Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Softree Soft Serve Ice Cream Made From Organic Milk and Natural Honey

If you love to eat healthy ice cream, you will certainly enjoy Softree soft serve ice cream because their ice cream is made from organic milk and natural honey. The ice cream texture is really soft, fine and taste really delicious. 

Softree started in 2013 in Seoul, Korea and was the first to create, produce and sell soft serve ice cream made from organic milk and natural honey. There are many other brands in the market selling similar soft serve ice cream but Softree is the first and true creators of the original organic milk and natural honey soft serve ice cream. Softree serve real honeycomb and all their ingredients from Korea are fresh, pure and high quality. If you are looking for healthy ice cream, come to Softree. 

You can choose your ice cream in cup or cone and you can choose original or dark chocolate ice cream with toppings of your choice. There are many different toppings, all so delicious. Make sure you try them all.

Original ice cream is soft and rich with milk taste of organic soft ice cream - RM 10.90

Dark Chocolate is soft and has the strong dark chocolate taste. It could be a little too bitter for children. For those who love dark chocolate taste, you will love this. - RM 10.90

Softree signature is Wow! Honey Chips which is organic milk ice cream with healthy honey chips. This was my daughter's favorite because she loves the natural honeycomb - RM 13.90

Liquid Honey is organic milk ice cream with sweet liquid honey. - RM 12.90

Guerande Sel is organic milk ice cream with drizzled chocolate and French sea salt. My son loves this the most because of the chocolate which makes it sweeter with chocolate taste. After the chocolate and ice cream melt in your tongue, you can taste slight salty taste. - RM 12.90

Yogurt Rangup is organic milk ice cream with very crispy and crunchy Greek yogurt toppings. This was very delicious and I would recommend you to try it. - RM 12.90

Cheese Ice Cream has finely-grated Italian cheese as topping. If you love sweet and salty taste at the same time, try this. - RM 13.90

Mango Mango is organic milk ice cream with sweet mango fruit topping and condensed milk. - 
RM 12.90

It's Magic Lamp is dark chocolate ice cream drizzled with caramel and coated with savory and sweet powder, sweet and delicious. Great for those who love caramel taste. - RM 12.90

The Good Affogato is dark chocolate ice cream drowned in decaffeinated barley-cano. Great choice for coffee lovers. - RM 13.90

Mother-bread is bread baked with butter, honey and organic dark chocolate ice cream. - RM 8.90

My children and I love to eat healthy soft serve ice cream at Softree because they are so delicious and there are various toppings to choose from. Softree is the best place to indulge yourself with healthy ice cream. Yummy!

I have 20% Softree discount vouchers for 10 of my readers. Comment "I want Softree 20% discount voucher" in the comments section with your email address. Winners will need to go to Softree before 31 January 2018 to use the voucher. Winners will be selected randomly.

For more information, please visit Softree Facebook or Instagram

SOFTREE MALAYSIALot No. B1 056, Basement 1,
MyTown SHopping Centre,
No. 6 Jalan Cochrane,
Seksyen 90,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Contact: +603-92868100


  1. Wahhh sedapnya ice cream..my fav tu. Sure tak berhenti makan kalau dapat free..hehehe

  2. Ooo... I really like desserts, will definitely check out this place :)

    1. Do check it out. I am giving 20% discount vouchers now.

  3. Oh my!!! I really love Ice cream. and this Softree Soft Ice Cream looks delightful. It is worth to try. I am craving. Yummy!!!

    1. Whenever I look at the photos, I want to eat too. Hehe...

  4. Wow! Look so delicious! I want to give it a try

    1. You should check out all the flavours. So nice!

  5. I love soft serve ice cream because it is just so smooth! Haven't tried Softree before because they are not accessible to me yet. One day!

  6. All flavours are interesting and how I wish I was there to enjoy them too! Which flavours are your top fvaorites?

  7. I love softserve ice cream!! They have the best texture ever, so soft and yummy!