pm (30 participants)
Register: Pre-register via Google Form
Prize : 2 Days 1 Night Hotel Stay
Eat the most amount of Roti Canai in 10 mins to be the winner.

MITA Traditional Outfit Snap & Win 
Date: 24 - 26/2/17
Time: 10am - 9pm
Try and experience the prepared traditional outfits like Cheongsam, Baju Kurung, Baju Melayu, Sarees, Kurta, Sinuangga and Tapi, Gaung and Souva, Empang Marik, Kelambi and Sirat. Take a photo with the designed backdrop and upload to Facebook. # VisitMITATravelFair to stand a chance to win 3D 2N hotel stay.

Crazy Deal
Date: 24 - 26/2/2017
Time: Anytime during the event
One day 2 rounds of crazy deals.

Air Asia Fare Ticket
Date: 24 - 26/2/2017
Time: 10am-9pm
Get a special fare rate flight ticket compare to market price only at MITA Travel Fair 2017. There are flight tickets to Langkawi and Penang for only RM39.00

Date: 25/2/17 & 26/2/17
Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm
Get a chance to meet up all the famous Malay artists and enjoy their performance in MITA Travel Fair.

Food Truck Fiesta & Malaysian Food Festival
Date: 24-26/2/17
Time: 10am - 9pm
There are lots of great food, music and plenty of seats to enjoy your best food.

There are performances to watch and relax when you are tired walking for hours looking for great deals.

So what are you waiting for? Come here and get your best travel deals so you can save more!
For more information, you can visit MITA Travel Fair Facebook page at


  1. I want to go there and check it out. Want to save money for tour packages.

  2. Yes, great time to plan your holidays.

  3. Time to plan my holidays now. Looking for overseas tour packages.

    1. There are many tour agents offering attractive overseas tour packages here. Hope you find a good deal.

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  5. Yeah! I was there too, just we didn't meet there ;) I got some great deals, hope you too ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

    1. Glad to know you got some great deals.

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