Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Antabax Introduces 'Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat' Campaign

 Tuan Haji Hishammudin Ahmad (Light brown suit), Pengetua Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 11(3) receiving Antabax contribution for ‘Tangan Bersih, Hidup Sihat’ Campaign from Mr Francis Ng, Senior General Manager.

Antabax in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education launched the Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat campaign to increase health preparedness among school children to reduce the spread of communicable diseases such as Covid-19, and Influenza. The launch was held at Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 11(3), here, today.

The Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat campaign developed by Antabax simplifies health preparedness through storytelling, colourful visuals, songs and choreographed movements that help children identify the signs and symptoms of common communicable diseases and teaches them preventive measures that can reduce their risk of contracting and spreading communicable diseases, and teaches them what to do if they or their friends are feeling unwell.

Globally, the first line of defence for communicable diseases such as Covid-19 and Influenza A is to wash hands frequently, or sanitise with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser if hands are not visibly dirty[1] to kill germs on hands and avoid transferring these germs to the face, mouth or nose where they can more easily get into the respiratory system.

“Hand washing is a crucial precaution the public have to take now. Through this Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat Campaign, we hope that children will know the importance of hand washing and other basic hygiene practices that can help reduce the spread of communicable diseases,” said Encik Azman Ab Rashid, Ketua Penolong Pengarah, Bahagian Pendidikan Kesihatan, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.

More than 300 students and teachers from Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 11(3) participated in the Tangan Bersih, Hidup Sihat Campaign.

More than 300 children and teachers from Sekolah Kebangsaan Presint 11 (3) Putrajaya participated in the health preparedness campaign where they learned the basics of the Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat campaign conducted by a team from the District Health Office, Putrajaya.

Antabax, a homegrown Malaysian brand of Halal hand soap, bar soap, shower cream, hand sanitisers and wipes has been actively championing health preparedness in Malaysia for over a decade.

“Over many campaigns, we have developed content that children understand, remember and practice, that can assist in reducing the spread of communicable diseases. We also contribute our products, so that they have the essentials at hand and at home. It is proven that Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat (Clean Hands Save Lives), so wash your hands frequently and correctly to reduce the spread of infectious diseases using Antabax or any other brand of hand soap or sanitiser. The key is to keep your hands clean,” said Mr Francis Ng, Senior General Manager of Antabax.

Antabax collaborate with Ministry of Health to educate the students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 11(3) about Covid-19, Influenza A, and hand washing techniques.

Pn Nur Hakimah binti Roslan, a teacher from Sekolah Kebangsaan Presint 11(3) Putrajaya said that the Tangan Bersih Hidup Sihat campaign was well-received by the students as it used easy to understand illustrations, songs and games that delivered the important message that clean hands save lives.

Mr Francis Ng (centre), Senior General Manager of Antabax and Ms Vivian Lee, Senior Brand Manager of Antabax, distributing the Antabax products to the participants of Tangan Bersih, Hidup Sihat campaign at Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 11(3)

“Having the Ministry of Health team demonstrate the hygiene steps made the children realise the seriousness of communicable diseases such as influenza, at the same time the storytelling by Antabax helped them remember the steps better,” she said.

“I know how to wash my hands correctly, to cover my nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, to stay a safe distance from people who are unwell, and to tell adults if I have the signs of influenza. Clean hands save lives,” said Zuhaira, a student from Sekolah Kebangsaan Presint 11(3) Putrajaya.

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Nestlé Malaysia’s Biggest Contest Offers Over RM4 Million Cash Prizes To Nestlé Shoppers in #NestleGajiSeumurHidup Contest

Nestlé Malaysia today launched its biggest nationwide contest to-date, giving Malaysians the opportunity to fulfil their dreams and earn a “salary for life” through the Peraduan Nestlé Gaji Seumur Hidup (Nestlé ‘Salary for Life’ contest) – just by purchasing RM15 worth of Nestlé products in a single receipt.

The Peraduan Nestlé Gaji Seumur Hidup offers two lucky Grand Prize winners the chance to win a ‘Salary for Life’ of RM3,000 every month, and 10 Consolation Prize winners the chance to take home a ‘Salary for a Year’ of RM3,000 every month. There will also be cash prizes of RM500 given out to 50 winners every week throughout the contest’s 11-week duration. This brings the total cash prizes for Peraduan Nestlé Gaji Seumur Hidup to over RM4 million, and benefitting over 560 Malaysians. Nestlé’s ‘Salary for Life’ contest will take place from February 14 to April 30, 2020.

Mr Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, said, “The Peraduan Nestlé Gaji Seumur Hidup is our way of saying thanks for the heartfelt support Malaysia has given to Nestlé and the Nestlé brands for over 100 years, by giving Malaysians the chance of a lifetime to fulfil their dreams. This contest is our biggest competition to-date in Malaysia and we are making it as easy as possible for Nestlé shoppers to win a “Salary for Life” of RM3,000 – just by purchasing their favourite Nestlé products!”

Simply by purchasing a minimum of RM15 worth of participating Nestlé products in a single receipt and by answering a simple question, consumers will be eligible to submit one entry via post or Whatsapp. Nestlé shoppers can choose from over 300 product variants across 25 participating Nestlé brands to purchase, and submit as many entries as they want. The more entries submitted, the higher the chances of winning! Consumers can also purchase one MILO MAKAN KOMBO meal set in McDonald’s worth RM19.90 to participate in the contest.

Participating retailers include major minimarkets, supermarkets, hypermarkets, petrol marts, convenience stores as well as e-commerce platforms, including Lazada and Shopee, across Malaysia who provide official receipt as proof of purchase. Other participating etailers also include Qoo10, Lelong, Presto, Astro Go Shop, PGMall.

For more information on Peraduan Nestlé Gaji Seumur Hidup and details on how to take part in this chance of a lifetime, check out 

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Missi Care Health Screening At Elder Love, Puchong

Getting our annual health screening is important so we know what precautions to take to improve our health. Recently Missi Care offered an extensive health checkup for only RM 60 at Elder Love, Puchong. The test included blood count, hepatitis B, diabetes, liver function, kidney function, thyroid, cholesterol profile, calcium, blood group and urine test. There was also blood pressure checks and physiotherapy consultation.

I started with my blood pressure test, then my blood sugar test and had my blood sample taken. I was glad it was not that painful. The last part was to get my urine sample for them to do the health screening test.

There was also a physiotherapy test where I got my side view, front view, back view checked for positions for my head, shoulder, pelvis, hip joints, cervical spine, femur, ribcage, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, scapula, knees, ankle joints and feet.

Postural checking

I was given the TENS and EMS therapy. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical current. EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation which uses gentle electrical pulses to stimulate and strengthen the muscles.

TENS and EMS therapy

There were other vendors there to promote their products such as Pameri Organic Malaysia, OriPlus Musang King Ice Cream and TCM Acupuncture and Herbs.

Missi Care is a one-stop platform for elderly care which includes home nursing and home care. For assisted living care package, the price for single bed is RM 4,500 / month, 2 bedded is RM 3,800 / month, 3 bedded is RM 3,550 / month, 4 bedded is RM 3,500 / month, 5 to 6 bedded is RM 3,400 / month. This price includes 3 main meals a day, whole day snack, free laundry, weekly physiotherapy, monthly specialist's review, annual blood test, monthly grooming, daily moisturizing lotion and monthly vitamin infusion. 

Missi Care has qualified & experienced nursing support and doctors to take care of the elderly. For those who need help to take care of their elderly folks and would like to make a booking, you can download Missi Care app in your mobile phone.

For more information, please visit Missi Care 

Friday, January 24, 2020

My Aesthetic Treatment Experience At Cleo Clinic

As a busy mom of 2 kids and being exposed to the harmful UV sunlight daily, I noticed I have some pigmentation problem. I have always wanted to get rid of my pigmentation problem but did not do anything until I visited an aesthetic clinic last week.

I was at Cleo Clinic, a premium aesthetic and skin clinic at Desa Sri Hartamas. The staffs here were friendly and the place was clean and cozy. There was a nice waiting area with comfortable sofa and some snacks. I was given a form to fill out my details so the doctor knows if I am healthy, what I am allergic to and any other details that the doctor needs to know.

Dr. Raimie Rahmad & me

In the consultation room, I met the friendly and handsome Dr. Raimie Rahmad. He is an aesthetic medical practitioner who graduated with honours from I.M.Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. After looking at my face and skin, he suggested that I get the Q-switch Laser treatment for my freckles and pigmentation. He told me what I will go through, the downtime and the result of the Q-switch Laser treatment.

Q-switch Laser is a non-invasive laser that creates high-intensity pulsed beam light. It is able to remove freckles, sun spots, pigmentation and rejuvenate skin. 

This was how I looked before the treatment. Photo was taken without any camera filter or beauty function.

The treatment room was clean and comfortable. I was asked to lie down and had my face cleansed.

When Dr. Raimie did the Q-switch treatment, I could feel heat pulse which was very short and fast. It was not painful but I could smell some slight burnt smell. Dr. Raimie focused the laser on a few of my pigmentations which I had for many years. He told me that a scab would form on these pigmentations and after 3-5 days, it will dry and fall off. The laser process lasted about 15 minutes.

LED Photomodulation

After the Q-switch Laser treatment, I was given LED Photomodulation procedure. This is to treat mild to moderate acne by combining blue light to attack the bacteria that causes acne with red light that soothes inflammation and heals the skin. This treatment is very comfortable with no pain, no side effects, is non-invasive and non-thermal. This acne treatment uses low light and is supposed to make scars disappear within the first month of treatment.

After 5 days of the Q-switch Laser treatment, I was happy to see my pigmentations which I had for many years gone. This photo above was taken on the 5th day without any camera beauty or filter functions. My skin looks brighter and more radiant. 

I am satisfied with the result, thanks to Dr. Raimie. If you want to look more beautiful and boost your confidence, you can make a visit to Cleo Clinic. 

For more information on Cleo Clinic and all the aesthetic treatments available, please visit
You can also visit their Facebook

14 , Jalan 30/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur.

  • Telephone: +6010-2521883

Friday, January 17, 2020

Maruki Ramen's Opening and The LINC KL's First Anniversary Celebration

If you are free this weekend, do drop by at The LINC KL because you can join Maruki Ramen's Grand Opening Celebration and The LINC KL’s First Anniversary Celebration Finale

What: Maruki Ramen’s Grand Opening Celebration – 181 bowls of free ramen
When: 18th January 2020, 11.30am onwards
Where: Lot 2-23 & 2-2B, Level 2, The LINC KL

Calling all Ramen lovers! Maruki Ramen is giving away 181 FREE RAMEN BOWLS only here at The LINC KL this Saturday (18 Jan)!*

Come over for a ramen feast together to celebrate Maruki Ramen's Grand Opening this weekend. You'll be served with only the best freshly handmade Halal ramen when you visit them.

Date: 18 Jan 2020 (This Saturday)
Time: 11.30AM onwards
Location: Lot 2-23, Lot 2-28

*T&Cs Apply:
1) Free ramen is served based on Maruki Ramen Tokyo's discretion.
2) While stocks last.
3) Limited to one (1) bowl per customer.
4) Applicable for dine-in only.

What: The LINC KL’s 1st Anniversary Celebration Finale
When: 19th January 2020, 11am - 3pm
Where: Event Space, Level 2

Our month-long 1st Anniversary Celebration is coming to an end and there’s no better way than celebrating with a whole line-up of activities for everyone of all ages (free admission). Here’s the schedule for all that will be going down this Sunday (19 January 2020) at our Anniversary Celebration Finale.

Games (11am – 3pm)
Pick Your Wealth
Chinese Diabolo

Giant Dragons & Ladders (11.30am, 12.30pm & 1.30pm)
Chinese Etiquette Quiz (12pm, 1pm & 2pm)

Traditional Candy Giveaway (11am – 3pm)

Rainbow Calligraphy (12pm – 3pm)

Children Colouring (11am – 3pm)
Drumming Workshop (11am – 1.30pm)
Palm Reading (12pm – 3pm)
CNY Craft Workshop (12pm – 6pm)

Drum Show (2pm – 2.30pm)
Chinese Mask Changing (2.30pm – 3pm)

Spend & Win Grand Rewards Prize Presentation Ceremony
2pm – 3pm

No.360 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9130 5088 
HP: 016-282 5099

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

ATX 10Plus - Health & Beauty Supplement

Being a busy mom of 2 children, I do not have much time to pamper myself. So when I found out about ATX 10Plus, I wanted to try it because it is a health & beauty supplement which can provide wellness care from inner health to outer beauty. It is a botanical beverage mixberries with collagen. In one box, there are 20 small 8g sachets in powder form.

20x8g sachets

ATX 10Plus is formulated in collaboration with Fuji Chemical Industry Co. LTD., Japan. It contains natural AstaREAL Astaxanthin, hydrolysed micromarine collagen, mixberries to provide body cell with defense system against aging & repairs cells rapidly. ATX 10Plus is 100% natural without preservatives, artificial coloring or flavors. 

The ingredients are Mixberries (Blueberry, Blackcurrent, Rasberry, Elderberry, Red Grape, Strawberry, Cranberry), Collagen, Isomaltulose, Inulin and AstaREAL Astaxanthin. 

The 10 health benefits of ATX 10Plus are :

  1. Brain health
  2. Eye health
  3. Skin health & UV Protection
  4. Cardiovascular support
  5. Immune system modulation
  6. Anti-aging & cellular health
  7. Male fertility
  8. Athletic performance & energy level
  9. Joint, tendon & muscle support
  10. World's highest quality natural antioxidant
This ATX 10Plus has 20 sachets and I took 1 sachet a day mixed with 50-100ml water. You can also pour it directly into your mouth. It is delicious, tasted sweet like the berry taste and I liked it.

These are photos of me taken without any makeup, camera filter or beauty function on 1st day, 7th day & 20th day after taking ATX 10Plus.

Day 1

Day 7

Day 20

I can see & feel that my skin is firmer, slightly brighter, acne scars are lighter and wrinkles are less visible after taking ATX 10Plus for 20 days. 

To find out more information on ATX 10Plus, please visit their FACEBOOK page.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

A New Look This New Year At E3 Salon Masjid Jamek

My family wanted to start the new year with a new look. So my children & I took the MRT to E3 Salon Masjid Jamek, our favorite hair salon in Kuala Lumpur. If you are looking for a good hair salon to get your hair makeover this Chinese New Year, you can make an appointment with them.

When we were at E3 Salon Masjid Jamek, my daughter had her hair cut & permed. This was the first time she had her hair permed. She wanted some curls on the bottom part of her hair to looked prettier.

This was how my daughter looked at the beginning.

Neo, the hair stylist cut my daughter's hair before perming it.

She was excited waiting for the curls to be done.

After about an hour, she got her hair washed and blow dried. 

She was very satisfied with her curls and definitely look prettier. This hairstyle added more volume to her hair and she looked a lot prettier.

My son had a simple hair cut and it was done by using the hair cut machine and scissors. 

After about half an hour, he had his hair washed and blow dried. 

This time I had my hair trimmed a little for easier maintenance. 

Then I had my hair colored to cover my gray hair so that I look younger. 

After about 40 minutes, I had my hair washed, blow dried and styled with curls. How do I look?

We were all satisfied with our new look. If you want to get a new look this Chinese New Year, make sure you book an appointment early to avoid disappointment. There are usually many people getting their hairdo before Chinese New Year and it might take longer than usual.

No 42-1 Wisma Konwa, Jalan Tun Perak
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone: 03-2072 2888