Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Smart Kids Asia 2017 - Asia's Largest Educational Kids' Fair, Mid Valley Exhibition Center

Recently I brought my kids to Smart Kids Asia 2017 at Mid Valley Megamall. Smart Kids Asia is Asia's largest educational kids' fair. This was a great place for children to learn and get hands on experience. There were many fun activities as well as trial classes. The stage performances were awesome and we took lots of memorable photos with mascots there. 

We visited Safari Kids Club where there many creative arts and crafts for children to make. If your children are creative and talented in arts and crafts, you can let them join the classes offered by Safari Kids Club. There are also other classes available such as dancing, archery, music and yoga classes.

Grolier products provide in-home learning for children. They have smart learning tools like pens that can read books and also fun learning games. It is a good investment to get their products so children can learn the fun way.

At Gakken booth, we found out that science can be learnt in a fun and creative way by experiments. Gakken is from Japan and they offer Maths and Science classes for children age 4-12 years old. The classes allow children to learn at their own individual space and academic skills.

If you are looking for cute and long lasting bags, check out Nohoo. Their bags are made from Neoprene products, high quality, light weight and comfortable. The bags come in different and cute designs. There is a lifetime warranty for these waterproof bags.

Motherhood is where you can get all your baby products with huge discounts. When we visited this booth, we got our photo printed for free. You can join as members to get further discounts.

Redoxon booth where they gave out vitamin samples to children.

The Straits Time booth where you can get digital news on your mobiles and tablets.

You can get cheaper theme park tickets and hotel vouchers here. 

Tectic toys where children can show their creativity and build according to their imagination.

BSN booth where parents were encouraged to save money for their children's future.

Smart Kids Asia is a fun place for the whole family to explore and buy educational products. Children never get bored learning the fun and creative way. The time spent here was worth it because there were so much to learn, play and enjoy. To know more about Smart Kids Asia, visit their website http://smartkids.com.my. To read about my daughter's previous Smart Kids Asia held at KLCC Exhibition in May 2017, click her blog post HERE.

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