Friday, March 22, 2019

My Hair Coloring Experience At Hair Color Expert Malaysia, Plaza Berjaya

Recently I had my hair colored at Hair Color Expert Malaysia, Plaza Berjaya. I found out from a friend that it was super easy to book an appointment through their mobile app. You can download the Hair Color Expert Malaysia app HERE, choose the date and time you want. Then they will send a message to you mobile phone to confirm your booking. Getting here was very convenient as I took the MRT and monorail. Plaza Berjaya is the building opposite of Berjaya Times Square.

When I reached the place, I felt relaxed and comfortable because the place was clean without ammonia smell and the staffs were very friendly. There were many lockers for customers to put their valuable things and also a table with drinks and some snacks.

There was face to face consulting to let me choose the hair color that I want. There were many different colors to choose from but I was not that brave to have very bright color hair like red or green. It might look alright for young people but not for me. 

This was my hair color before bleaching and coloring my hair.

 Starting of the bleaching process. 

 Waited for 30 minutes before getting my hair washed.

This was how I looked after my hair bleaching. This was my first time getting my hair bleached and having my hair look like this.

My hair treatment process.

Hair treatment was done so that my hair would not be too dry from the bleaching process. After getting my hair washed and blow dry, this is my new look. What do you think?

The whole process took about 2.5 hours and I was satisfied with their service. It was easy to make booking, their staffs were friendly and the place was clean without ammonia smell. The price for coloring your hair is very affordable. Short hair length is RM 48.90, medium hair length is RM 68.90 and long hair is Rm 88.90. If you are looking for a good place to dye your hair, you can consider Hair Color Expert Malaysia.

To find out more about Hair Color Expert Malaysia, please visit their FACEBOOK.

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