Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hair Rebonding At E3 Salon Masjid Jamek

A few days before Chinese New Year, my daughter and I went to E3 Salon Masjid Jamek for our hair rebonding. Both of us wanted to have straighter and less frizzy hair and to look good for Chinese New Year. E3 Salon Masjid Jamek has very friendly and efficient hair stylists and is located 5 minutes walking distance from Masjid Jamek LRT station. I have been there to E3 Salon Masjid Jamek to get my hair permed before, click HERE to read more about my experience and I have also brought my mom to get hair treatment and dyed our hair, click HERE to read about our experience there.

We were there on a Wednesday afternoon since other days were fully booked because it was near Chinese New Year. Getting there by LRT was the easiest and best method of transportation because it's very convenient. 

This was how my daughter & I looked before doing our rebonding. My hair still had some slight curls due to the last perm.

 My daughter's natural hair.

Both of us got our hair washed and blow dried before the hair rebonding process started.

Rebonding chemical was applied to our hair and we had to wait for about half an hour to one hour. We were not bored because there were lots of magazines to read and we could chat with each other.

After a second hair wash, my daughter did hair treatment while I got my hair dyed to cover my grey hair. After another hair wash, we got our hair straightened and blow dried. We spent a total of 4 to 5 hours there. Towards late evening, more customers came in but we were glad to be able to finish before dinner time.

Our end result was satisfying as this rebonding did not make our hair look too flat and it made our hair much softer, less frizzy and straighter. From now onwards, our hair would be much easier to manage, thanks to the hair stylists at E3 Salon Masjid Jamek.

Happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating and if you are looking for a good hair salon, you can check out E3 Salon Masjid Jamek.

No 42-1 Wisma Konwa, Jalan Tun Perak
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone: 03-2072 2888

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Cooking Right Looking Good in 2019 With Alce Nero

Cooking Right Looking Good 2019 was a cooking class and cooking competition organized by Alce Nero at Berjaya University College. This event was jointly organized with 100 Comments and co-sponsored by OilumNutriva and Eubos for bloggers to show their cooking skills and be judged for taste and presentation. When I knew about this event, I registered for it because I love to cook and learn new recipes for my family to eat. 

Here's a short video on my fun cooking class experience.

Posing with Alce Nero organic products

I arrived early and visited some of the booths by Alce Nero, Oilum, Nutriva and Eubos to know more about the products they offer. Alce Nero is a leading provider of organic food such as pasta, sauces, jam, honey, fruit juice and biscuits. These products are healthy because they are free from chemicals and pesticides. As a mom myself, I want my children to eat organic food so they can grow up healthily and Alce Nero products would be my first choice when it comes to grocery shopping.

Posing with Nutriva nutritional yeast flakes and health drinks

Posing with Eubos cream which is for deep hydration moisturization

Mr. Andrew Tan, Director of Olium brand, products for dry skin 

The exciting part came when it was time to cook! Participants divided ourselves into groups of 2 to 3 and formed a total of 8 teams. We were given 3 recipes to cook under the guidance of Chef Athira, Chef Lecturer of Berjaya University College. She earned her Master of Philosophy (Food Studies) from Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès, Le Mirail, France. My team partners were Sebrinah Yeo and Shermyn Lim. We worked very well as a team and had our food prepared in a very tight schedule. We were given about 2.5 hours to cook 3 dishes.

Me, Shermyn and Sebrinah

Mr. Nathan Deverre (Strategic Marketing Advisor, Ayam Brand Malaysia) and Chef Athira with her assistants

Chef Athira taught participants how to cook Chinese Strawberry Jam Cakes, a sweet and crunchy dessert which just came in time for us to cook for Chinese New Year celebration. I was happy to learn this so I can make them for my children to eat. Chef Athira asked us to mix the ingredients and use our hands to knead the dough using crumbling method. Recipe is below for those who are interested to try.

Photo credit : Sebrinah Yeo

Yield: 4 servings (A Recipe by Berjaya University College & Alce Nero)

Traditionally pineapple are used but this can be replaced with strawberry Jam for this CNY all-time favourite.


For the Filling:
1 (270 g) jar Strawberry jam

For the Pastry:
250 grams cake flour
60 grams icing sugar
1/4 cup fat free milk powder
1/4 cup custard powder
180 grams cold unsalted butter cut into small pieces
2 egg yolks

1.   To make the pastry, add all ingredients except egg yolks into a food processor. Turn on and let it mix for about 2 minutes or until it becomes little balls of dough. At first the dough will turn very crumbly as your food processor breaks down the butter, but it will eventually turn soft into the little dough balls. If you want to try the recipe without egg you can just squeeze these dough balls together to form one big ball of dough. Otherwise, add egg yolks in and pulse for about 1 minute, until smooth dough forms.
2.   Scoop out 1.5 tbsp dough balls and shape between palms to form round balls. Continue until all dough is used up. Set aside.
3.   Take strawberry jam filling from the fridge. Scoop out 1 tbsp of filling and compress between palms. Filling will be sticky and wet to work with. Gently roll between palms to shape into balls. Make enough filling balls to match the dough balls.

4.   Lightly grease the inside of your mould, by brushing them with oil. You can also shape it into your liking.
5.   Take a sheet of plastic wrap and stretch over a flat surface, keeping it as smooth as possible.
I found that plastic wrap really helped to make these cakes pretty. You want the plastic wrap to be 
smooth because your dough will have creases if your plastic wrap has creases. Take one of your dough balls and place it on top of the plastic wrap. Press down with your palm until it spreads out to a thin round. You want the round to be just big enough that it will wrap over the filling. The round should be thin because the pastry is supposed to be only a thin layer of crust. However, keep the middle section of your round slightly thicker and thin out more on the edges. This way, when you bunch all the edges together to seal your pastry, the bunched edges won't become too thick, which would make one side of your cake uneven.
6.   Place a teaspoon of the strawberry jam filling ball in the middle of your round. Lift one side of plastic wrap and peel the round from that side. You should be able to easily peel it off and the bottom side of the round should be completely smooth. Lift round completely from plastic wrap and then cover your pineapple filling with the dough, sealing the edges on top, attempting to smooth them as much as possible.
7.   Place your square mould on top of the plastic wrap. Place your dough ball inside the square, with the bunch up ends side facing up, smooth side faces down. Carefully push and spread your ball until it spreads out completely across the square mould. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it. The dough should fit completely inside the mould. Try to smooth the surface of the dough as much as possible. Flip over. The underside of your dough should look nearly completely smooth and should fill the entire square mould.
8.   Place mould, with the smooth side facing up, on a baking sheet lined with silicone mats or parchment paper. Preheat your oven to 350°F. While your oven is heating up, finish making the rest of your strawberry cakes.
9.   Bake for about 25 minutes or until the tops turn a light golden brown. Remove from oven and let cool a few minutes. After about 15 minutes, gently push the cakes out the moulds. You can eat immediately or wait for them to finish cooling. Store any uneaten ones in an airtight container at room temperature.

While we waited for the Strawberry Jam Cakes to bake in the oven, we were taught the second recipe which was Italian Seafood Laksa. I never thought I could cook Laksa but this dish was quite easy to cook because Chef Athira gave clear instructions. We needed to roast the 'belacan' to get the fragrance out, blend it with the cut pieces of shallots, chilli, lemon grass, root ginger and 1 tea spoon ground turmeric powder to make the paste. We were also taught how to clean the lump of hair from mussels and the correct way to clean, devein and peel prawn shells. 

Photo credit: Sebrinah Yeo

Yield: 4 servings (A Recipe by Berjaya University College & Alce Nero)

24 raw tiger prawns
500 g fresh mussels with shell (approximately 6-7 pcs)
110 g Alce Nero organic spaghetti
400 ml Ayam Brand coconut milk
50 g shelled, unsalted macadamia nuts or peanuts
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
50 g piece of cucumber, peeled
110 g beansprouts, cleaned
Juice of 1 lime
A small bunch of fresh basil, stalks discarded and leaves roughly shredded A small bunch of fresh mint, stalks discarded and leaves roughly shredded Sea salt to taste

For the paste:
3 medium red chillies, deseeded and chopped
1 dessert spoon dried shrimp paste
4 shallots, peeled
2 stems of lemon grass, trimmed and outer layer removed, stems chopped
A small piece of fresh galangal or root ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
1 dessert spoon ground turmeric

1.   Prepare the seafood. Peel the prawns, then run the point of a small, sharp knife along the back of each one and remove any black threads that may be present. Set aside. Scrub the mussels under cold running water and remove any barnacles and pull off the little hairy
'beards'. Discard any mussels that are broken or don't close when given a sharp tap with a knife.
2.   Cook the spaghetti al dente and drain the pasta in a colander when they are ready, rinse in cold water and set aside.
3.   To prepare the paste, place all the paste ingredients, plus a tablespoon of water, into a blender or the bowl of a food processor and blend until smooth. Now place the macadamias or peanuts in a medium saucepan and dry-roast over a medium heat until golden brown, then remove to a plate. Add the oil to the same pan and, when warm, add the prepared paste and cook over a medium heat for 2 minutes. Add the coconut milk and stir, then leave to simmer gently for 10 minutes.
4.   Meanwhile, cut the cucumber into four slices lengthwise, then cut each into four long strips.
Set aside.
5.   Roughly chop the toasted nuts.
6.   When the coconut-milk mixture is ready, add the spaghetti, cucumber, three-quarters of the beansprouts and the lime juice. Now season to salt, with taste, then bring back to a simmer, add the prawns and mussels and cook for 3-5 minutes – the prawns should turn a pretty pink colour and all the mussels should open. Discard any mussels that don't open during cooking. Now add half the shredded herbs, then mix the remaining herbs with the chopped nuts. Finally, ladle the laksa into four deep bowls, then sprinkle over the remaining beansprouts and the herb mixture.

The third dish was the Tri-Color Asian Pasta Salad. This was a very tasty and delicious appetizer which I really love. Since we had to cook 3 dishes in a very short time, 1 representative from each group was asked to learn this dish from Chef Athira. In my group, Sebrinah volunteered to learn and cook this while Shermyn and myself continued cooking the Italian Seafood Laksa and decorated it.

Yield: 4 servings (A Recipe by Berjaya University College & Alce Nero)

2 cups uncooked Alce Nero organic fusilli tricolore pasta
2 large carrots, cut into 1-inch strips
1 cup snow peas, halved
2 green onions with tops, thinly sliced
1/2 cup sweet red pepper, thinly sliced

1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon Alce Nero Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon pepper

1.   Cook fusilli according between 8 to 12 minutes. Test dry pasta for doneness after about 4 minutes of cooking by tasting it. Drain and rinse in cold water.
2.   Place the pasta in a large bowl; add carrots, peas, onions and red pepper. Set aside.
3.   In a small bowl, whisk dressing ingredients until smooth. Pour over salad and toss to coat.
Cover and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.
4.   Optional: You may add “Ayam Brand Tuna Flakes in Water”, drained to the pasta for added twist to this summer favourite.

We were glad to finish the 3 dishes in time for judging. It was not easy to cook under time constraint but glad we did it! Our food tasted great but we were not creative enough on food decoration. We did not win  but we had fun learning to cook as a team. Our Chinese Strawberry Jam Cakes was very delicious according to Chef Athira because she said it was very crunchy. Our Tri-Color Asian Pasta Salad tasted good too.

Chef Athira and Nathan Deverre tasting our Italian Seafood Laksa.

I really enjoyed myself learning to cook and hope to join more cooking classes in the future. If you have time, do try out these recipes. Have fun cooking at home!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Miracle Of Age Reversal Technology - IONMAN

Recently I was introduced to some very good health care products by Age Reversal (AR Tech) - IONMAN. The products were IONMAN Pro, IONMAN D10's, IonMistz Gold and EYE-K.

If you feel that age is catching up and surrounding factors are causing spine and joint pains, then IONMAN Pro is what you need. This product is a 'bone moisturizer' that helps increase collagen density with regeneration capability. It is made with natural plant extracts such as corn extract, wild yam extract, grape seed extract and soy extract. It is designed with instant skin absorption to repair joint pain, stiffness and cartilage problems. It is also recommended for sport injuries. There is no heavy metals, no pharmaceutical ingredients and no steroids in IONMAN Pro.

The Age Reversal Tech in IONMAN Pro is capable of improving and delaying the aging of spine and joints. Some older people complain of knee pain or back pain and should try this product to solve their problems. It should be applied 3 times a day on the major areas of joints as shown below.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you might want to try the IONMAN D10's because this helps improve sleep quality, de-stress, stabilizes emotions & blood pressure and normalizes metabolism system. Having quality sleep and relaxation is important in our lives. This product's main ingredients are olive leaf extract, grape seed extract and wild yam extract. It is to be applied on the neck, armpit, abdomen and feet before sleep. After trying this, I feel more relaxed during sleep.

IonMistz Gold is sea salt and water. It can be sprayed on skin injuries such as scratches and bleeding, can be applied for moisturizing skin, remove odour & bacterial infection and also to isolate external chemicals from cosmetics. I will use this before using my cosmetics.

These days people use the computer, smartphones and gadgets very often, which causes dry and tired eyes. EYE-K can improve glaucoma, allergy, cataract, eye bag, dark circles, blurry vision, eye floaters, conjunctivitis and macular degeneration. EYE-K can protect the eyes by spraying it 6 inches distance from eyes twice a day or whenever necessary.  

To know more about these products, please visit their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Take In The Charm Of Spring at Cheras LeisureMall

Relive the allure of a simple yet beautifully immersive Chinese New Year at Cheras LeisureMall, as you are greeted with picturesque sceneries that harken back to the days of the countryside. Make a visit to Cheras LeisureMall, as it features a line-up of auspicious and prosperous events, with culturally meaningful activities - truly a visit to reminisce and usher in the Lunar New Year!

Exclusive Ang Pow Packet Redemption (from 16 January until 4 February 2019) 
This Lunar New Year, keep the custom of Ang Pow giving alive with Cheras LeisureMall’s exclusive Ang Pow packets. To redeem, shoppers only need to spend RM128 – RM627 in a single receipt, for an Ang Pow packet set, RM628 – RM1,227 in a maximum of two receipts, for two sets of Ang Pow packets, RM1,228 – RM1,887 in a maximum of three receipts, for three sets of Ang Pow packets, and RM1,888 and above in a maximum of four receipts, for five sets of Ang Pow packets. Redemptions must be made on the same day of the purchase receipts at the LG Information Counter. Redeem them while stocks last, and pass the tradition on! 

Performances Galore
Be astounded by the nimbleness and energy of the world champion lion dance troupe, Kun Seng Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Association, Muar, Johor, as they perform acrobatic lion dances steeped in tradition, which will have you cheering them on for more. A performance definitely not to be missed, so bring your friends and family along for the exhilaration on 10 February 2019 at 2pm and 8pm!

Witness the amazing acrobatic stunts by World Champion Lion Dance Troupe - Kun Seng

Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Association, Muar, on 10 February!

Be sure not to miss other famous Chinese New Year characters and mascots as they walkabout the mall on 5 and 6 February 2019, and also on weekends from 12 January to 17 February 2019 - a sure family delight! Rounding up the traditional Chinese New Year spectacles, Cheras LeisureMall has prepared a bevy of talented troupes performing Prosperity Drums on 1, 2 & 16 February, Chinese Diabolo on 3 February, Dragon Dance on 9 February, and Prosperous Dance on 17 February. Keep these dates in your diary for a full Chinese New Year experience!

Feed Your Creative Talent
Keep your weekends from now until 24 February 2019, 2pm to 8pm free, as Cheras LeisureMall brings some amazing Do-It-Yourself workshops that are sure to spark your creative streak this Chinese New Year. Fun and interactive workshops ranging from pineapple tart making to curate your own craft designs such as Chinese paper cutting, Chinese knot clip making, 3D lion dance craft, fortune bracelets, stitching and so much more. Impress your relations and friends by showcasing your D.I.Y. talent this Chinese New Year!

To participate, just present a single receipt of minimum RM30 spent in a single receipt at any of the participating outlets in Cheras LeisureMall. Don’t miss out on these amazing tutorials as each workshops is limited to 40 individuals, on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Candy & Chinese Craft Making Demo & Redemption 
Taking place every weekend until 24 February, and during the first and second days of Lunar New Year (5 & 6 February), witness the making of some amazing craft from malt and ding ding candy, to Chinese dough dolls and dragon beard candy, tanghulu and candy floss. Shoppers can redeem a packet of candy or a Chinese dough doll by presenting a single receipt with minimum RM10 spent at any participating outlet in

Cheras LeisureMall on the same day. Don’t miss out on these delicacies as they are only available for a limited time, while stocks last. 

Chinese New Year Prosperity Hampers & Goodies Bazaar (12 January – 4 February 2019)
Show your appreciation to your family, relations and business associates with a myriad of gift and prepacked hamper choices from Bee Cheng Hiang, Best Hamper, Biogreen, BPSW Enterprise, Ding Kee Premium Gift, Eu Yan Sang, Hong Kong Bay, Hong Qiao, Long Farm, Soon Thye Hang, YS Hampers, Jin Ye Ye, Wonderful Retail Group, Yin Onn and Yong Sheng Gift Shop. A gift along with well wishes from you this Chinese New Year will not only be a blessing on your recipients, but will also usher in prosperity for you all year round as well!

Valentine’s Day Instagram Photo Contest (20 January to 19 February 2019)
What better way to shower your loved ones with attention than participating in an Instagram Photo Contest that will land you cash vouchers worth up to RM200! To participate, just spend a minimum of RM50 in a single receipt, snap a photo together with your Valentine (can be your family, friends, pets and/or loved ones) and post the photo to your Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @cheras_leisuremall and three of your friends, use hashtags #clmmyvalentine and #cherasleisuremall, and include a caption on
“Why your Valentine makes your Valentine’s day so special”. The 10 sweetest photos with the best captions, stand a chance to win RM200 Cheras LeisureMall cash vouchers. Share the love around this Valentine’s Day!

Kindly call 03-9132 2386, visit the Cheras LeisureMall Facebook page or drop an email at

marketing@ppb.com.my for more details.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Master Pasto - Just Reheat To Eat Spaghetti

Great news for pasta / spaghetti lovers who love fast, fully cooked spaghetti which only takes 1-3 minutes to reheat before eat. Made by Lioco Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. from Penang, this tasty and delicious Malaysian instant pasta can save you lots of cooking time especially when you are on the rush. 

Recently, I was given 3 packets of the Master Pasto spaghetti to try out and I was surprised that it tasted delicious. The meat and sauce tasted really good but if they can improve on the pasta texture to make it more springy, then it would be perfect. There is no preservatives, no MSG and no refrigeration required. It is fully cooked and you just need to reheat and eat. These are all HALAL products.

After opening the box, you will see 2 separate Flexy Packy which is safe and reliable pouch which can withstand high temperature and pressure. One pack contains the pasta and the other pack is the sauce.

There are 2 ways to reheat. 

The first method is to boil water in a pot and place the Flexy Packy Pasta and Sauce into the hot water for 3 minutes. Remove the water, open and pour the pasta and sauce on the plate.

The second method is much easier. Open and pour the pasta and sauce on a plate. Reheat in microwave for 1 minute and it is ready to be eaten.

This is very fast and easy to prepare and really great for busy moms like me or anyone who wants to eat fast and delicious pasta. You can get your Master Pasto pasta from https://www.masterpasto.com/

For more information, you can visit Master Potato FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.

Monday, January 21, 2019


It is tradition of #HappyBeautifulYear at Watsons. The largest health and beauty retailer in Malaysia and Asia ushers into Chinese New Year with a star-studded campaign video set in an opulent style of 1940s Malaysian Chinese and “East Meet West” culture infusion featuring local celebrities, popular social media influencers, and an original musical score. Of course, the storyline of this video comes with a twist - Watsons style. This video can be found on Watsons Facebook page.

Watsons Malaysia presented the star-studded cast of #HappyBeautifulYear music video.

“Every year, Watsons’ Chinese New Year music video has to be one of the highly anticipated campaigns across Malaysia. Following the success of our previous #HappyBeautifulYear, we are proud to bring back #HappyBeautifulYear as part of Watsons own tradition. This year, we welcome 2019 with a beautiful message of reconciliation and family togetherness. It’s about putting aside our differences to celebrate Chinese New Year together. Watsons is proud to showcase the music video that is produced and directed with the most original, comical storyline with a charming song arrangement. We believe it will be one of Malaysia’s favorite videos to watch in this festive season,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

(From left to right) Amber Chia, Malaysia celebrity, Mat Yeung, Hong Kong TVB Artiste, Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia Chui Ling, TV& radio personality and JinnyBoy, Malaysian Youtube star.

The celebrities appearing in this star-studded video include JinnyBoy, Amber Chia, Pink Tan, John Tan, Justin, Han Xiiao Aii, with cameo appearances by Watsons own Malaysia’s Top Influencers (Fasiha, Eva and Daniel), Rubini Sambanthan, Eldison Lim and Gary Hau. Styled by renowned fashion designer, Beatrice Looi, the wardrobes drawn the inspiration from Haipai, an avant-garde but “East Meet West” culture from Shanghai back in 20th and 21st centuries. These wardrobes were a hit amongst Malaysian Chinese in the 1940s. #HappyBeautifulYear tells a musical story of siblings’ rivalry over trivial matter. The drama begins when a younger sister is seen donning the eldest sister’s outfit, makeups and accessories without permission during the family reunion dinner. The music video later ends with a beautiful message of putting aside differences and unites with one another for a time of togetherness and good wishes to everyone.

Caryn added, “At Watsons Malaysia, we aim to promote and celebrate inner beauty among our customers and looking the best during this joyous festivity. The choice of putting aside differences and coming together as family and friends reflects one of the “inner beauty” qualities that we all have within us. We hope that by sharing across such compelling message to everyone, customers who shop at Watsons will have a more meaningful and unique experience with their loved ones.”

According to Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia, “In conjunction with #HappyBeautifulYear campaign, “The Great Sale” is happening now across Watsons nationwide stores, enjoy up to 50% discounts on skin care, cosmetics, personal care, healthcare and many more. Watsons members also stand a chance to win up to RM888,888 worth of Watsons points when they spend RM88 at Watsons stores and online, and at the same time earn 8 times points when they pay with Boost.”

Lucky draw winner who walked away with RM88,888 worth of Watsons Points.

Watsons members also get to collect free and beautiful collectibles ahead when they spend:

  • RM88 and above to get free red Angpow packets and reward coupon.
  • RM138 and above to get free #HappyBeautifulYear bag with assorted beauty goodies.
  • For Watsons Elite members only, spend RM188 and above to get free limited edition 6” Premium Gold Bowl.

Joining the #HappyBeautifulYear bandwagon is our beloved Pocotee & Friends! There is a line-up of Pocotee & Friends limited edition collectibles ready for grab as Watsons offers 50% off under PWP (Purchase-with-Purchase) deals. With only RM20 and above or simply buy any participating product, Watsons members can splurge on these collectibles up to three PWP items each in one receipt. Catch these cute yet functional items such as luggages, cosmetic bags and foldable bags at all Watsons stores and online store too.

This year, together with TikTok, the world’s leading short-video platform, Watsons launches the TikTok dance challenge with prizes worth of RM20,000 up for grabs. To participate, post a video of you dancing to the tunes of our theme song and include the hashtag #HappyBeautifulYear in TikTok app. Follow Watsons Malaysia TikTok account for more details of participation,” Danny added.

From Watsons Malaysia, Caryn Loh, Managing Director and Danny Hoh, Customer Director took photo with Mat Yeung, famous TVB Artiste from Hong Kong.

During the event, Caryn and Danny led all the celebrities that were part of Watsons #HappyBeautifulYear video in a grand Lou Sang session. Later at the event, popular TVB actor Mat Yeung 楊明 held an exclusive meet and greet session with Watsons Elite members. He was recently seen in the highly-acclaimed TVB drama Fist Fight 兄弟. Watch and laugh along with the latest and biggest #HappyBeautifulYear video on Watsons Malaysia Youtube channel. Stay tune with Watsons Chinese New Year greatest deals and promotions at Watsons Malaysia Facebook page and Instagram.