Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Korea Trip With Family - Day 5

After breakfast, we checked out from Yong Pyong Ski Resort and went to the sheep farm where we saw more than 200 sheep there. We had the opportunity to feed the sheep.

My daughter fed the black sheep there.

We had delicious Korean BBQ for lunch before proceeding to Everland.

Everland is a fun-filled theme park to enjoy rides, live entertainment, animal performances and safari ride. My children were very excited when we reached the entrance of Everland. It was their tulip festival and we saw lots of colorful tulips.

This was the jungle safari ride but the liger (breed of tiger and lion) was no longer there. When I was there 10 years ago, my mom and I saw the liger. Below is a photo of the liger taken 10 years ago.

 Our first VR experience. It was pretty cool.

Everland is a very fun place to bring your children. We didn't go to Lotte World (indoor theme park) this time but that is also a very fun place to visit.

At night, we shopped at Myeongdong and Dongdaemum Market. Most of the shops here sell clothings. We bought some souvenirs here. You will need to bargain to get a better price. After our shopping, we checked in at Aloft Hotel.


  1. Everland is so fun for kids and adults. Love the liger photo.